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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    In moved to the west coast to play professional golf in 2003. In 2005 I dropped out of college to start my own business as a way to sponsor myself to play professional golf. I got pretty good, but never had the mental/emotional game to make it far.

    Between 2006 and 2011, I didn’t pick up the club at all. Instead, I worked on myself. I practiced meditation and did a ton of personal growth. When I came back to the game around 2012, I was in love all over again, playing the game with a new set of tools.

    For the next 5 years I have been my own guinea pig, experimenting on presence practices, breath techniques, focus drills, etc and I’ve developed a pretty kick ass set of tools for golfers in the process.

    Last year I got certified as a golf teacher. I teach lessons and clinics throughout the summer for adults and kids.

    And I’ve been writing a book for 5-years.

    I’m ready to fast track all of this and bring my passion, love and style of coaching golfers to play consciously in the zone to the greater world.

    For this challenge I am:

    1. Going to release the first 3 chapters of my book (which is a fictional journey of a golfers’ transformation in the final round of a very important tournament — with the help of his magical caddie). Each chapter teaches a different lesson and technique, through the story I tell.

    2. Audio version of the story being read by me.

    3. Each chapter will come with a video lesson where I teach the technique being shared in the story.

    4. I will also include a guided audio experience for the various breath + visualization techniques. 

    (as I write this I am so excited)

    I will drip the story and lessons like they are an eCourse using Lifter LMS and Beaver Builder (for my website).

    Eventually, I want the story to be turned into a series of videos where the story is played out on camera like a movie. That’s the long-term vision and will require more budget, time and planning than I have now.

    This is my ticket to sponsoring myself to play Professional Golf all over the world. I can feel it.



    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    hey Brad,

    After I listened to you talk about your plans for your golf instructional journey, I had a weird thought/idea for you…not sure if it may be feasible or fit but here’s the thought:

    What if you used your famous green screen fun techniques for the video lessons but do it in a sort of funny, juxtaposition, where you like maybe teach a meditative technique for golf on a mountain in a blizzard …like sort of the idea being…no matter the conditions in your golf game, with these “mind/head techniques” it doesn’t matter…I think with actual golf and not just “mind” techniques this can still work…

    So there you go…



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Super interesting idea Sue-Ann! The vision for the videos is fuzzy to me, but you’re getting my creative wheels thinking on out of the box ways to approach them. I’m super excited to see what happens. The book is the element that is most clear and in focus for me. From there, everything will be made clear.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Oh my gosh! This is so exciting, Bradley! I can really feel your passion in it all! LOVE it! Super excited for you!!!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I have a name (I think)…

    I have been searching for a name for this training and book forever. I may have found it.


    What comes up for you when you read that?


    Laura Koller

    So ambitious!  It sounds as though you’ve been working through these ideas for a long time and now is a good time to hold yourself accountable to the community.  I love the combination of fiction/video lesson related to the chapter/guided practice.  Brilliant.

    Just in case you’re looking for more inspiration/validation/support for your ideas, a couple of resources that popped into my head as I read your plan:

    Have you ever heard of a book called “The Inner Game of Tennis”?  I am not a tennis player, but I was asked to read the book as a musician when I was in high school – it’s a classic about the mental side of peak performance.  I think there was later one written about the inner game of music, and since I read the book a generation ago there’s probably many more spinoffs.  BUT the tennis one was the original, and if you have time or interest, it’s a resource that you may enjoy.

    I’m also reminded of a powerful story about the mental side of golf, from A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul. – so weird because I read this story aloud when I was teaching probably 20 years ago and didn’t think of it again until just now.

    Overall, I love it!  I also think that website – – totally clarifies your project.  I love that you’re willing to “step into the ring” with all of us – one of the things that I’ve always found so valuable as a teacher, to demonstrate that I’m always striving to learn and improve.  I also love that you stay true to yourself in all of your course offerings.  I mean, how many other eCourse creation courses include meditation as a regular part of each step?  That’s one of the things that makes your work so memorable.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks for the feedback and link Laura. Will check it out this weekend.

    Glad you’re stoked that we’re in the middle of the journey with you and that we’re including meditation int his wild n crazy journey up the mountain. It seems to be a key ingredient for success in my world.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    INNER FOCUS GOLF: Chapter 1: “Pre-Game Nerves”

    I spent the early morning re-hashing my first chapter of the book. This is the intro, which will be available for free. With it, will also be a guided audio with the technique taught in the story, as well as a video.

    There will be 18 more chapters. Each one is a hole.

    Example: “HOLE 1: Grounding”

    Anyways. You’re the first to see draft 1 of the story.

    Feedback always welcomed.


    The taste of vomit was still fresh in my mouth as I stared at myself in the mirror.

    Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead.

    I looked raw, as though I’d been torn wide open for everything to be seen.

    It was the final day of Q School, my ticket to the PGA Tour. The moment, I had been waiting for my entire life.

    Unlike some of the guys I played with this week who had made it this far and failed 5 or 6 times, this was my first attempt at Q School.

    Some people call Q School the 5th major, because it’s such an intense test of golf. The final stage of it is six gruelling rounds, where only the top 25 guys get their card. I had already squeaked through the first two rounds of qualifying months earlier, where it seemed I had a horseshoe up my arse.

    In the first stage, I made it through right on the cutline due to my bunker shot going in on the 17th hole of the final round.

    Then in the second phase of qualifying, I came in on the cut line yet again. This time, I had made a miracle eagle going down the final stretch of the five day tournament by sinking a 100 foot putt on the 15th hole.

    Now, here I am again and there is a glimmer of hope that I may actually be able to do this, and the thought of it scares the hell out of me.

    I’m 35 years old. I’ve got a wife and two beautiful kids. I’m a busy entrepreneur, building entertainment-based eLearning experiences. My life is full and in the back of my mind, I question my worthiness to be where I am at this final stage of qualifying.

    Sure, I play golf five days a week and can put in some low scores, but I’d never won a major tournament. I don’t play on any of the other bigger pro tours, other than the occasional Monday qualifier. Not like all of the other guys who had made it as far as me this week.

    I played with one guy who had been playing on the PGA tour for more than a decade, winning a dozen tournaments over the years and nearly winning the Masters once. He didn’t play well last year, due to an injury and ended up getting sent back to Q-School to try to earn his card again.

    Never would I have imagined, other than in my wildest fantasies, that I would actually be where I was. The only reason I signed up for the first qualifying round of Q-School was because I had a really good year with business and I could finally afford to do it in time and money.

    So here I was on the final day of the final round of qualifying and I am just one stroke outside the PGA tour cut line.

    Meaning, if I shoot even par today and the cut line stays the same, then I would have been just one single shot outside of making the PGA tour. One missed putt. One penalty stroke. One.

    This is the story of my life too. Always just outside my potential…

    I couldn’t stop thinking to myself, “don’t screw this up” as I stared into the mirror. This repetitive thought certainly didn’t help with my severe nervousness.

    I felt so afraid to mess what would likely be my one and only chance to play in the big leagues.

    It’s funny too because I come from a small island on the West Coast of Canada. I’m not a part of some prestigious club, where i have coaches and trainers working with me everyday. I’m just a guy, who happens to love golf and am pretty damn good at it. I wasn’t a golf prodigy as a junior. I’m just me…

    And for some reason, it made me feel like a fraud being there. I felt like someone was going to bust through the doors of the locker room and say, “Mr. Morris, we can’t let you go any further. You don’t deserve to be here.”

    As I realized what I was thinking, I shook my head back and forth and slapped myself in the cheeks a few times to try and rid myself of all those negative thoughts.

    “Focus,” I said under my breath.

    But I just stood there staring at myself blankly in the mirror like a deer in the headlights, trying to give myself the pep talk I needed to hear, but no words of inspiration were found.

    Suddenly the door opened and my caddie walked in. He had been such a blessing to me over the three stages of qualifying. In fact, I know I couldn’t have made it to the finals without him.

    “You’re supposed to be on the tee in eight minutes” he said while entering the locker room.

    As he got closer he noticed how I looked and said, “Whoa buddy, are you doing all right?” with his casual smile, which rarely ever goes away.

    I turned to face him, looking into his wild, deep blue eyes. “I’m just a little nervous,” I replied with a half laugh and crooked smile.

    “Nervous? Why? It’s just golf. Besides, didn’t you say at dinner last night that you never expected to be in the position you’re in right now? So why is it all of a sudden such a big deal?”

    “Because I’m afraid of messing this up. I feel like I’m so close to achieving this dream and I’m terrified I’m going to screw it all up.” As the words came out, I could hear how shaky my voice sounded.

    He stood up a little straighter and calmed his tone, “Whoa whoa whoa, get ahold of yourself brother. You have nothing to be “terrified” about”, he said while making quotations with his fingers and smiling even bigger. “This is just a game… and rumour has it, it’s a game you love. Today is just like every other day you’ve ever played golf. Just go out, have fun, take it one step and one shot at a time. At the end of the day, we’ll see where we end up. If you make it, great. If you don’t, great. Either way, it’ll be a wonderful story and memory for your death bed later in life.”

    His nonchalantness kind of irked me, “Easy for you to say, you’re just carrying the bag,” I sarcastically shot back, regretting it the moment I said it. Because it wasn’t true. Majik had been my rock all week, supporting me during my breakdowns and keeping me grounded when I was on a high.

    I immediately apologized, “Listen, I’m sorry. I’ve just never felt nerves like this. I literally threw up a few minutes ago because I can’t even see myself getting off the first tee. I’m actually afraid I’m gonna duff it in front of all those people out there…”

    He stared me hard in the eyes, still with his partial smile on his lips and then put both hands on my shoulders while whispering, “Breathe.”

    “When you’re feeling the types of nerves you are right now, your body is in a fight or flight mode. You’re tensing up, your palms are sweaty and you’re likely feeling light headed. How do you expect to play your best with all that going on?”

    “Yup, you definitely nailed it,” I said while nervously laughing.

    “Here, try this. Place your hands over the bottom of your belly, just below the belly button and stand up straight and strong.”

    I looked behind me at the door, to make sure nobody was going to come in, and when I was sure the coast was clear, I did as he was telling me.

    “Now close your eyes and bring your awareness down into the bottom of your belly. Notice how it feels in there.”

    I did as he said. “It feels like a storm. Butterflies getting tossed in the wind.” It actually made me feel slightly nauseas again when I felt into it.

    “Okay, great. Now, breathe deeply and slowly, down into the bottom of your belly. Hold each breath at the top for a moment. As you hold the breath, gather up all of the nervous energy you’re holding onto and exhale it down through the bottom of your feet into the Earth. The Earth will absorb all of the negative energy you’re feeling right now, so just let it go. Lets do 10 breaths like this before we head out to the first tee,” he said with a calm, meditative voice.

    I had so much anxiety pent up inside me that the first breath was incredibly difficult to inhale fully. But I did my best and visualized the dark cloud of nervous energy being gathered up and then I exhaled it down through my feet.

    He then said, “With each breath, try to soften your stomach. Relax those stomach muscles. No more clenching. You need to be loose and relaxed out there. Let your belly soften.”

    “Okay,” I answered back with my eyes still closed, trying to focus on releasing the gunk, which felt like black tar in my stomach.

    I continued the breath and was surprised to find that with each inhale and exhale, I felt a bit lighter, calmer and more relaxed.

    When we got to around the 7th breath, he said to me, “Now as you’re breathing, visualize yourself striping the ball down the centre of the fairway off the first tee.”

    I will admit, the first time I tried it, I saw myself missing the ball and everyone laughing at me. It was a humiliating vision.

    He must’ve picked up on it too because he said with a firm voice, “Focus Bradley.”

    The next few breaths were powerful.

    I stepped into that vision and saw myself smash a perfect drive down the middle. I could feel the feeling ringing through all of my cells.

    When I opened my eyes Majik was standing in front of me smiling. “How do you feel?”

    I looked him in the eyes and nodded, “I’m ready. Let’s do this thing.”

    He put his arm around my back and we headed for the door.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide


    Just bought three domain names now that I’ve finally found a name I”m happy with.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Chapters 1-4 out of 19 are complete. 

    That was my goal for this challenge. Mission accomplished.

    Fortunately, I started writing this particular version of the book back in November and so these chapters were already roughed in. Since 4am this morning I have gone through each of them and improve them.

    Now it’s time to outline my video and audios that will go with each chapter.

    WOW! This is actually happening.


    SuZen Marie

    YaY! You are rockin’ it!!! Love the name and plan to read your posted chapter tonight. Way to go Brad 🙂


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    YES!!!!!!!! Way to rock it Bradley!!!! 😀


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    WHAT – WHO – WHY – HOW? (1st draft):

    All right, it’s been a busy, clarifying day. Here are my 1st drafts for my website.

    What is Inner Focus Golf:
    Inner Focus Golf is an experiential training program that teaches passionate golfers advanced techniques in relaxation, focus and playing the game with intention.

    Inner Focus Golf is for you if:

    • You understand that technology and a swing can only get you so far in this game.
    • You know that in order to play your best golf, you need to learn ways to relax and focus at will.
    • You haven’t found a personal practice to find and maintain your inner focus from hole 1 through 18.

    Why I created Inner Focus Golf:
    Like you, I am wildly passionate about golf. I wake up at 4am everyday so I can play sunrise golf and make it home for coffee and breakfast with my wife and son.

    When I was 20, I dropped out of college and became an entrepreneur as a way to sponsor myself to play professionally. Little did I know, how much work running a business would be, I ended up not golfing for almost five years after that leap of faith.

    In that time, I got really into meditation and as chance should have it, I started teaching workshops. Between 2009 and 2012, I led more than 500 meditation workshops and retreats around the world. I then went on to create several online meditation courses, which spread to more than 40 countries.

    In 2012, I picked up the club again and was immediately hooked. Though my mind still thought like a scratch golfer, I was shooting in the mid 80’s. It was incredibly frustrating.

    This is when I began merging my meditation practices with my golf game and experimenting with all kinds of focus techniques.

    Instead of worrying about my swing mechanics, I focused on relaxation, intention and focus. I practiced holding my mind on specific targets and putting all my energy into hitting them. The more I focused on my inner golf game, the more quickly I improved.

    For more than 5-years, I have been doing self experiments and journaling about my discoveries.

    I have finally seen enough of a transformation in my own game, that I am excited to share this body of work with those golfers who wish to find their Inner Focus and play the most beautiful golf of their lives.

    I look forward to playing the best golf of our lives together.

    Inner Focus Golf Training:
    For my day job, my business partners and I are radically transforming the online education industry by merging art, entertainment, gamification, storytelling and all things media.

    Which means, I had to get more creative than just a normal video series of me sharing what I’ve learned.

    So instead, I have created a story.

    The story follows a character named Bradley around his final 18-holes of Q-School, where he is in contention to earn his card on the PGA Tour. On the bag, Bradley has a wise caddie named Majik who supports him to manage his emotions, stay present and remain focused on each shot.

    Each of the 18-holes acts as a chapter, where you learn a specific inner focus technique.

    Along with the story, you receive an Inner Focus video lesson and guided audio practice that you can take to the course with you.

    Begin your Inner Focus Training Today
    Sign up for your first Inner Focus Golf chapter, video lesson and guided audio practice


    Laura Koller

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Wow!  This is so powerful and inspired. I can feel as though I’m right there with you in the story. And I love the idea of merging the fiction with each technique and a video to boot. What s winning idea. Keep going with it!</p>


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    LOGO DESIGN (feedback appreciated):

    What are your thoughts on this design?

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