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    Tree Franklyn

    Hi Adventurers! Instead of buying a green screen, can I get another color (that’s not blue either)?

    I was about to buy a green screen but then watched a tutorial about using green screen in screenflow and learned that the idea behind green screen is that by selecting the green color in the chroma key option, you’re telling the software to ignore the green and therefore you can insert your own background image.

    But my signature background has green in it. And blue. See attached image. So should I use another color background or will an actual green color screen still work? And if another color, any suggestions? I’m a tech/video newbie so have no idea if I can just hang a purple or red bed sheet behind me and have it work just the same?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!


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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Tree,

    Green still works. No problems there. The only important thing to note when using green screen is that you can’t wear green, otherwise limbs will go missing!

    Once you’re in post production and you select all the “green screen green”, you can put any background you want in its’ place.

    Make sense?

    Stoked to hear you’re playing with green screen magic!


    Tree Franklyn

    Great, thank you so much!! I thought it would take out the green in my drawing background too… but now that I actually think about your response and ponder on why it wouldn’t strip out my green grass but it would strip out the green screen, I get it!  So it is taking the green out of the original background (the one with me talking – which is why I can’t wear green or I’ll be limby!) and then I can insert any background I want no matter what color, because I’m not asking it to take the green out of my NEW background. Totally makes sense and not sure why I didn’t realize that before! They are 2 different things – the original green screen background and then my new jpeg or other background inserted in. So simple yet I was so confused on how that would work….

    Thank you for enlightening me (I really feel like a lightbulb just went on in my head!)

    They don’t call you a wizard for no reason!! 😀

    Thank you oh wise one!

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