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    Rebecca Cuevas

    Share where you are currently;

    Currently, I am feeling excited and happy about finding this awesome course.
    I look forward to getting to know other online educators whose focus is on creating
    high quality engaging learning experiences, NOT on making six figures fast by throwing
    something out there to see if it sticks.

    I had a blast making my intro video this morning.. reminds me that the reason
    I do this is that I love teaching and I love creating elearning artifacts.

    I had to do a few new things to create the video:
    1) Learn how to superimpose multiple tracks in Camtasia (image, voice, audio file)
    2) Learn how to import a complete Camtasia video into Animoto
    3) Opened my Vimeo Pro account (had been meaning to anyway)

    I was also pleased that from getting the idea of what I wanted to do for the video,
    to having it posted online, only took me a few hours. One of my goals is to
    get faster at content creation so I can create amazing content for my own or others’
    online courses, without it taking too long.

    what you intend you accomplish,
    I’m not totally sure what is here, so I am just looking forward to exploring the interface,
    getting to know other educators, and having fun. I am sure I will learn a lot along the way!

    and the action steps you are going to take.
    I just plan to keep following the steps of this course in an enjoyable and right-brained way.


    Laura Koller

    Welcome!  I love your enthusiasm, and I love that you’ve already learned some helpful new skills!


    Rebecca Cuevas

    I’ve really enjoyed watching the Art of eCourse creation….. very inspiring with ideas for themes, etc. So I’ve been playing around with theme and title ideas for my course, which will be about how to structure and design your online course using instructional design principles.
    So far I came up with two different themes:
    1) WElcome to the Learning Experience Manufacturing Studio: where Masterful Learning marries Digital Technology.
    2) Welcome to the eLearning Power Generation Station: lighting up the planet, one mind at a time

    I think the first one is better because it is more general.. I can do more with it. For example, I can (and will!) have an eLearning power generation station IN the Learning Experience Manufacturing studio..
    I also like the more Victorian era style of the first one.. .that was the time when electricity was first being generated… and also it fits with my Mother Rebecca character who is a Victorian lady and will be teaching the course.

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    Rebecca Cuevas

    Sharing my why: I have been focused on teaching and instructional design in some form or other, for the past 40 years… and on understanding how to design online instruction for the past 10. My why for creating an online course has always been a part of me.

    My why for participating in and completing THIS course is that it is awesome and transformative. I deeply appreciate the integration of right brain and left brain approaches and the inclusion of multi sensory learning that this course provides. This is what I’m passionate about and truly enjoy: designing experiences and creating materials that help people learn and grow and achieve their goals.

    Creating online courses is part of my multi- pronged approach to changing the face of online learning (as you guys are so beautifully and skillfully doing with THIS course). I’m excited to participate in the learning that lies ahead and to go on to launch other great learning experiences from here. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from you and with you and to make my course that much more fun and effective and engaging as a result.

    Most of all, I feel like I’ve finally found my tribe… creative educators whose passion for creating online courses is focused on creating great learning. We all want and need to make money to survive in the world and provide for our families. But making money is not my why for creating online courses. Making myself and others both  smarter and wiser,  and making our planet a more inspired and connected place…that’s my why.

    Also, I am having a huge amount of fun. It feels like thoughts, ideas, inspirations and projects I’ve been working on separately for the past many years are all coming together and making sense. Thank you!



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Hey Rebecca,

    Good to have you on the mountain. I’m a professional educator as well and would love to chat about life, the universe, and instructional design at some point.


    Rebecca Cuevas

    Hi Dr. Wayne!

    Thanks for the lovely shout out! I look forward to the chat…just say when and where!

    Look forward to learning more about your teaching and your course.



    Rebecca Cuevas

    Progress Log Update for Mapora Meadows Checkpoint

    Where I am now:

    I am really loving this course.

    My natural inclination and artistry are to be creative as a learning experience designer. That’s what gets me out of bed (I will literally leap out of bed from  a sound sleep if I get an idea I want to create). BUT.. for the past several years I have been focusing on very left-brained stuff. And while I see the importance and value of that stuff… ranging from creating well crafted course outlines   (I’m an expert) to figuring out email marketing (I’m still struggling with that one…)….finding this course and seeing how energized and happy it makes me feel, shows me that too much of the left brained stuff can suck the life force right out of ya.

    So here’s where I am at now:

    Just did the inventory and it was like, WOW!  I am seeing whole new ways to reuse things I’ve already created, and to put a lot of things I’ve been working on for years, together in a whole new way.

    My big question for now is, do I create ONE membership site for my FOUR websites, and put everything together in it? Or should I have a separate membership site for each website? Don’t answer yet.. I think the answer needs to evolve on its own. Here’s what I’m thinking so far for the membership site:


    The language learning zone
       Speak English! Mother Rebecca’s Guide to the English Language
        Arabic: a Love Story
               Al Ishtiqaq al Akbar
        The Mystery of the Turkish Vowels (an introduction to Turkish Vowel Harmony)
    The attitude adjustment area
        Thankful for Everything
        Gracious solutions to Life’s Perplexing Problems (by Mother Rebecca)
        The Sacrifice of Love: an imaginary Turkish Soap Opera


    The gym: healthy eating and exercise
          Bye Bye Bread
    The course creation corner
           Welcome to the Learning Journey Manufacturing Studio
    One great thing I am starting to see is how Mother Rebecca, the imaginary character I made up to represent the best version of me (a bossy Victorian know it all)…can work as the spokesperson or teaching persona for some or all of my courses. Kind of like the Geico lady, but for my courses.. and, me.
    Next steps: keep climbing the mountain. Talk to my developer and course platform expert about whether to have one membership site that includes all different types of subject matter (under the general heading of elearning course creation).. or have four separate membership sites? ONe would be easier to manage and I’d have a lot more content in there right away. I am just not sure how to organize it.. but I THINK I could do it according to domains of learning.
    Courses that teach verbal information
    Courses that teach attitudes
    Courses that teach motor skills
    Courses that teach how to skills
    Courses that teach cognitive strategies etc
    Not everything falls so neatly into one or another category though .

    Rebecca Cuevas

    Journey Map Notes:

    I’d say my course is a vision quest. It should take about 2 months for learners to complete. I will also create shorter, day trek and walk in the park versions that can be used as lead magnets and trip wires (free, and low cost) and also as refresher or planning tools to help people do a quick birds eye view level outline of their course.


    It’s not a problem for me to create a vision quest course. This is not my first online course.. My Masters Project course took a long time to create (and I got to make a lot of mistakes and learn from them along the way). I am sure I will make new mistakes this time but at least I won’t make those same ones lol.

    In fact, some of the things that were “mistakes” in my Masters project, are going to be useful and re-usable this time around, which is very encouraging.


    Rebecca Cuevas

    Finding my why:  I’m at a conference and it’s incredibly validating to talk to people and explain what I’m doing and find out how it can help them with their work. I just spent several hours talking to someone who was so appreciative of what I’m going to be able to help her do to create  The instructional design backbone for her course. And her course is something that will really make a difference in peoples lives. So that’s showing me that my why is to help people teach with the want to teach in ways that are truly effective and to transform the face of online education so that people can  really learn from it instead of having the lack of learner engagement and huge drop out rate that we’re seeing currently.


    On a sidenote, all I have with me is my iPad and phone. I had to leave my laptop at home. It’s incredibly frustrating trying to take an online course using just tablet and phone and it’s giving me an insight into what the user experience is like for people that don’t have access to a laptop. I’m not sure what we can do about that but we should think about it when designing our courses.


    Rebecca Cuevas

    My fantastic WHO:

    My customer avatar is an expert in her field and wants to create an online course to share her expertise in ways that help others.

    She is  skilled at teaching and  presenting in person, but what keeps her up at night is trying to figure out how to teach as effectively and engagingly online as she does in person.

    She’s tried everything she can think of to make it work but it always falls flat.

    Shes crammed every tidbit of information she can think of into her course. It’s got 20 hours of video and 200 PDFs

    that are each 10 pages long. She’s put so much value into it so it’s hard to understand why her students aren’t engaged and learning.

    She feels heartbroken about this and wants to find a solution soon.



    Looking forward to seeing what you create. Love that there are educators on the mountain.


    Rebecca Cuevas

    Hi @mars! Thanks for your kind words and warm welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create too!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I’m loving how much clarity is coming through for you Rebecca @LearnAndGetSmarter. 

    You have clearly been doing this quite a while.

    Perhaps I missed it in your thread, what is the current course you’re crafting while here on the mountain?

    Thanks for spreading all your wonderful vibes around the campfire.   🙂


    Rebecca Cuevas

    Hi, @bradleytmorris,

    Thank you so much for your support and kind words (and for this wonderful course!). I just got back from a conference where I had  a chance to actually talk at length with several course creators (and would-be course creators) who are perfect examples of my customer avatar (my “who”). That was incredibly exciting and empowering… because I saw that helping them structure the instructional-design “bones” of their course was really going to make a difference for them.


    Oh.. and I told everyone who would listen (a lot of people) about THIS course and I am going to send them all links to sign up for the free trial to this course, in my post-conference follow up emails.

    The negative thing about the conference (probably the ONLY negative thing, but it was good in its own way as I’ll explain in a second) is that I did not have my computer with me. So far several days I was only on mobile and tablet (I am still recovering from the trauma lol). No seriously what it showed me is how challenging it can be for people who are ONLY on mobile and tablet, to respond at length to forum  posts and so on. In the end this will be good input for me because I want to create a mobile version of my course that will work for people with only micro amounts of time and only mobile access (like, a texting version of my course). I have no idea how I will do it yet, I just see that it would be helpful for some users.


    This begs the question you asked, about the actual content of my course. I am going to be filling that in next now that I’m home and can sit at a keyboard and type properly and have access to my Evernote files from Architekt forest. I did not have access to those while at the conference (and I did not have the time, energy or peace of mind to devote to the exercises, that they deserve). So I was a BAD BAD GIRL and did what you do not want us to do, I watched the videos first before filling in the material. I know you do not want us to do that, and I do not want to set a bad example for others (or spread bad vibes around the mountain, heaven forfend). At the same time, I really wanted to see what was next in the course and keep up the feeling of forward momentum to the extent that I could, even though I did not have access to what I needed to do the writing exercises.

    I also have a giant beef with the whole issue of dripping content. I know everyone does it and I can see the benefit in terms of not letting people get ahead of themselves and not letting them skim over the course content in a superficial way without completing it. However I knew that for me, I would not be getting ahead of myself (because I have been doing this kind of thing for 40 years). And I knew that I would not skip over the content because my entire plan was to get home (I just got home, I’m not even unpacked) and delve into the writing and thinking exercises of Architekt Forest, in depth. For me, it sometimes to works better to have a birds-eye overview of the material and then zoom in close to do the detail work. Philosophically, I  agree with Clark and Mayer (2011, p. 319) when they say that advanced learners do better when allowed to control the pace of instruction for themselves:

    (That is an awesome book by the way).

    So anyway, I used my time at the conference as wisely as I could to keep up with the course by watching the videos, and now (as promised, and pledged, and pinky sweared with my hand over my heart –which is challenging to do while pinky swearing, lol—) I will go back and fill in the exercises and add them below.

    So no one else should follow my example because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble.  Listen to Brad and do what he says. Nothing to see here. Professional driver on closed road. Don’t try this at home. These are not the droids you’re looking for. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. (Etc).

    Stay tuned for the details about my course! So excited to share them with you guys. This is what I’ve been waiting for!




    Rebecca Cuevas

    I just completed the Idea Generator 3000.. the top contenders are the two courses I have already been planning to create.

    The one I am working on now in this course, is a course to go with my book (“How to teach anything to anyone, online… and be sure they actually learn it”). It’s about how to apply specific instructional design techniques to the outlining and materials creation phases of online course development.

    So if you think of THIS course (the Great ECourse Adventure) as being wide in a horizontal sense… because it goes all the way from marketing to technology to launch.. then MY course that I am creating is not wide, it is high or deep. My entire course fits JUST into the “outline your course” section of this (and other) courses about online course creation. I’ll attach a picture to show what I mean.

    My second choice is about how to be thankful for everything, which goes with the next book I plan to write.

    What surprised me is how low my ideas for language courses scored. But what made me happy is that I plan to have a course and a book attached to each of my four websites (it will take me probably 10 years to create all this, this is my long term vision and plan). But all the courses for all of my sites got high scores from the Idea Generator 3000 so that was encouraging.

    Based on the Idea Generator 3000’s rating though, I may put my language course ideas on the back burner for now.

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