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    Sharyn Warren

    I went missing from the mountain for a while. No need to blather on about that. Point is, the hellish outcome of a too-crazy-to-be-real presidential election in the U.S. of A and the subsequent shenanigans of this Twilight Zone government has lit a fire under my ass that has jettisoned me back where I belong.

    I’ve knitted pink pussycat hats. Marched with my sisters on Washington. And in Raleigh. And have attended multiple political gatherings, made umpteen million phone calls, sent faxes, postcards and poked holes all through my clothing with Nasty Woman pins, safety pins, Planned Parenthood pins, Resist pins, Persist pins. Lots of pins and lots of holes.

    And I am not a political person. And my efforts are feeling increasingly empty of energy. Something has been missing. Something REALLY CRUCIAL.

    The crucial ingredient, the Magic Potion, the fire in the fire water, the JuJu that for me is a MUST HAVE? Connection to Higher Cause, the Fire of Spirit where the spark and resourcefulness of all great endeavors committed to the One Good originate. The place where inspiration, wisdom, and the archetypal plans are issued from.

    I started wishing there was a Spell that could be cast that would change things. But I’m not a practicing witch in this lifetime, plus no spell I could find suited me.

    All I had to go on was a relentless sense that as an old soul, young crone mystician, teacher, and pretty powerful manifestor, I wasn’t firing on all cylinders for a reason.

    Then out of the blue–so to speak–an article on FB crossed my path about Dion Fortune’s account of the use of meditation as invocation calling on the energies of the Higher Realms during the Battle of Britain in WWII. Her work is an interesting use of esoteric mysticism to affect certain outcomes, protection & victory for her country, but also the building up of an archetypal vision of the post war world that included a transformed Germany as a progressive, benevolent world leader. H-e-l-l-o! Anybody noticed Germany lately?

    Eureka!!!! This is it. My gold. My fire in the belly. This is what I have been searching for. A invisible Path opened up that I can see clear as day.

    I’M DOING THIS! DAY: All days of my week during April and May already have items scheduled that I either cannot change or will not sacrifice. (Working on 2 days notice here!) That said, I will devote a minimum of 8-10 hours on Monday/Tuesdays for the next month. And extra in between as able.

    MY PROJECT:  Launch a Beta meditation/invocation group in service of the good Light to assist those with boots on the ground to: 1. Protect what needs to be protected, 2. Contain what needs to be contained, 3. Transform what must be transformed and 4. Help build up in the Group Mind a vision of what is possible for life on this planet in the coming age. In the process, the meditators receive a whole slew of benefits–all of which I will name on the sales page. Not the least of which is a sense of belonging and contributing to The Effort in a way that is energetically and powerfully aligned with our own higher spirit.

    Work to be completed by May 5:

    1. Finish a sample meditation, along with instructions. Add this to “Free Offers” on my website

    2. Meet with Women’s March on Washington and Beyond Huddle for brainstorming and possible preliminary beta group. Refine meditation.

    3. Meet with mentor for “critique” and “tweaking” and 2 powerful woman practice. May ask for kaballah study group to have a go at it, as well.

    4. Engage in daily meditation using structure. Journal results.

    3. Map out specifics, such as, the how, when and where of meditation group meetings, the educational component, inspirational component, evaluation and feedback process, etc.

    4. Create sales video and sales page.

    5. Promote on FB live with at least 2 broadcasts, ideally more.

    6. Create e-mail sequence.

    7. Which should probably be #1, create calendar of sequence of “to do’s.”

    8. Which should probably be at least #2, settle on name and tag line.

    9. Determine cost: Thinking of going 50/50 of whatever it is. 50% for me. 50% for Spirit in the form of donations to boots on the ground social justice groups such as ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti-Defamation League, NAACP or groups striving to serve the needs of the collective such as Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, ASPCA, etc.

    10. Determine how to archive information and learnings from beta group as foundation for an evergreen e-course for Mystical Activism.

    11. Create list of people/organizations I might offer to share this with.

    12. Write to publisher of The Magical Battle of Britain re: permission to use various Dion Fortune quotes.

    13. Remain close to my own energy and spirit so as not to get crushed in the Avalanche of Too Much Pressure or get lost in the Forest of Perfectionism.

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    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Brilliant! Glad to have you back on the trail 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what sprouts!

    I just came across this image simultaneous to reading your post, and I think it fits in with your story quite perfectly, so I thought I’d share 😉


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    So much yes Sharryn. I am grateful to your jackass of a president, for he is lighting a fire under many people’s asses and in many people’s hearts to step up, be powerful and stand for a cause much greater than each of us.

    Proud of you for this clarity and pumped to support your YES.


    Sharyn Warren

    4/6/17. Not sure about how time utilization will go, so starting now. Done so far as of 9:37 a.m. EDT.

    1. Polishing up sample meditation. Have structure, 3 possible sample invocations and a closing completed.

    2. Meeting with 3 members of Huddle tonight at 7 p.m. re: formation of meditation test group. Completed: agenda, copies of proposed structure for discussion and practice, copies of possible invocations. Sent reminder e-mail and received all positive responses.

    3. Wrote to publisher of Dion Fortune’s book requesting permission to use quotes in beta group and e-course draft.

    It’s a start.

    I’m in it to win it. 🙂



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    Sharyn Warren

    Friday, 4/7/17 UPDATE:

    Concept and Draft Name:

    Mystical Activism: Meditation inspired by the magical qabalah and shamanism to connect with the Divine Plan in times of trouble

    1. Met with test group last night. Learned a lot. Will meet with 2 other interested participants in political huddle this Sunday. Created reference notes sent to group from last night and to others interested. I believe these can be re-purposed for use in both beta group launch and preparation of e-course.  Will post below.

    2. Waiting on reply from publishing company about using Dion Fortune material.

    3. Have conducted 3 personal daily mystical activism meditation/invocation practices.

    4. Honing in on title and tag line.

    5. Created Evernote file to house all notes, images, etc.

    6. Tomorrow will begin creating “benefits” list for sales letter, and 1st letter to e-mail list about what I am up to with invitation to learn more.


    Notes from 1st test meeting:

    I am following up on the meeting that Joanne, Dorrie and I had last night. I am enclosing via word doc what I shared, in case you want to take a look before we get together on Sunday. I’ll be there at 2:30, Laura.

    Ever cognizant that meditation is a highly individualized practice and that each individual must honor their own method in order for the process to be “real” and energetically alive, I proposed that for this specific action, a general structure be considered. I have been studying various forms of meditation as spiritual activism on behalf on the Collective, and the material I am gathering speaks to utilization of meditation as both “invocation” of or invitation to Guides and Helpers, but also and especially, the power of our own Light when functioning as a channel or “hollow bone” for Spirit to work through. AND how even a small nucleus joining together can powerful amplify the “reach” of Light far beyond what we might imagine to be possible.

    We had a wonderful discussion and a 20 minute group meditation, that I would venture to say, exceeded expectation.

    Keeping in mind that this is a fledgling and organic project, here are a few highlights:

    1. Regarding structure, we proposed engaging in meditation every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. for a 20 minute meditation. I will take responsibility for texting a “we are commencing” message so that we will know we are all sitting together in the universe. I also want to emphasize an observation that Dion Fortune made in one of her letters and that I am also finding to be true. ****It is very important to actively and intentionally declare closure/completion/finished for now at the conclusion of each meditation/invocation session, in order to avoid becoming overly sensitive to the auric field. There is a LOT of energy swirling around, some of it very discordant, and it is important to “ground” ourselves after we are finished.

    2. We will meet together for in person meditation either prior to or immediately following the regular Huddle.

    3. Each week we will focus on a specific aspect. Except for Sunday morning when we meditate as a group, each person is encouraged to engage in individual meditation as often as possible on this topic at any time that is do-able for any length of time they choose.

    *The focus we chose for last night’s meditation and for the next several days is: a Huddle gathering in which clarity and unity of vision & purpose are successfully realized.
    Regarding focus of attention:
    * The exact process for selecting the specific focus of our meditative attention is not yet clearly defined.
    * We choose to focus on our Huddle for starters:
    1. as a way of “getting our feet wet” so to speak, getting our bearings, working out the kinks so that we don’t carry impediments with us as we get up to speed.
    2. Because “we are all one and when one is helped, all are helped
.”, we need not concern ourselves overly much about giving beneficial attention to how a singular effort travels to positively affect other areas up and down the line.
    3. Our job isn’t to figure out the specifics, but to TRUST that whatever unfolds is the One Good working out a Divine Plan that is leading to something beneficial and right for the entire Collective. Our attachment is to being instruments for Good. We remain detached from obsessing about or attempting to meddle in the method, details, or process by which the order of correction, healing and change is being accomplished.

    4. We recognize that our meditation efforts are not a substitute for other important actions. However, we regard this endeavor as being a personal imperative. Which comes along with a sense that engaging in this particular form of activism is as important and necessary as any other actions we are being called to take. And that we proceed in a manner that is as consistent, responsible, and informed as possible for maximum effectiveness and benefit for all concerned.

    5. Anyone is welcome to join us, but I am assuming that whatever numbers we have in this endeavor is exactly what we need in order to accomplish our purpose.

    As with all new things, this is a lot of info. I fully expect that once we are rolling, the momentum will carry us forward almost effortlessly. Even enthusiastically!
    Best regards,


    Sharyn Warren


    1. Met with Brad & Andy as the last straggler to use the original 3 session coaching package. Got great feedback and am deep into creative brainstorming re: The Noble and Courageous Inner Fire Scavenger Hunt as gamefication concept for e-course.  (now in day 5 of 10 day window)

    2. Breadcrumbs as kindling. Instead of working in a linear fashion–which is the kiss of death for me–I have begun re-vitalizing my connection with small but faithful e-mail and FB community. Going to start putting out daily breadcrumbs (kindling for the fire) to craftily lead them to the doorstep of my School for Practical Mystery. They will find the breadcrumbs at first so innocuous, yet interesting that they will feel compelled to satisfy their curiosity. And find a few early samplings so delicious, so energizing, so satisfying that they will begin to crave more. And more. That’s when the old soul, young Crone mystician–Me–will offer up a beta e-course that is fascinating–and irresistible.

    3. Continuing with “mystical activism” daily meditation. Am nurturing relationships in activists and psychotherapy communities to stoke interest. Called another meeting for this Saturday.

    4. Gathering images, quotes, threads for Story & Mood Board–adding to Evernote notebook.

    5. Allowing a sense of how all the moving parts fit together in the big picture of my business vision/plan to flow.

    6. Evaluating my original goal of “launch an e-course to win” the Screw It Challenge. Replacing it instead with “launch a video sales letter announcing the first fabulous, not to be missed scavenger/treasure hunt in the School of Practical Mystery”, which would be a huge personal win to actually get there AND know that the winning prize is the treasure of magical creativity that is honestly fun, refreshing, real and sustainable.

    Now I’m off to sprinkle some breadcrumbs…..heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Perhaps you would like to try some, Dearie?

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    Sharyn Warren

    Crone’s cottage at the School of Practical Mystery.

    Sage guide and venerable consultant for the practical mystery scavenger hunt.

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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is great Sharyn. Sounds like you’re finally playing and having a bunch of fun with this. That’s gonna be the spark of magic that inspires people to want to join you. You have fun = Them want to have fun with you!!

    Excited to see your layout at the end of your window of creativity here!

    That was a great coaching session last week.




    I’m absolutely blown away by your vision. And I take great hope in the idea that this idea is probably ‘pinging’ all over the place, as humanity grapples with how to deal with the Wheel of Evolution. Are we even going to evolve? Or will we just continue to slide into oblivion as our own failed experiment?

    I too am going to be creating something that involves the ‘change within’ as the antidote, and the only real power we have. Rainmaker style!

    Can’t wait to experience what you produce!!!



    Laura Koller

    WOW!  It looks like you have truly been inspired to action.  Keep the momentum going!  I can’t wait to see what you are able to create during this time frame.


    Sharyn Warren


    1. Gathering firewood:

    Continuing with daily meditation. Meaning, continuing to receiving benefit of guidance, reassurance, and grounding via connection with the Inner Plane.

    Had another in-person gathering with meditation group I am leading from Women’s March & Beyond Huddle–group meditation amazing.

    Gathering more “logos” and “gnosis” information.

    2. Sent first e-mail to community (I’ve been silent for months). Included how Nasty Woman appeared and where my spirit went and concluded with initial intro. to my e-course. GOT AN IMMEDIATE REPLY OF WANTING ON BOARD. Hoping It Is the First of MANY, and not just 1 or 2. We shall see. The e-course intro. text is below.

    3. So many moving parts–spending this morning trying to order and organize. Somehow continue to create first few weeks of content and continue to seed awareness and tempt interest AND start pulling together sales page.

    Fun problem to have! I’m all over the place–kind of like looking in a bunch of different places during a Scavenger Hunt!

    Here’s part of the message I sent (only took 5 days to write it):
    <h3 class=”null” style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 20px; line-height: 25px;”><span style=”color: #800000;”><span style=”font-size: 14px;”>….A sneak peek at what this old soul, young crone mystician is cooking up.</span></span>

    <span style=”color: #000080;”>Mystical Activism: Harnessing Higher powered Well-Being for getting through the MeanTime while Contributing to the New Dream being birthed in the Collective Mind and Soul.</span></h3>
    <span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”> </span>
    <h3 class=”null” style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 20px; line-height: 25px;”><span style=”color: #800000;”>Featuring:</span>
    <span style=”font-size: 14px;”><span style=”color: #000080;”>*Individual & Group <u>Meditation</u> as a means to connect with and receive goodies from guides, helpers and friends in High Places.

    *A lively and fun <u>Scavenger Hunt</u> to collect compelling evidence that all <u>is</u> well, that well-being in challenging times is a real thing and other treasures to inspire, enrich, improve our emotional balance and protect us for all our days.

    *<u>Presence</u> –  of self, each other, and, hopefully, The Divine. ‘Cause our inner fire spirit needs camaraderie, fun and bits of magic to burn strong. Especially when the work is tiresome, the Dream appears far away, and the immediate situation can offer little hope of it’s own.</span></span></h3>
    <h1 class=”null” style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 26px; line-height: 32.5px; text-align: center;”>
    <span style=”font-size: 17px;”>If you are getting a little energy hit, a small shiver of anticipation, a quick sparkle of something tantalizing, then please let me know right away. It’s entirely possible you are being notified this project is meant for <u>you</u>.</span></h1>
    <br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”>I’ll be sending out more details soon. Right now, I am thinking about a 7 week adventure, meeting virtually once a week for study and meditation and to “ooh & ahh!” over our Scavenger Hunt “finds.” And explore the questions that naturally appear.</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”>If you already know you are seriously interested, don’t wait. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know.</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”> will do it.</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”font-family: Helvetica; color: #800000;”>*I’ve already begun “testing” this in a small 5 member group from my Women’s March Huddle and it is very exciting. </span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”>OK. That’s it for now.</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”>It’s good to be back with you again.</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”>Love, Bliss and No B.S.,</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: georgia, times, ‘times new roman’, serif;”>Sharyn</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”>**If you are wondering if there is a cost associated with the Practical Mystery adventure, the answer is YES. It will require committed time and effort. I mean it. If you do this, you have to mean it too. This is important and–despite the fact it is rich and meaningful and strangely fun, it is also profound and serious. There is responsibility that comes with this project. Responsibility to your Self, to the group, and to the Collective.</span><br style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;” /><span style=”color: #202020; font-family: Helvetica;”>As for payment, I am still confused about spirituality and money. “Free” won’t cut it. Neither will bartering my soul. So at this time (and it may change) I am not sure if I will ask for an contribution or a specified amount. Maybe both options. In any case, you’ll know what’s right for you.</span>



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Way to go Sharyn. I’m really excited to hear about your course layout that you’re putting ttogether and how you’re going to facilitate the scavenger hunt. Let us know when the sales page is up so we can take a peak.

    Once you’re done that, i’d definitely recommend a couple solo emails talking about the course, why you’re creating it, what transformation it’s meant to provide, who it would be for, etc…

    What is your gut telling you for pricing?


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Wow, Sharyn!

    This is my first look at your project and it’s superb:)

    Love all you have going on and wish you the best as you bring it all together. Great work, great plan, great organization, and great inspiration in your vision. Wish you the best…



    Sharyn Warren
    OK. I am pretty settled on this:
    The School of Practical Mystery presents:
    Mystical Activism:
    Wondering about tag line.
    Doing what must be done with heart, soul, and a touch of magick.
    A course for
    Invoking the help of Mystery to do what must be done with heart, soul and magic.
    Heart, Soul and Magick for getting through the Mean Times and Birthing the New Dream.
    Finding the treasure of Well-being  and Birthing the New Dream by getting through the Mean Times with Heart, Soul, and Magick
    1. Guidance from the Divine Feminine (as reported by the Young Crone): tending, befriending, and mending (vs flight, flight, freeze)
    2. Cabalistically inspired Scavenger Hunt – to collect valuable tools, skills, & important map pieces leading to the mythical Treasures of Well-Being (some have called this “alchemy.”)
    3. Transcending Meditation practice (solitary and group. Because we are Stronger Together). Some have called this “magick.”
    4. Connection: to Self, one another, the Group Soul, and The Mystery
    Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?
    Thanks for anything you feel you can offer!
    P.S. Am currently working on Orientation, 6 “lesson plans”, Scavenger Hunt items, and building awareness among possible sister and brother magicians.



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Wonderful! Great work 🙂

    Looking forward to chatting tomorrow!

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