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    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    Hi there,
    I’m sick of my current accounting software and interested in the next best option. I would buy desktop Quickbooks but I’m a mac user and have been warned that it doesn’t work well.

    I’m a bit aghast at the cost of most cloud-based accounting software (Xero looks good and integrates with Swipe and Paypal). Used Freshbooks and hated having to make an invoice for every incoming transaction.

    I have been using YNAB for home and biz but want to be able to create more typical reports like cash flow, etc.

    What do you folks use?

    And which payment options do you like to integrate? Do you pay for those?

    Anything else I should keep in mind?


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Moved this thread from Camp Medias to the Community Resource Sharing forum as it felt more appropriate 🙂

    We too are interested in this as we’re looking for accounting software for Great eCourse Adventures Inc.

    Xero and Freshbooks are the top two so far.

    I’ve also been looking at – which is free.

    Anyone have any insights?

    We’ve just been using Google Spreadsheets up to this point…


    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    Wow just looked at and not sure why I wouldn’t go with that…. Would love to hear if anyone else has any insights!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Ya, this does look great. I am thinking I may give this a try for our new Great eCourse Adventure accounting software. Looks like it covers everything we need done. Did you investigate any further @karryn?


    Deb Robson

    I keep a PC just to run QuickBooks and the publishing accounting software, because the Mac versions are either lame or nonexistent. I’ve been so burned by PCs that I won’t put an emulator on my Macs.

    I consider QuickBooks so far a necessary evil. I probably need to stay with it because of my accountant, but I want to say that if there are no compelling reasons to use it–check out other options!

    I attended a presentation on this cloud-based solution last fall and was intrigued (but haven’t followed up because there would be too many changes to make):


    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    I’ve read several reviews and now wave accounting software looks less attractive!
    Back to the drawing board.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Aww bummer, I was getting ready to dive in. What’s wrong with it?


    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    Reviews say
    1. It’s slow (I don’t care about this much)
    2. There are bugs
    3. The customer service is slow

    If you find other viewpoints, please do let me know!


    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    just chatted with a Xero rep

    I LOVE what they have, and their standard plan is a little more than I want to pay.

    Here’s the somewhat unwieldy chat:

    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:46:51 AM): Hi there! I’m Christiene – how can I help you today?

    Me (4/4/2016, 10:47:02 AM): I want to know which reports Xero can do
    Me (4/4/2016, 10:47:16 AM): Balance Sheet, Cash flow, etc? any other goodies?
    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:47:29 AM): HI Karryn!

    Me (4/4/2016, 10:48:04 AM): Also, I wish your standard plan had unlimited bill pay and bank reconciliations, without payroll. For a solo preneur this would fit my needs way better

    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:49:02 AM): You may be able to see all reports available here:

    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:49:35 AM): Our standard plan has unlimited transactions
    Me (4/4/2016, 10:50:02 AM): Hmm let me look again

    Me (4/4/2016, 10:50:29 AM): Does the software help with budgeting and tracking against the budget?
    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:51:08 AM): We do have a budget manager feature you might want to look at:

    Me (4/4/2016, 10:51:40 AM): Yes I see standard has unlimited transactions, but it’s more than I want to spend, as I don’t have payroll and those more complicated things
    Me (4/4/2016, 10:52:24 AM): Just that you would cater more to solo biz owners if Starter had unlimited transactions with no payroll. I’d sign up today if it was like $15/month for that cuz the interface looks awesome
    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:52:45 AM): Our starter plan is geared towards small and start-up businesses while our most popular plan is the standard plan as this will give you unlimited transactions which includes unlimited bills and invoices.

    Me (4/4/2016, 10:54:10 AM): Also, in transactions, can I split among categories
    Me (4/4/2016, 10:54:53 AM): Yes, I hear you re the plans, AND please send my request up to your Marketing Dept cuz I think you are missing out on a customer segment!
    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:55:17 AM): You may check here for our tracking categories you can use for tracking transactions:
    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:55:25 AM): Thank you for the feedback

    Me (4/4/2016, 10:57:45 AM): So with Quicken when I downloaded it, I could have separate accounts and manage my biz accounts and my home accounts. I don’t think I can do this with Xero with one subscription, right?
    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:58:33 AM): We do recommend that you separate business and personal finances with different subscriptions

    Me (4/4/2016, 10:59:08 AM): Thanks re the tracking function, but I don’t see anywhere if I can split the $100 to track what I withdrew for gas, for travel, etc… Is this possible?
    Xero (4/4/2016, 10:59:35 AM): May I know what you mean by this?
    Me (4/4/2016, 11:05:25 AM): So sometimes I make a deposit at the bank… I deposit a check for $125 that’s income from a client, and I deposit $125 cash from another client. I want to enter the transaction as one transaction at the bank (cuz that’s how I did it) but I want to be able to split the transaction in XERO so that I can assign the payments to each client.
    Xero (4/4/2016, 11:05:45 AM): I see that would be on how you reconcile the transaction
    Xero (4/4/2016, 11:06:16 AM): This can be done by reconciling that to all transactions it is connected to

    Me (4/4/2016, 11:06:10 AM): Also can I track multiple income accounts? I have paypal, dwolla, etc. as well as my bank
    Xero (4/4/2016, 11:06:38 AM): You can set up as many bank accounts as you would need as well as set up paypal
    Xero (4/4/2016, 11:06:44 AM): I am not familiar with dwolaa
    Xero (4/4/2016, 11:06:48 AM): *dwolla

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