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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sir Andy’s turn to fly solo! He comes to us straight from the “Euclid Manor” in Oakland, CA and fills us in on the cool aspects of an Intentional co-living home!

    5:00 Updates: Akasha is working on her mood board and Kim is setting up Thinkific.

    7:30 Akasha not happy with the audio in her iPhone videos…she is using the built in phone mic. Andy is ALL for using an iPhone for video but advises against using the mic. He recommends the “road go” mic…(100.00) plugs into your phone and needs a special low cost cable.

    12:15…Can she improve the audio of vids already recorded? Andy posts link to an article on how to increase the volume in your recorded audio. He explains EXACTLY where you want your audio level to be when recording. (just shy of RED)

    17:50 Elijah gearing up to get back in front of the camera for his Tutorial Dojo Course!

    18:30 Andy on how using a Wind Screen (or a Dead Cat?!) will help with unwanted “noise”

    19:00 Elijah is backing up his launch date. Andy (no stranger to moving launch dates), says It’s a fine balance between not procrastinating and putting something out before its ready. A great listen for those feeling bad about missing deadlines.

    23:44 Elijah makes an on screen appearance! Issues of self doubt over his Ninja costume have him worried…will people get it, will it go over, will he look stupid/cheesey? Getting his Ninja-self in front of the camera is making him very nervous.

    27:30 Amdy reveals that, at times, they too have worried about being “over the top” and made adjustments to tone it down. Find the balance between bringing value and making it fun!

    35:10 Just when it starts getting juicy, Elijah gets a knock on the door and needs to hop off!

    36:25 DJ Andy announces that he’ll be performing next Wednesday at Sweets Ballroom on Broadway! It’s a no-talking ecstatic Dance! God that sound FUN!!

    38:00 E is back!. Andy wants to get to the bottom of E’s “ideal clients”…future graphic artists or hobbyists? With so many Photo Shop courses out there, it’s important to narrow down and find a PS niche. Andy suggests breaking up the different aspects into separate courses as opposed to one HUGE course covering it all.

    46:30 About creating courses: If you find yourself saying “everyone knows how to do this…it’s so easy”, you need to listen to this part! TIP: It’s about making a course on the obvious…what seems so simple to you, others would PAY to learn. TIP: The more they are already looking for it (and their need is solidified), the easier it will be for you to sell it! The BIG difference between targeting Business owners and Hobbyists and how to connect differently to each one. Andy’s brilliance: “They don’t want to learn all of PS, they want to learn the THING that will, for example, make them feel good showing their photos to their families!

    51:32 Andy’s gives Elijah and (anyone listening) an assignment to discover “who am I doing this for and what are their motivations?” He says that once you understand who you are working gets sooo much easier! The reason Elijah’s self doubts are coming up is because he’s not sure WHO it is for!

    57:00 Andy teaches to take it a step further with “Customer conversations” or phone chats. The details here on CC’s are a “MUST LISTEN” for all of us!!

    1:11:54 assignment for all: no matter where you are in the process…have customer conversations!

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