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    Hey there, People of the Mountain!

    I’m definitely impressed and inspired by what I see all of us up to in the Screw It Challenge.

    Great stuff being birthed!

    My project has been incubating, with some awesome midwifery by our awesome guides…

    Maybe in response to a feeling I’ve had for a long time as a professional alternative health care practitioner, as well as a former Broadway song and dance man, that the change we’re looking for is never outside, but rather is waiting to be called forth from within. A few years ago I began following the trail of the Functional Medicine world, adding certification upon certification to my list of accomplishments. And I do appreciate that knowledge that many are spreading in that arena. But the topic always left me feeling a bit dry; as if we’re imposing the Western model of ‘a pill for an ill’ to the alternative arena- ‘a more organic pill for an ill’. Still treating symptoms and missing the true root of things. Valuable work, don’t get me wrong. People need ‘next steps’ for sure! And they need to be educated about what works with the least amount of harm. But there are many wise and passionate people already sharing this information, and it just wasn’t ringing true for me as a calling.

    But it led me back to the roots of my creativity, and what I’ve been fascinated by for much of my life, and that’s the power and potential of  the creative process to co-create with the forces that are beyond our physical senses. How to tap the power and the potential within each of us, in true Jedi fashion, to train and exercise the final frontier- our ability to actually manifest Real Live Stuff, right here where we live and breathe. To learn how to harness the power of the mind/heart, to demystify the mystical and create a path for folks who ‘hope’ that they can make real, palpable change in their lives with focused, mindful intention.

    I will use my creative background- acting, emotional expression, coaching- to develop a curriculum that engages the creative as well as the linear; that addresses and illuminates the science behind our PROVEN ability to do this, and combine that knowledge, that permission, with the magic of imagination and creative expression to bring it home.


    My goal for the Challenge is to:

    1) Develop an introductory curriculum…let’s call it Tuning the Magnetic Mind as a working title.

    2) Create a landing page that will engage my current audience in the conversation…to invite them to participate in a beta group live workshop, to help me actually test and develop this material!

    3) Set the date set for said workshop.

    Whew. (First time I’ve tried to explain this in words…not just feeling it swirling around in me! Needs work, but it feels good to start!)


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    YES Tripp! You’re back from vacation and on fire.

    Loving this clarity you’ve got here since our last conversation. This is sounding like so much passion and clarity.

    I’m super excited to see you flush it out more and create that landing page.

    Do you have a plan for how you’re creating the landing page?

    Feel free to ask Mr. @andyfreist for any tips  😉

    Let us know how we can support your next steps!


    Sharyn Warren

    Tripp, thank you so much for your comments to my “I’m Doing It” project! What a good feeling to see your Light on the mountain and know that among all of these supportive and encouraging Spirits, there are also kindred Spirits making our way up this hill.

    Not surprisingly, what you say here has lots of resonance for me.

    “the power and potential of the creative process to co-create with the forces that are beyond our physical senses.”

    I can feel your energy emanating from the bed rock of the truth from which you speak. Magnetic! Drawing to you those that have been longing for a clear path through the chaos. And to be able to feel hope and see the possibility for new and exciting forms to emerge even in the midst of the mess and pain that endings tend to create.

    Thanks again for “waving” and, now I know what direction to look in for a reminder to keep the faith.



    Laura Koller

    This sounds so inspiring.  I can’t wait to see what you create.  Welcome to the challenge!!!

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