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    DavidJ Jurasek

    I see many great and exciting and hopefully deeply connected and memorable ways to guide my Relationship ecourse participants…

    I see layers… Online and offline… group and solo… layering levels over time going deeper like a spiral in and out…

    Solo challenges like:

    Telling your story on video to share with other participants.

    Being an investigative reporter and interviewing spouse to find answers they could not have guessed or known.

    Developing intuitive psychic powers to read partner’s deepest desires.

    Group face to face adventures like:

    Going on a Walkabout in the woods with other men considering the course before deciding.

    Meeting at a martial arts school to test skills and learn about one’s responses…

    Attending a theatre performance where they share their own stories of change and transformation and the actors play them back…

    So many creative ideas buzzing. I have a wealth of training and experience. AND, I want the whole experience to be integrated and deeply connected. Not just a bunch of awesome fun stuff strewn together. It has a coherence and flow and progression that makes it seamless and magical and naturally perfect.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I love the ideas that are coming through here @davidj! So much creativity and possibility.

    So based off of what you’ve shared, the purpose of the course is to bring couples closer together?

    I love the different exercises that you’ll have people go off and do, then report back to the community. They’re definitely going to stretch some comfort zones (which is awesome)!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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