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    Anneke Dekkers


    Have been puzzling on chapters for my e-course.  Would love to hear your feedback.

    Here is what I got:

    My e-course is about marketing for solo entrepeneurs/professionals. The ones who love clients, but are not great at marketing. It might take 5-6 weeks.

    The transformation will be that in the end my clients will act with confidence on their marketing.

    Chapters and subchapters:

    1 your set up: meet your client, yourself and your services.
    – your (maybe) client: who you want to serve? Find a real person to talk with. Get to know their desires, problems, dreams, frustrations. Learn their language. Result: clear picture of client with problem and desired solution.

    – you. Get to know yourself a little bit better. Get feedback, do a test. Result: insight in your marketingstrenghts

    – your service. What’s it gonna be?

    – marketingmessage/targetline/emailsignature: the holy grail.

    2. working on your marketing in a systematic way.

    – the bigger goal, divided in smaller goals.

    – lessons learned from marketinggurus. What when to do for whom and why?

    – Actions that suit you and get you to your goal.

    – skills and knowledge you need to learn

    – and GO! three weeks of actions and support

    – reflection

    3) keeping up the spirit

    – creating helpful habits

    – organising support and feedback

    – doing what you love and need



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This looks really great @adekkers.

    I’m wondering if a section on “addressing and writing down your fears” would serve your clients as well. An opportunity for them to hear the stories that stop them from putting themselves “out there”, with some supportive tools to overcome those fears.

    I know that has been a helpful piece for me over the years as I’ve learned to embrace the role of being my own best cheerleader.

    Really great outline though!!


    Anneke Dekkers

    Thanks @bradlytmorris! That’s a good piece of advice. I will implement it.



    I like the idea of working on the marketing in a systematic way.  That’s almost like a “do this, then that” plan.  I know for myself finding a systematic way to keep things rolling can be tough.

    I think that will be very helpful to your audience.



    Anneke Dekkers

    Thanks <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>RebeccaLaChance! It is a challenge to make it come natural (the systematic way). But I’ll figure it out (with help from my buddy).


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Anneke, glad I could contribute to the greatness!


    Kate Arms

    Looks like a solid outline. I am curious to see where you go with theme and creative delivery.



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