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    I have my green screen and Teachable. So this time around, I want to make the first of my paid courses.

    This course will be about teaching birthworkers how to support mothers expecting multiples, namely twins. I have a lot of information that I need to distill down into bite sized chunks.

    Looking forward to this trip up the mountain, and finding out what I’ll be learning this time.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow. What a specific and wonderfully niched course @mars. Excited for your second trip. You’ll know much more this time around. Lets do this!



    I currently have 32 enrolled on my free eCourse – ‘Is Doulaing Your Bag?’

    I have written up the curriculum for Loving The Multiple Mamas:

    Loving the Multiple Mamas – an eCourse for Birthworkers working with clients expecting multiples. 

    Here is the draft curriculum:



    Housekeeping – finding your way around the course

    What to expect from the course




    Possible Fetal Positions

    Spontaneous and Assisted Conception

    Considerations in a Multiple Pregnancy

    Gestational Rates in Multiples in UK

    Nutrition for Clients Expecting Multiples



    Why Clients Might Want a Vaginal Birth

    Why Clients Might Want a Caesarean Birth

    Place of Birth

    Golden Hour – Post Birth

    SCBU – Special Care Baby Unit

    NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    Bereavement – Losing One or More Multiples

    How Support Differs – Multiples vs Singletons

    Further Support


    Postnatal Period:

    Infant Feeding

    Breastfeeding Multiples

    Bottle Feeding Multiples

    Mixed Feeding Multiples

    Schedules and Routines

    Sleep is for the Weak

    Getting Out and About

    When to Put Support in Place

    Additional Support: Doulas and Maternity Nurses

    How Support Differs: Multiples vs Singletons



    Myth Busters

    Mars’ Top Tips

    What Does NICE Say About Multiple Births

    What to Charge



    Support Groups for Clients

    Birth Plans

    Peer Support


    My first task is to write up information that I’ll be using and decide which media to use (eg videos, slides, blogs etc) for each module. Then I will plan the filming schedule, editing schedule and then I will prepare all new resources that I haven’t accounted for in the write up sessions.

    I have a three day writing weekend booked in for early December. That’s where I hope to get the bulk of the writing done. I have much research time booked to supplement the knowledge and information that I already have.

    Mountain checkpoints, here I come.

    I did post all of that in courses and outlines, but wanted to put it here in my progress log. I’m writing to flesh out the curriculum. I’m actually making downloads for the course.

    I’ve set 2 days to write, so if you don’t see me, that’s where I am. I run my four day face to face course Friday through Monday. I have a publisher. She’s very pleased with the November challenge.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Look at you go @mars. 32 people. Where are all these gals coming from (assuming they are ladies)?

    You are rocking course two. You’re gonna take Sherpa Steve’s job when he’s ready to retire if you keep this pace up!



    They are all women @bradleytmorris – some are other doulas having a nose, some are curious about a free course. The proper stats will make themselves known in the New Year I think.

    I tend to be a quick study (once I get over the initial fear). I’ve been teaching LTMM for a few years now. The challenge is getting it all online and accessible to those who have asked, that live abroad, or in remote parts of the UK. I also need to work on my pre-sales and learn all about powerful slides, as this course is too big to just have me wittering on. So I’ll have to put a lot of work into the downloads and be creative with the gaming. I kept thinking that I would use a detective’s bag for this course, but it’s not sitting well. I know I’ll use a carpenter’s bag for Cultural Competency. Can’t quite get the bag for this one, but that will come.

    The joy of having done the mini eCourse, is that I know the rudiments. So now I have to build on that knowledge. And this time around, I need to put a price on the course. I charge £85 p/person, which is about $111 for the one day workshop. So that’ll take some brainstorming I think.

    Anyhoo, much to do today, including my 750 words, my 10 mins learning Italian with Duolingo, and my four day course starting tomorrow.



    Today I did some twin writing.

    I’ve begun creating the downloads. I’m currently writing more for the book than the course, but I do need to get the course done to bring in the income to allow me to focus on the book.

    I finished the four day doula course. It was a fabulous success and I’m just waiting for my gorgeous Abuelitas to send me their filmed feedback to use across my social media.

    Was really pleased to hear that this week’s coaching session wasn’t happening. I went to the theatre. Saw Stockard Channing on stage in Apologia. Brilliant. Anyhoo… as I said elsewhere.. bed time!



    A quick progress update.

    I’ve been writing every day for the November challenge. It’s been really good for me actually. As my mother says ‘ have a lot of knowledge and like to share it!’

    So the writing, which will either become blogs or scripts will mostly be used for my second eCourse – Loving the Multiple Mamas. I’ve begun to identify which media I want to use with each module. It’s making what looks like a daunting task, manageable. My favourite saying comes to mind ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time’

    This week I’ve been approached to apply to be Chair of the Board for a youth theatre. So that’s going to take up some of my time. I may end up using 750 words to help me write about myself.

    I’ve had the first video testimonial back from the four day face to face course. As well as using them as my social proof for my courses, I’m going to use them to practise turning mp4s into mp3s. You do not know how much it thrills me to say those words. The technouseless no longer overwhelms me.


    Right. Time to cook and go drink Malbec.



    I just got this, in an email, from another doula today

    I loved your Is Doulaing Your Bag course – such a pleasure to see videos with a sense of presentation and storytelling. Beautiful.
    How fabulous is that?
    I’ve mostly been caught up in the November challenge, so haven’t done much towards my course. I’ve been listening to my body (which at this moment is screaming GO TO BED WOMAN. HAVE YOU SEEN THE TIME) and taking it slowly. I feel that this is good for me and that once I’m rested, which is definitely what my body is telling me, that I will gear back up and get busy. I probably need to do the pre sales challenge to get my Loving The Multiple Mamas course going.
    Anyhoo.. and so to bed.


    I’m currently working pretty full time with a new mum, so my time on the mountain hasn’t been as much as I would have liked over the past couple of weeks. My hope is to really get back to it soon. Re-reading my course outline, I do want to get that finished, so I’ll need to spend some time storyboarding. I saw one of my mentees this evening and she asked me why I wasn’t doing webinars. So… looks like I need to pull my finger out. I can use the webinar content within the course, so it would be a good thing to start writing and planning.

    I’m keeping up with the 750 words per day, and still enjoying that.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @mars, you have rocked this mountain in such wonderful ways this year. I’d love to hear your top lessons and blessings from the climb and also, what your intentions are for 2018 and your work.

    Would you be willing to come share your thoughts at the 2017 recap? 



    But of course @bradleytmorris



    I haven’t updated much because I haven’t been doing a lot on my course. I’ve been a wee bit under the weather, but I can finally say that the clouding of the mind is over.

    I’m probably not going to do much at all over the next week but you never know.

    Happy holidays all!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sending you big healthy rainbows and giant hugs @mars.

    Stoked to reach Launch Summit a few more times with you in 2018.

    Merry Whatever-your-thing-is!



    Thanks @bradleytmorris I’m much better now. Going to get stuck back into the mountain next week.  Currently chilling out in Edinburgh.



    I forgot to mention… my gorgeous daughter bought me a Zoom mic for Christmas, with the accessories. My web guy has set it up for me (after telling me how simple the instructions are – clearly not fully over my technophobia) and I’m looking forward to playing with it in 2018.

    2018 – the year I nail the green screen, podcasts and webinars.

    Ooh… and I am also going to be creating relaxation/birthing mps etc for black women. So excited by this. So much so that having lost which day is what way is up during the Christmas period.. I’m starting work on the scripts today!

    Happy New Year my lovely mountaineers. Looking forward to connecting again properly in 2018!

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