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    Christy Greenwood

    1) WHAT:

    Rewilding From Within – Dance Yourself Free

    2) WHY:

    -sacred diving deep through dance is one of my passions
    -the transformation is tangible
    -this process is an alchemical revolution!
    -I have lots of experience guiding people on dance journeys
    -it’s a creative way to serve people that brings many of my gifts to the table
    to be shared
    -decolonizing our bodies of cultural conditioning through free movement, thought & sound is medicinal & revolutionary
    -because it’s just going to rock!

    3) WHO:

    A woman (open to men, but a woman is my niche person) who is:
    -curious about transformation
    -interested about chakras
    -loves music & dancing
    -ready for something new and exciting that ignites her soul fire
    -beyond ready to reveal more of her true nature to herself, her wild self, her beautiful feminine wisdom that resides in her body
    -feeling courageous enough to face & digest unprocessed emotions that have covered her hidden gems for far too long
    -appreciates silliness and sacredness


    -learn to centre and ground
    -access tools of transformational alchemy for emotional processing
    -empower the inner soul fire
    -open her heart
    -embody and express truth
    -open the gateway to inner vision
    -gain practical tools for connecting to and embodying divinity

    5) HOW:

    -A journey through the chakras.
    Each chakra will have a video, music playlist with my voiceover guidance, journaling exercise and PDF for printing.
    -breath exercises
    -meditative dance journeys
    -playful & potent informative videos
    -gorgeous, informative emails that are simple and medicinal through their creative beauty & spirited artistry


    -gorgeous, enticing, playful, potent, fun, funny, curious, courageous, wise, strong, empowered, free



    DavidJ Jurasek

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

    I ain’t a woman but I love the title and the details above.

    Great! Can’t wait to see how it looks and feels!


    Tatiana Tiess

    There is so much wisdom in women’s body…It’s been my deepest desire to tap into my body and really dance it out! I absolutely love everything that you wrote and got intrigued, as this course is something that I would like to experience. Can’t wait to see how it will unfold for you! If you need any help on getting clear on your customer, I would love to help you and answer any questions))


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    FYI everyone, @christy has launched this course. You’ve gotta come see it!


    How’s the launch going Christy?


    Christy Greenwood

    Thank you, @bradleytmorris! Launch is going well, just needing to get it out to more people. Going to dive in during the next couple days to check off my to-do list…Need to write a blog post and share on FB groups that are aligned with this offering.

    I have some affiliates wanting to share, so after the gateway opens on Monday (and my price rises) I want to focus on this.

    Stoked about how it all turned out and how it’s going to grow. It’s something I feel proud about putting out there.

    I’ll be completing my launch summit exercises this week. 🙂


    Akasha Madron

    Hi Christy!  I love your intro page!  I love all the images of animals and nature in your intro video.  The audio voice over is clear, soothing and inviting.  You use excellent colors and it is easy to read and very straightforward.



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