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    Eunita L

    Mirth Coach seeking Zesty Fun Life enthusiast with ability to appreciate Laughter Amid Mountain Travel

    Hunting for A buddy who loves laughter and creates characters and parallel universes!! Or someone who is already very clear with what they want to create, and can appreciate an intelligent, creative person and accountability.

    Hello Hello. I’m Bee. I am a Mirth Coach. She is a character with bright orange hair. She’s her own business brand. I am taking my Laughter Yoga skills and insights to a new level this year. And I need a Buddy… or two or three. ((Seriously, the more the merrier. Accountability is a HUGELY important part of success. So we can create a Small Laughter Group: A Mutual Admiration & Accountability Society where wildly positive encouragement is the norm and appreciated.))

    WHAT I DO => Mirth Coach = Laughter Yoga + finding joy in life.

    A bit about me. How I got here: First career backstage theater + costumes + stage management/ 2nd career = Masers Degree in Education; Social Studies teacher in Arts HS. 3rd career = Professional pet sitter. (Plus side dabbling in laughter yoga, women & money topics & online marketing while working PT retail gigs for the moolah). While pet sitting, my creative writing exploded as I didn’t have my regular creative outlet of theater. So I created characters around what I was doing and created worlds they lived in and have wanted to create businesses around them. Its like scriptwriting meets character comedy meets business. So I am embarking on my 4th career where I creatively catapult what I know into something others can benefit from. Character work + education + performing all rolled into one: Mirth Coach

    TWO things are happening in tandem. One is interviewing thought leaders about Creativity + Money …and learning podcasting.
    >>> The other is creating a book + workbook + course about Laughter Yoga. Hello Course Creation!
    Both paths will take me into public speaking, but first things first!


    This Ecourse is for my Laughter Yoga Work. I’ve created a character and want to catapult her, and her nerdy laughing sphere of influence (about laughter and wellness) into a tangible course to teach others how to allow more laughter in their lives, especially solo laughter for those who may not have a Laughter Yoga social group. Not many people understand the power in creating characters and creative worlds! Hence the bright orange wig and using big honkin’words like gregarious, ostentations or Zeitgeist.


    Candor. Honesty. Brazen encouragement juxtaposed with engaged, friendly accountability. Ability to share small wins, celebrate details & new information. Regular writing volley. Sense of humor. Appreciation of improv and the absurd but also respect for research, information, intelligence and knowledge. Very smart but ability to be silly. Agree to make time for Skype sessions.

    Also an odd request perhaps – Skype face to face once a month. My work life with pet sitting is really solitary, so having a face-to-face conversation with people is the best thing ever in my life. I’d ask that my Adventure Buddy be willing to schedule a “Hike up the Mountain Rest Stop, Lets Look & Appreciate the View” checkin on Skype. Accountability is already heightened when I know there is more than a blog-post writing buddy involved in the process.

    IF YOU REALLY KNEW ME, you’d know that I really want to find a way to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I can’t think of a better way to spend August than to live in Edinburgh, surrounded by wildly creative people, shows of all shapes and sizes, topics and characters, dawn to dusk, from creatives around the world, all in one place! Decadence!



    Wow! Bee, you sound like an amazing human who has really explored and dabbled in many facets of your life. I admire that so much, it’s how I’m sure my life will pan out too!

    All the best on this adventure.



    Eunita L

    Thanks Lindsey! Seek out great adventures, create your own opportunities and trust the Universe is conspiring on your behalf! Go! Do! Try! Explore! Its gonna be great!! I’ll be sure to check in with you as this course work progresses! Thanks again!! Woot woot!


    Eunita L

    Still hunting for Buddy — Totally willing to work with someone totally opposite of myself… and willing to chuck all detailed ideas of what to expect from a Buddy out the window. T’would just be lovely to have one or two people to check in Weekly With!

    Whos wants in?

    We could even include multiple folks & create out own Small Group forum if others are interested. Lets support each other + offer accountability and a sense of connection while on this Ecourse building journey. NO ONE likes feeling they are doing this work all on their own.


    Tatiana Tiess

    Hi Bee! I love what you said about yourself! Laughter is the big part of my life, I believe we will get along perfectly!)

    Would you like to explore the opportunity of being buddies?)


    Catherine Fox

    Hello @bee ! I want in!

    I’d love to be a buddy with a Mirth coach, there is something I really enjoy with your writing so far. I am also creating a sort of character..or a few in fact…. as a teenager I created a whole set of characters that I did writing and comics with, that actually were all aspects of myself and it was a great form of humor therapy.. this is going to be a key part of whatever I’m going to do and I’d love to connect with you and your visions.

    Really nodding a lot to this “Candor. Honesty. Brazen encouragement juxtaposed with engaged, friendly accountability. Ability to share small wins, celebrate details & new information. Regular writing volley. Sense of humor. Appreciation of improv and the absurd but also respect for research, information, intelligence and knowledge. Very smart but ability to be silly. Agree to make time for Skype sessions.”

    especially the honesty, humor, respect for research, sill and smart. yes please!

    Definitely looking to bring Joy to people who are used to trying to fix their pain. Also up for monthly check-in. Up for being your buddy or part of a small group. Please get in touch!


    Derek Loudermilk

    Hi Bee!

    I’d love to be your Adventure buddy!

    What you are saying really resonates with me!  The local Balinese people in my neighborhood do laughing yoga every wed night (I haven’t joined them yet).  I’ve also had several careers (Pro athlete, scientist) now full time adventurer

    I’m also working on a book + Ecourse about how you can be the hero of your own epic quest. I’ve got my first speaking gig at the travel storytelling festival in brussels in April.

    I do some podcast coaching so that might be another way I could support you.

    I think I need someone who encourages me to run with my crazy ideas, and it seems like you could do that.

    I do a lot of Improv comedy here in Bali as well. I’d be down to work in a group too with Catherine.

    Talk soon!




    Eunita L

    HELLO HELLO to @catherine_wildfox and @derekloudermilk!!

    Lets be BUDDIES!  Yaaaay — buddy badges!  If you still need a buddy, holler and let me know.  I’m in.

    And small group work with a Laughter Tent! — I relish that idea!  I will be sure to tag y’all when I start posting at campfires (I’ve not been good at posting at each platform campsite).

    @tatianaqueen — You are invited too!

    @christy – You are invited too!

    >>Commences posting, marches over to sad one person pup tent, goes inside, comes outside with group screen house shelter with poles bag + two banner sign stakes and bright happy yellow Banner rolled up.  Unfurls banner:  “LAUGHTER FRIENDS TENT.”  Whack, whack, Thwhack!  Both stakes are in and happy yellow banner is happily tied to stakes proclaiming to all that the Laughter Friends Tent is now in sesssion!  Bee marvels that the sign she packed is actually getting to be utilized!  That’s what intention is all about!  Trusting the process! Bee takes the opportunity to do a few rounds of laughter exercises, smiles, sighs and marvels at the space behind the banner, ready for the Screen House, big enough for multiple folks to gather and celebrate their work and their adventures.  Next up, building the Screen house shelter!  Perfect for sunny days to keep the bugs out, but also rainy days when you just can’t stand the idea of campfires alone and just want someone else to care about your climb as much as you do.  The screen house is up!  Laughter lovers have a dedicated group space.  It feels good to create a safe place where people feel they are accepted, included, celebrated, listened to and get help if they ask.  This is a place where a small group of people feel heard.   Laughter and Mirth are welcome here.





    **full photo disclosure. I do not own the image of the screen house used below, it was found in advertising and is used for purposes of education only.  😀


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