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    My theme would not be much on visual effect. I would like it clear and relaxing for the brain.

    The personnality is the one of a trusty teacher you can rely on. The method will be simple and clear so that people can just concentrate on the lessons. I won’t have to force myself too much because I’ve been a teacher and a searcher for years. It has been my job to explain complicated things and make them simple for my students to understand and assimilate.

    The people who are usually speaking about energy or guidance are most of the time seen as fancy people. I would like to infuse a lot of ‘normalness’ in this eCourse. Guidance and high sense perception actually are natural, but most of people don’t know about it because they’ve never been told it does exist or how it ‘scientifically’ works. Or they know it exists because they heard about ‘weird stuffs’ or they went to mediums they never understood how they did their ‘tricks’, etc. I would like a template where people can understand effortlessly how it works and where everything become clear.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sounds good to me Peggy. Simple is wonderful. I’m sure your students will appreciate it so they can simply focus on the lessons.


    Lorraine Watson

    @peggy – I totally get the vibe you’re wanting to create. Very much the same space I enjoy creating for others.


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Sounds really good Peggy. From what i know about you from talking with you this sounds like your personality. You can make this simple for people no problem. You are very down to earth and people can feel comfortable around because they can relate to your “normalness”


    Alexis Burnett

    Sounds good to me. Peopkle tend to make things too complicated and un-attainable. I like your approach. Keep it simple and easy to understand. This way people can and will incorporate it into thier daily lives. Good luck.

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