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    Talk toolbox to me @wewontbreak What are your thoughts around it?



    I think you could work with an Illustration of a colourful and organized tool collection. (Like tool for woodworkers, or medical equipment in a nice antique bag. (Like this)

    You could give those tools methaphorical names, such as an anti-stress-bandaid, or “pliers to pull the stress out of the situation”.

    No idea if that makes sense! Maybe you could tell us more about the techniques in your toolbox?

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    I really like that and it sticks with my bag theme. As twin birth tends to be highly medicalised, the medical bag is a great idea.

    You’ve got my mind working darling. Thank you @wewontbreak


    Laura Koller

    I like the construction toolbox idea.  I’m thinking about all those construction signs that say “CAUTION” and “WARNING – UNSAFE CONDITIONS” and stuff like that.  Which is sometimes how a person feels when pregnant with twins.

    Also goes back to that idea that not everything needs to be “fixed” – that sometimes it’s okay to let things be.  So maybe I’m rejecting the toolbox idea after all!!!

    FYI I stumbled across this article this morning and thought of you.  Have you heard of this concern before?  I’m guessing you have, progressive midwife that you are…



    Hello my beautiful friend. I do indeed know about the wonderful properties of vernix. Over in the UK, babies haven’t been washed for years. We don’t wipe eyes or suction noses either. Those poor babies. Just arrive on the planet and their bodies are immediately invaded. Is it any wonder people have memories of being the specimens of aliens and being probed?

    I think I’ll go with the antique medical bag rather than the tool box. I think that I can put the ‘CAUTION’ and ‘WARNING – UNSAFE CONDITIONS’ on some of the implements/potions inside the bag.

    I’m totally with you on the not everything needs to be ‘fixed’. So good to see you @laurakoller What’s new with you?  If @davidj turns up, I’ll break open the Malbec.


    Laura Koller

    Ah – just more evidence that the US healthcare system is stil in the stone ages.

    Right now I’m working at a consistent yet relaxed pace away from the campfires. Things are going well and I hope to launch the first module of my course at the end of February.  I would love to get feedback from you and any of your abuelitas when it’s all ready. It will be a free module.

    Keep up all your good work, my friend. I’m still here to support you and be inspired by your passion and creativity 😀


    DavidJ Jurasek

    I’m here! And I like white wine but we can still be virtual drinking buddies!

    : )

    Watching from the sidelines as I launch a novel… which continues to be more work and time intensive than I ever imagined (after it is written and locked in as text)…

    Love to see the love and laughter on your threads @mars and @laurakoller!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Digging the bag of tricks @mars

    On the gamification side of things, each bag could have an item or tool that they put in the bag. Just like for GEA, you earn backpack supplies.

    You could also have fun in the videos pulling out of the bag whatever the lesson is about.



    Thanks @bradleytmorris Yes.. your masterclass video has reinspired me. Whilst I don’t think I’ll manage the sophistication of those star ship videos, I do want more movement in the background of mine. So it’s time to spend a lot of time on YouTube and playing with effects until I have what I want. It was a Mary Poppins thought that came to mind..

    @laurakoller the Abuelitas and I would love to check your stuff out and give feedback.

    @davidj You keep writing friend. I have a bottle of white in the fridge, just for you!


    I love this mountain. My brain is shaken off the dust and is whirring round as we speak! Thank you all.



    Today’s coaching call was exactly what I needed, despite me having to miss half of it to talk to a new client.

    I have my theme (and my rescuer – @chrisg).

    The Magical Forest.

    Begin at the beginning of the trail, taking shoes off and rooted selves in nature.

    There will be a wishing well at the beginning – to wish for your dream birth/ dream birth team etc.. Will explore this more deeply

    There will be brooks, streams, magical paths, wisdom trees etc,.

    I will be (or there will be) a Forest Guide with a Magical Bag to help them navigate the Magical Forest (a Mary Poppins style bag – cheers @bradleytmorris ) – to help them see the forest for the trees.

    It will be like a scout adventure – so the participants will earn ‘badges’ on the way. As the gorgeous @wewontbreak said, they won’t get tools. The badges will represent the skills they’ve learned, including using the stars for navigation, learning the signs of nature.

    @bradleytmorris asked me where the trail would end. He suggested a cabin, but I have some resistance to that as cabins have 4 walls and I want people to know that there are choices that might be outside of that box. So I’ll be thinking on that.. and if anyone has any ideas, thoughts.. please let me know.

    The medicalised path, that they are often ushered down, will be a concrete path. Actually.. thinking more on it, it could be the road on the edge of the forest that leads to a cabin. That way, any of the twists and turns on the path could have access to the road – ie when medical necessity means stepping off the path. I don’t want the road to be ‘wrong’. Some people will choose that road deliberately.

    The forest path takes them through the different obstacles, and choices, that they may meet.

    I just know, that when he needs a break from writing his incredible novel (please pop me down for a copy) @davidj will pop up with words of wishing well/magical pool wisdom.


    Rather pleased with that 5 minute conversation. Thank you to all that were part of today’s coaching call. It’s what makes this mountain so bloody fantastic.



    A sudden thought… I could make this a course for two different audiences. Those supporting multiple mamas and the multiple mamas (and families) themselves

    Welcome to the Magical Forest:

    Housekeeping – finding your way around the course

    [What to expect from the course] Meet your forest guide

    The wishing well: what kind of birth do you wish to help your client achieve/what kind of birth do you wish to achieve


    [a pond leading to a river]


    Possible Fetal Positions

    Spontaneous and Assisted Conception

    Considerations in a Multiple Pregnancy

    Gestational Rates in Multiples in UK

    Nutrition for Clients Expecting Multiples



    [The two initial paths]

    Why Clients Might Want a Vaginal Birth

    Why Clients Might Want a Caesarean Birth

    Place of Birth

    Golden Hour – Post Birth

    SCBU – Special Care Baby Unit

    NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    Bereavement – Losing One or More Multiples

    How Support Differs – Multiples vs Singletons

    Further Support


    Postnatal Period:

    Infant Feeding

    Breastfeeding Multiples

    Bottle Feeding Multiples

    Mixed Feeding Multiples

    Schedules and Routines

    Sleep is for the Weak

    Getting Out and About

    When to Put Support in Place

    Additional Support: Doulas and Maternity Nurses

    How Support Differs: Multiples vs Singletons



    Myth Busters

    Mars’ Top Tips

    What Does NICE Say About Multiple Births

    What to Charge


    Resources: [supply shop]

    Support Groups for Clients

    Birth Plans

    Peer Support


    I shall edit this as thoughts come in. Nothing is set in stone yet.. other than it being a Magical Forest



    Dear Mars,

    reading your summary  I thought that the path (pregnancy) will lead to birth, right? That could be a clearing in the forest.

    While the medical concrete roads leads to a birth in the hospital, your clearing could present several options of birth, maybe like a pond for water births?
    After the birth, I guess there will be a new path to the post-birth adventures, like feeding and so on.

    Some Images for inspiration:


    DavidJ Jurasek

    I love the ideas pouring out of you and from the synergy of dialoguing with others.

    About the cabin… Hmm… maybe that could be the medical birth and the natural birth could be under a waterfall… I dunno… somewhere more open and inspiring… or in a sweatlodge or cave (wasn’t it so traditionally?)….

    Love how this is all coming together for you @mars!






    @wewontbreak Thank you.

    @davidj sweat lodges and caves. Thank you.


    Fiona McAllister

    Wow Mars, this is wonderful!

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