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    Refine, Refine, Refine! This is a great exercise, it really forced me to relate to the marketing side of this ecourse creation, as well as just nailing down what I was precisely saying in all those previous exercises:) Jai!
    1) WHAT is the eCourse all about that you’re inspired to create?

    A pilgrimage to the center of our own being, that takes us into new worlds, patterns and habits in order to see ourselves in a new light and to become more aware of our path.  Using the landscape of Mother India, and many practices originating there, we will take both an inner and an outer journey as we circumambulate our own selves with ancient practices and sacred steps.

    2) Out of all the options, WHY are you most excited to create this eCourse?

    Because it is the basis of all transformation, it is an initiation into the Sacred Life, where every step and thought is held by deeper steps and thoughts already imprinted by everyone before us and equally unique for you 🙂

    3) Describe WHO you are creating this eCourse for.

    I am creating this course for all the beautiful souls who know they have a deeper purpose than the one they are living now, women and possibly men who maybe feel stuck, uncertain or weighed down on their life course and need a pause and redirect to find the path under their feet again, or for the first time. People who are interested in transforming their life, but aren’t yet sure what that looks like. Anyone who’s ever wanted to go to India but hasn’t made it yet, or is intimidated by making such a journey alone, or has too many responsibilities at home to travel solely for the purpose of finding themselves, but would still like to have that experience. Mothers, students, executives, artists, healers and yogis alike will all benefit from this amazing, soul-inspiring journey!

    4) Describe the TRANSFORMATION or benefits they’ll receive by going through your eCourse?

    Most epically (is that a word?) ….they will experience a complete shift in perspective about their life, their relationships and what really binds them in life. What their duties actually are. To whom and what are they beholden to, and why? Their Dharma, life path, unfolding before them creating ease as they move forward b/c when we are following our own path, everything begins to line up to help us! They will also receive a beautiful new set of practices and perspectives to help maintain their path as they move forward.
    5) Using your skills and resources, HOW do you intend to facilitate the ultimate transformation?
    Through yoga, prayer, purification, Jyotish, Ayurveda, Satsang, practices of the Priestess/Tantric path, practices that move energy and take us out of our comfort zone. Language, Sound, Movement, Vibration and Intention. A visceral, somatic experience through the Self.
    6) If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its PERSONALITY or VIBES?

    High vibes, spiritual, grateful, humble, rich in wisdom and color, peaceful, carefree, yet honest. Painfully real along with blissfully free. Also at times sultry and seductive, yet pure and noble in its essence:)



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome first refine @alexiscox. It’s fun to see how it’s been distilled from the first version you shared earlier in the adventure. The Creatora Heights exercises should help you flush this big vision into actionable, linear, lesson series that you’ll facilitate the overall transformation.

    Great work so far. Any questions for us at this point?

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