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    Jessica Antonelli

    You know, I think I’m experiencing some psychosomatic effects on my creativity after watching the guys talk about themes with the campfire shaman. Good stuff.

    I’m going wild with brainstorming here, but I thought a super fun (although perhaps limiting in how much work it would take) would be doing a graphic novel style theme as students work through the 10 steps to drawing anything, anywhere (please don’t make me choose the title yet). But that could be super fun to illustrate.

    Another option might be to frame it as an art adventure, prepare them for the trip, use the metaphor of the journey, etc.

    I’m not set in stone on anything at the moment, but I like the idea of stylizing my course with my own artistic touch ūüôā


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    I am glad to see I am not the only one that found the video a little “trippy” haha
    I like the idea of the graphic novel. I may be a lil biased as I love reading books.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    So stoked to hear you’re feeling the effects of the Campfire Shaman’s creativity tea. It was some really good stuff!!

    I love your idea @jescantonelli. 

    My questions to you:
    1. How would having your theme be a graphic novel style look (in your mind at this point)?
      – describe the website, lessons, videos, etc and how they could incorporate the theme?
    2. What would be the easiest way to bring the graphic novel style theme to life?
    3. Who do you know that would be a kick-ass, fun potential collaborative partner?

    Don’t worry about how at this point. Better to dial in on the vision first and then ask yourself, WTF do I do to make this happen ¬†after the vision’s clear. LOL ¬†¬†

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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