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    Louise Llewellyn

    1. Name: Louise Llewellyn

    2. What I Do: Lifestyle Editorial and Commercial Photography

    3. Kind of eCourse I’m excited to make: Lifestyle photography courses

    4. What I am looking for in an Adventure Buddy: Accountability buddy to keep each other progressing. Someone willing to do a weekly catchup, maybe on Skype, to throw ideas around, encourage and share knowledge. I’m an introvert at heart so would suit a quietly confident, determined action taker rather than a loud task master who takes themselves too seriously;) Ideally someone who already has experience building and running online courses.

    5. If you really knew me, you’d know that… The reason why I’m creating a course is I had open heart surgery a year ago and due to a slow recovery, including a frozen shoulder, I’m not out working in the field yet. To support myself through passive income would be a dream as I crave to be location independent and travel more. I also have a Bed & Breakfast in Scotland and a holiday cottage in Yorkshire, England (where I currently spend most of my time). My secret dream is to write a children’s book (although I’m a complete novice in this area) and have set it as a goal this year to complete a detailed outline. My past corporate life was as a marketing manager for HSBC (first direct) and my hobby is personal and business growth.


    Deb Robson

    Louise, ?

    I’ll paste my “buddy” description below, for you to take a look at. But what I see here as possibilities include:

    – I’ve been a book and magazine editor, have some experience in taking photographs for editorial work myself, and have worked with a number of professional photographers. I’m familiar with your territory.

    – Although I haven’t released and run my own online courses (and you may want to hold out for someone who has), I do have a class up on one platform (Craftsy) and an instructional DVD set from another publisher (Interweave Press), as well as some PBS slots (guest on KDTV segments)–i.e., I’ve worked with presenting material through some of these media. I’ve also *taken* a number of online courses, through various delivery systems.

    – I semi-automatically translate from US to UK time zones because I have a lot of friends (humans and sheep . . . the latter can be explained) in England, Wales, Scotland (including Orkney & Shetland), and Ireland. {Where in Scotland? Where in Yorkshire?}

    – I have a BA in creative writing for children and children’s literature (and an MFA in writing), and while my own publications have not been children’s books (I’ve written a few, just not shopped them), my small publishing company did release and promote an award-winning middle-grade novel (the author disappeared on us, but that’s another story).

    – Life situations as constraints and reasons to think outside the current box: See family note below, and I’m currently dealing with repetitive stress injuries in my hands (from computer, not craft). There have been a few other issues. Not open-heart surgery (sending you good, healing thoughts!), but also requiring re-thinking of activity and focus.

    – Possibly most pertinent, your comment “I’m an introvert at heart so would suit a quietly confident, determined action taker rather than a loud task master who takes themselves too seriously.” Amen.

    At the very least, I’ll be following your project and progress with interest.

    So–my overview here, for ease of reference:


    1. Name:
    Deb Robson

    (NOTE: I stick to guidelines = character counts, and then I cheat {grin}.)

    2. What I Do (150 characters – 149):
    Study, write, and teach workshops on fibers, especially wool, especially for handspinners. I blend technical approaches with creativity and research.

    3. Kind of eCourse I’m excited to make (150 characters – 147):
    I want to make a course that deals with extremely tactile and variable materials despite the lack of hands-on connections. I want to widen visions.

    4. What I am looking for in an Adventure Buddy (150 characters – 146):
    I hate “accountability”—-too much like QuickBooks. I work alone a lot, and frequently help others. Looking for tea, reflection, a fellow traveler.

    5. If you really knew me, you’d know that (150 characters – 147):
    I’m better at distance than sprints. I prefer Skype, and on the phone I need to pace. I’m an introvert who can fake being an extrovert. Sometimes.

    Supplementary 5 (987 characters):

    I have an MFA (fiction) and belong to the American Society of Journalists and Authors. I love doing research and coming out the other side with ideas that are understandable by others. I’ve been an editor (strict word/character counts!), book designer, and publisher (still am, in small ways). For the past 28 years, I’ve been the single parent of a very bright person who at 34 is still not able to live elsewhere or be financially independent through work; the core issue involves neurological issues that do not respond to medication; we’ve just gone through another nine months with a doc who said it would take two weeks to get answers and we are nowhere new. I’m tired a lot. What keeps me going is, in part, engagement with the intellectual and practical puzzles of the fiber research and activity, as well as connecting with the wonderful people who read what I write and come to my workshops.

    Pep talks and false urgency? No thanks. Solid, organic, creative growth? Absolutely.


    Louise Llewellyn

    Debs you are the perfect buddy, thank you! Will PM you 🙂


    Deb Robson

    You’re on, Louise! Super! I’ve PM’d you back.

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