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    Laura Koller

    @mars – Me / No / Pause.  That sounds just about right.  I’m so proud of you (in awe, actually, of your courage and determination) and I’m so glad you’re going to take this time to live the life you’ve earned.  I work with many older patients and the ones who took time to travel are happy they did, and the ones who didn’t wish they would have done it when they could.  That is the alarming thing about middle age (I turned 46 this week and it feels completely surreal) – the options are no longer as limitless as they once seemed.  That being said, there are still plenty of opportunities for living out our visions, callings, and dreams.

    Inspired by your Me / No / Pause mentality – I’m going to let my kids do whatever they want to do around the house today so I can do whatever I want – without shame or guilt.  It will be like a mini vacation, sort of.  At least until my son’s soccer game at 4pm 😉

    You go, girl!!!



    I’ve completed the Blow off the Fog challenge. The next thing to do is complete the Screw It challenge. I will have two weeks to do that, having had a summer gap since starting. I’ll be dusting off my notes and creating.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been doing @movethinksmile BadAss Island. It’s really rather fabulous. They have done such amazing work. It has encouraged me to change some habits which is really helping me get my focus back.

    Thought I’d update you all whilst replying to @xbobby

    Now back to my No Work Sunday. I’m on my final Jack Reacher book before the new one comes out. And I have wine!


    Fiona McAllister

    Glad to see you making progress so well Mars.  I really want to meet with you soon!

Viewing 3 posts - 136 through 138 (of 138 total)

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