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    Master ZenTeach
    @Master ZenTeach

    I see so many confusing websites. eCourse creators and coaches try to be a jack or jill of all trades and say they do everything and anything. Doing this makes it confusing for the potential customer to know if what you have is actually for them.

    Instead, know WHO you are serving. Know WHAT they want. Share your offerings from an energetic place that they will resonate with… meaning let the website and ways you communicate to be congruent to the kind of vibes the customer would relate to.

    If your customer is a swearing, sarcastic, hard rocking human… Then meet them there.
    If they are a softy, sensitive, introvert who lacks confidence… Then meet them there.

    There is nothing sexier than landing on a website where the creator of that website KNOWs who they are, what they do and who they do it for. Be like that. Less is more.

    1. Agreed or Disagreed?
    2. Share a sample of a website where in your opinion, the creator knows who they are, what they do and who they serve. Also share why you like it.


    Catherine Fox

    I would agree with this. I’m getting naseous reactions to the generico-branding lead page approach where one format fits all. It’s becoming a huge turn off. The best website so far as an alternative that I’ve come across is the great e course adventure – the colours, the images, the cartoons and the whole feel of it is resonnant and true. It STILL encourages me to come here.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thank you for saying that @catherine_wildfox.
    We created this world for ourselves and all the right people (like you) are showing up.
    Create something for yourself and I bet the world of humans you wanna be hanging with will flock to it!!!


    Master ZenTeach
    @Master ZenTeach

    You are very wise @catherine_wildfox. You know good website and humans when you see them. You will help many!


    DavidJ Jurasek

    Great topic and reminder, @Master ZenTeach!

    I can think of a few website that fit this well like

    I am also wondering about your point about SIMPLICITY also maybe coming down to the layout and content. I find most sales pages too long. Or too much info splashed on pages.

    On a related topic of ENGAGEMENT, I am curious about experimenting with very short pages that link together.

    Maybe this desire comes from being a parent of a playful toddler or it’s also like the books I like to read: short punchy choose your-own-adventure type chapters, leading me on to the next plot point, discovery and emotionally moving moment.

    What do you guys think about that?

    I found an example of this in an ancient website ( where the author gives you a free mini course and breaks it down into a bunch of short videos asking you to interact and click (with intent) to get the next piece. But the marketing is very old school (long on testimonials and selling) and the videos are a bit preachy.

    I guess if I haven’t seen this done well enough anywhere, maybe it’s me who needs to build it!

    Does anyone here get what I am imagining and know of any examples on the web that do this?



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hi David 🙂

    Simplicity is definitely achieved in part via layout and design.

    Step one is finding the right words. Simple. Clear. Potent.

    Step two is using design and layout to communicate those words in a professional, creative and aesthetically pleasing way.

    You can get away with a horrendous design if your words are just right.

    The most beautiful layout and design will do nothing if your message isn’t resonant.

    Having both is most certainly where the magic happens.

    Now, speaking of “choose your own adventure” type websites and experiences.

    We’ve been experimenting with this and learned something very important yesterday.

    Our opt-in/onboarding process was set up as a 3 page series.

    Each page had a short 1-2 minute video, with a button to the next page.

    On the third page was a video and registration form where people could get a free account on the GEA platform and access Creatora Heights.

    The idea is that the right people would take the time to go through the 3 pages and join.

    We are running a Facebook ads campaign and our ads manager shared our latest stats.. Our conversion rate was terrible.

    People who coming to the first page, and that was about it.

    We realized that there was no indicator where this was headed.. To the visitor they dont know theres an end, or how long it will take.

    Even if they really liked the first video, they may be busy and just not have the time to explore. So then they leave and forget about it (thank god for retargeting pixels 😉

    The idea with the three pages was to create a mini-adventure, and provide enough of a story about The Great eCourse Adventure, that it was a no-brainer for people to sign up for a free account.

    It just wasn’t working.

    The industry standard for opt-in pages is the classic squeeze page or landing page.

    A super catchy headline, a super catchy subheadline, and a bit of text, with a signup button/form. It’s a bit of a “promise the world and hope they bite.” type approach.

    So the solution? We merged the content of those three pages into one single landing page. Each section/video has its own headline and paragraph of text, with its own call to action.

    All three calls to action, when clicked, skip the visitor down to the registration form, which is at the bottom.

    So they can get straight to business and sign up, or dive deeper if they’d like to know more first.

    It’s combining the best of both worlds and feels really good.

    You can check out the current incarnation of it here:

    We are going to be using this page to send LOTS of Facebook ad traffic over the coming weeks.

    Will certainly be sharing what we learn along the way 🙂



    PS – You can still experience our old 3-page adventure here as we haven’t switched it over yet:


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    So glad you are sharing this here @andyfreist. This has been such a great experiment and lesson for us as we aim to change things up in the industry, creating adventure-like onboarding experiences.

    I am definitely really happy about what we’ve created and curiously excited to see how our audience responds to it in the coming weeks via our Facebook Ads promotions.

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