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    DavidJ Jurasek

    Ok, ok! Enough already!

    I am jumping in to commit to this over the next 4 weeks…

    To work on MONDAYS and odd times throughout week on…

    1. To create 3 “Welcome and You are Here” videos for my website helping men in relationships (Powerful and
      1. READY to LEAVE?
      2. Feeling TORN/Hate the PRESSURE to COMMIT?
      3. Sometimes QUESTIONING?
    2. To create the free  STAY or GO? How to KNOW! ecourse training that prepares men and helps them to dive into the paid ecourse (to be made and released later). This will be a series of 3 videos:
      1. Part #1 The 5 LIES… (Men tell Themselves) Myths That Hurt Men and Make Love Impossible
      2. Part #2: The FOUR OPTIONS: How to see that you have actually FOUR options, not just two.
      3. Part #3: ESCAPING the LABYRINTH: What it takes to make a most powerful and loving choice – whether you stay or go — that leads to more true and lasting love in your life. These essential elements are what the paid course “FREEDOM to LOVE” will include.



    It’s a lot and I have been working on this for a bit already. I will do my best and see how close I get! My best will be good enough!





    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Go, David, go!
    (Or stay, if that’s what you need… 😉 )


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    haha Love your comment Dr. Wayne. CLEVER!

    I love the outline David. OMG, I could have used this course SO MANY TIMES in so many of my relationships. I feel like I have finally got that “questioning” dealt with in the back of my mind. But man, if I would’ve had a process like this at many different stages of various relationships, I would have been so happy (and likely my partners would have too)!

    Perhaps you could make one for business partnerships afterwards. I’ve talked to a lot of people over the years who are in a business partnership they don’t love. Don’t worry everyone, Andy and I are on good terms. We like each other a lot  😉


    Sara McCann

    I love the theme and idea David and would imagine there’s great demand for something like that! I can think of a number of people who could do with a course like that right now.

    Really excited to see what you create – you can do it!


    DavidJ Jurasek

    Thanks for your feedback and encouragement everybody!



    I’ve been getting a bit lost in trying to map out the details of the full course – especially complex as it is a choose-your-won-adventure, but…

    DID IT!:

    I am plugging away at the free into — STAY or GO: How to KNOW — and made my first 3 home page videos! encouraging men to sign up for it.


    Shoot the part 1 video: the 5 Lies Men Believe that Make True Love Impossible

    Wondering what location or background to employ. Will be in Vancouver the next 11 days… Hmmm.

    Any suggestions?  


    One step at a time…


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Way to go David. Awesome progress.

    Hmmmm, I imagined a brick layered ally for the video for some reason. Perhaps graphiti in the background…


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    So interesting. Best wishes, David. Keep going:)


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    How goes progress in week 3 David! Final stretch, can’t wait to see what you create in this 4-week window.


    DavidJ Jurasek

    Thanks for checking in!

    I need that.



    Got sidetracked being on vacation and at brother’s wedding in beautiful Vancouver!

    I am planning to shoot the 5 lies videos in our garden digging in the dirt, this weekend. Something about the lies makes me think of weeds and bullshit as fertilizer for the truth.

    I am also dreaming of having the 5 lies be a menu on the page of 5 distinct and short video. That way the website visitor clicks on the one that they believe to see only that one video at a time. Then they can watch the others and/or move onto the next set of videos about what choices they have in a relationship.

    Overall, feeling like a pause to re-envision, as something in me is calling for more clarifying about WHO this is for. The WHAT is super clear but the WHO needs to be crystal as I create the funnel.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Man, I love how you’re going about this course. It’s so cool. Once you get clear on the men you are seeking to serve, I have no doubts they’re going to love it.

    What is your intention for the rest of this challenge (ending on May 5th)?

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