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    Laura Koller

    Of course I’m in.

    Kind of a strategic moment for me.  I’ve decided to move forward with the HealthCaring project because the idea has been validated so many times since I gave my first “Creative Ways to Teach Patients” company teleseminar in February, as reflected by invitations and listener responses.  I have witnessed a HUNGER for information about how to improve our interactions and outcomes with patients.

    For the first HealthCaring eCourse offering, I can just start with the material from my “Creative Ways to Teach Patients” presentation and create separate modules on No Patient Left Behind, Mindset, Shrink the Change, Build New Habits, and Bright Spots.  That removes the pressure to invent something new.  I can flesh out the modules using the formula: Lesson + Experience + Practice.  And then I can use that information to create a sales page.  I don’t even have to create the course yet!  Good deal.

    Regarding the sales page and linking it up to somewhere people can pay me, I’m planning to use Teachable.  I am hopeful that will streamline the process.

    My current hangups are over what to do with my website, which I will be updating this month.

    Hangup #1

    The HealthCaring concept may require more than just a page or two.  It will include the podcast (a link? or most recent podcast itself?), possibly a blog (likely scripts created for the podcast), and at least a handful of courses (links?  sales page?).  I still want to reference the Motivation Superhero Manifesto, too, because those core values apply no matter what.  So I may want to think about renaming the Manifesto.  FYI I’m not planning to do much with Motivation Superhero while I’m working on the HealthCaring launch – so what’s there is it for the foreseeable future.

    • Do I include HealthCaring as a component of the Motivation Superhero website (same core values so could work) – so ? OR
    • Do I create a new domain/site for HealthCaring?  i.e.


    Hangup #2

    If I do create a new domain/site, is not available.

    • Do I go with ?  OR
    • Do I go with something like ? ? Any other suggestions welcome.


    One other possibility:

    I own the domain for my name – – so conceivably I could make that the homepage/hub for all of my materials, with tiles that link to each concept/site.  Which brings up another question.  If I go that route, do I make each of those a component of my name site ( and ) or do I link to individual sites?


    I’m sure there’s more than one creative solution to all of this, but this is a new arena for me.  Maybe I’m trying to look too much into the future and I should just keep things as simple as possible right now.  Such a little thing, but such a mess in my brain right now!


    Laura Koller

    So here’s the tagline.  I ran it and refined it through the “Headline Analyzer” shared by @learnandgetsmarter at  My best score (below) is 71.43%.  Be careful because I have a new addiction!

    HealthCaring: Wholehearted Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Patient Education


    Rebecca Cuevas

    Wow Laura @laurakoller!
    That is a powerful tag line! Every word really packs a punch.I love that it’s BOTH whole-hearted AND evidence-based, that we will get strategies, and the outcome will be improved patient education. You really packed a lot into a few words.
    It sounds like your course will be teaching cognitive strategies. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to set up a free (of course) strategy session for how to structure the instructional design aspect of a course that teaches cognitive strategies. (If you were coming to Course Crafters Camp, you would be spending a lot of time in our state of the art Cognitive Sciences Lab).
    So excited for you about your new tagline!


    Laura Koller

    @learnandgetsmarter – OK, definite addiction now.  Thanks for your feedback.  Interestingly enough, I ran the tagline WITHOUT using evidence-based and the score rose even higher to 83.33%  That’s persuasive, but I know that using the term “evidence-based” adds credibility to my message so I will choose to keep it.  Like you, this course is helping me to put together and integrate ideas that I’ve been learning about and practicing and refining for well over a decade (maybe even 2!).  Considering that I’ve read PILES of books full of ideas and evidence that support the effectiveness of these education strategies, it would be like an arrow through the heart to throw “evidence-based” away.

    I am so blown away by your enthusiasm – a true educator at heart!  I like to think that I have an eclectic approach to teaching, and it sounds as though you may have the same habit of picking up ideas wherever you find them.

    That is a tempting offer, a coaching session on how to structure the instructional design aspect.  I’m sure could learn something valuable from you to improve upon my existing course materials.  FYI the other day I was thinking about my eCourse vision while awash in an overwhelm of ideas and information, trying to figure out how I could make it all line up nicely into a course (that’s usually my biggest struggle), and I thought to myself – “I’ll bet that Rebecca Cuevas has got some amazing way to consolidate a torrential pool of information into some kind of beautiful stream.”  I’m so excited to learn more from you and see what you create.


    Rebecca Cuevas

    Wow, Laura @laurakoller, your kind words brought tears to my eyes.
    It’s so exciting to be here on the mountain with you guys who share a passion for creating great instruction online….
    (you realize we are the focus group for actually changing the world, right?)
    That’s really interesting that the headline analyzer tool gave you an even higher score without “evidence-based”… I’m guessing maybe that’s because it’s an EMOTIONAL value headline tool… and of course, emotions are important in connecting with readers on a marketing level. But for your specific audience, it seems that evidence will be very important too. At a certain point, we have to take control back from the bots (such as the headline tool) and say, “I’m a human,talking to other humans, and this is what works for me”. (That said, you could try a split test of some kind using both versions of the headline, with and without “evidence based”, and see which gets more of the right kind of clicks. I’d bey very interested to hear the results!).

    I’m sure you’re an expert instructional designer in your own right… but it’s always a challenge to apply an organizing process to our OWN material, especially when we have so much of it. I like to describe what I do as being ” a professional organizer for your brain”. I can help you take those hundreds of ideas that are strewn all over your mind like clothing items on a closet floor, and get them put neatly away in drawers that will help you share them with your learners ASAP. And it will only take about an hour. If that sounds like it would be helpful, book some time on my calendar, let me know your Skype name (or if you prefer, we can talk on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp).

    And by the way.. a while back I took a look at my OWN (first draft, before this course) course outline and realized that
    a) it stank
    b) I would need to apply my OWN “put your ideas in drawers” process to my OWN stuff.. because like everyone else, mine were strewn all over the floor too, lol.
    I think that floor-strewing is actually an important first step. It’s GOOD if we have ideas strewn all over the floor of our minds. HEY! It means we have a lot of ideas, right? That’s awesome. Next step is to get them into drawers. Where I can help is making it fast, easy and painless to know which kind of drawers to put which ideas in, that will make it easy and effective to get them OUT there to your students via your online course.

    (Thanks for helping me develop my pitch lol).


    Laura Koller

    @learnandgetsmarter – First of all, I have to tell you that I WON THE HEADLINE LOTTERY!  That’s right, I scored a perfect 100%!!!  You want to read it?  Here it is: Wholehearted Strategies to Improve Education.  All perfection and winning aside (HA!) that is obviously not the best headline for my specific audience (and refining an audience is no small beans).  So I do think that headline analyzer is prioritizes certain emotionally charged words, but unfortunately it’s not the last word on guiding the right people to your materials.  So I’ll take 70% and run with it.  It’s certainly better than where I started!

    Okay, if you can sort out my brain in an hour then you must be some kind of miracle worker.  I’m not even sure I can voice all these ideas in my head.  Many of them are hidden in the folds where even I can’t see them.  “Fast, easy, and painless” sounds too good to be true (you’re talking to the woman who is trying to teach healthcare practitioners that behavior change is often a painstaking marathon but our job is to stay patient and positive because the patient benefits from every little bit of support we can muster) so of course I’ll take you up on the dare.  I can message you and try to set something up.  You are a champion.

    I like the floor-strewing metaphor.  I think at one point you described yourself as having a “hot mess.”  I totally agree that having lots of ideas, though messy, is a good thing.  And when you feel passionate and excited about those ideas, then all the better 🙂



    Rebecca Cuevas

    OMG ladies and gentlemen! We are in the presence of greatness! Hear ye, hear ye!
    Laura aka @laurakoller has won the headline lottery!
    Wow.. as a fellow EMV analyzer tool addict, I can only imagine how it must have felt to see that 100% pop up on the board, lol. Congratulations!

    That said, I agree that your other version was better for reaching your target audience. (MY NEXT book will be about The Coming War Between Humans and Bots… meanwhile, don’t even get me started on that one lol).

    I can’t sort out your WHOLE brain in an hour, but I can help you pick up all the ideas off the floor and put them in the right drawers. Yes. In an hour.

    Picking them up and throwing them in drawers will be fast, easy and painless (and fun). Taking them OUT again later to show them to your students, will involve more work of course… but again, it should still be fun once the “how to structure the hot mess” part is under control.

    I agree with you about the hot mess. I find there is a moment whenever I am getting ready to do something big and new.. packing for a trip, creating something from scratch, etc… that everything is just incredibly chaotic and overwhelming. Even worse than before I started trying to get a grip on the dang thing. (I call this The Moment of Maximum Confusion, or the Point of Perfect Chaos, lol). And then…. from there, suddenly, it all starts falling into place. But the falling into place part doesn’t happen without the confusion and chaos first.

    What you wrote about spending decades preparing for what you will be sharing with your students, really resonates with me. It took me months to hone in on my Masters project topic, years (and multiple prototypes that each reached a “failure point”.. which is part of the process of rapid prototyping) to complete my Masters project online course, another year to write it up as a 348 + page project description, and two years after that to figure out my minimum viable product for my business (which is this idea-sorting technique). So if it seems like I’m some kind of miracle worker, I’m not.. I’ve just been slogging through this specific patch of mud, for a very long time, lol.



    @laurakoller – 100% – Swot! lol

    You had me at evidence based. That’s a doula’s bi-word. Fantastic!



    I definitely prefer the tagline ‘Wholehearted Strategies to Improve Education’

    What webpage did you go to test your tagline?




    Sara McCann

    Brilliant Laura, so excited for you! This month’s challenge is a perfect fit for you I think, and with your current ‘producing’ mindset I think you’ll storm it!

    You should definitely take Rebecca up on her one hour closet sorting meeting – I can vouch for the fact that she’s definitely a great brain organiser! 😉

    I’m with Dave on the headline choice of ‘wholehearted strategies to improve education’ it has the most impact for me and also…somehow…is more reflective of your own character.

    As for the domain name choice, I actually think I prefer the idea of you using your own name domain as your main hub, with the others resting on that. You have a great personality & beauty that shines through your work and can’t help but feel that there will be more warmth and connection there for people when they access you through your own personal name. They will feel like they know and trust you more and I think that is incredibly important for the work you’re doing.

    Hope that helps.


    Laura Koller

    @david – The Headline Analyzer I’ve been using is at

    @saramccann – Beyond deep gratitude for all the kind things you’ve just said, I appreciate your input on the domain name choice.  That makes sense.  I can contact Bluehost tonight and request to change my primary domain name.  After I make that change, I’m thinking for simplicity’s sake I’ll just add the other items as components to the main site – i.e.  I can always decide to change that later, when I’m big and famous 😉

    That being said, I think I will also change the name of the manifesto to The SMILE Manifesto.  Not only does that better match with the manifesto’s message and appearance; it also reflects who I am.  I’ll bet if you asked my patients, coworkers, family or friends to describe me, my smile would top many of their lists.

    I thought I was done with the tagline choice, but now you’ve both got me thinking.  I do think I need to include the phrase “patient education” for clarity (even with the “HealthCaring” title, it’s not clear whether I’m talking about education for patients or healthcare workers).  But maybe I don’t need to include evidence-based in the tagline.  Maybe that’s just something that comes through in the marketing and delivering of the material.  That does make it more succinct – and the headline analyzer rates it at 83.33% (because that’s the ultimate measure of success, right @learnandgetsmarter ?)

    So how about this?  HealthCaring: Wholehearted Strategies to Improve Patient Education

    Except that while my focus is largely on topics related to patient education, that really doesn’t encompass everything.  Certainly there is a component of education to the material I want to share, but it’s larger than that.  EDUCATION to me implies a one-way street, that I’m sharing information with the other person in an attempt to make them smarter.  The honest truth, however, is that patients are often already smart enough and have the ability to teach me more about their own lives, their own circumstances, their own life experiences.  There’s more of a back-and-forth.  And truly the intent is not to make the patient smarter, it’s to make the patient more successful ON THEIR OWN TERMS – which is not always how I would define success for the patient.  And it can also apply to interactions between healthcare providers and with caregivers.  So how about if I go with something more like this?

    HealthCaring: Wholehearted Strategies to Improve Communication

    BINGO!  100%!!!  And, more important than any analyzer, the new tagline aligns with all the ideas I want to share with others through my site.  It swells in my heart.  (That must be the “wholehearted” part!!!)

    It feels amazing now that this is all coming together!!!


    Sara McCann

    Bingo indeed! Wholehearted strategies to improve communication!

    Now that is definitely YOU! And therefore a winner! 😉


    DavidJ Jurasek

    <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>laurakoller

    I am sorry, but I gotta be irreverent and swear here ( a ‘lil )…

    F$%#&k the robot analyzer!

    If you’re going for brevity and catchy generality than I would say you have hit the jackpot!

    But, I am reading what you are saying and it seems vital that you nail the specifics… you are talking about helping to engage and empower patients, right? You are talking directly to healthcare workers and providers, yes?

    To me a good tagline is a stake in the ground with a flag waving proudly in the wind signalling the people you serve and saying, “Hey you, that’s right specifically YOU, I want to help you with this problem you hate having and get you to from there (Island A) to where you really much rather want to be (Island B)…. in short but clear lingo…

    What I am hearing that fits that framework is…

    Helping health professionals to become superheroes at engaging, communicating with and motivating their patients 

    Not perfect. Just another stab at it.

    Hope I didn’t burst a bubble with the lottery comment. : )




    Laura Koller

    @davidj – Irreverence and Stabs Appreciated!  Halloween is just around the corner after all.

    That is the struggle – trying to devise the right balance between brevity and specificity, great sounds and great meanings.  And trying to describe something that is so deeply emotional that there may not be words to adequately express it.  So yes, you’re right about nailing the specifics.

    Lottery.  Shmottery.  I just like the challenge of figuring out the puzzle.  I tell my patients it’s not about adhering to the rules; it’s about understanding how the game works and figuring out how to bend the rules in your favor when desirable or necessary.  Anyway, it’s always good to waver back and forth and then back and forth again, as usually that leads to an answer with more deeply-held conviction.  So maybe I’m not there yet after all, just inching closer with every attempt.

    Thanks for pushing me further.  I was thinking that happened way too fast…

    Now to sleep on it 🙂


    Laura Koller

    Okay, here are some more ideas for the tagline.

    HealthCaring: Infusing More Heart into Healthcare

    HealthCaring: Infusing More Heart into Patient Care

    HealthCaring: Infusing More “I Care” into Healthcare (In addition to what I Care means at face value, I’ve created a mnemonic that includes all the elements I consider to be part of motivation – Intention, Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness, Enjoyment – so it kind of has a double meaning, both heart and motivation.)

    HealthCaring: Infusing More “I Care” into Patient Care

    I thought of using the word Injecting which is appropriate for healthcare; unfortunately it’s also associated with pain.  So instead I landed on infusion.  Nutrition support is delivered via infusion pump so that, too, can be perceived as double meaning.  If you’re into double meanings and metaphors, like this once-upon-a-time English major.  Get it?  Infusing = slow provision of fluids and/or nourishment through the blood.  Something like that.

    FYI I state that HealthCaring is located at the intersection of healthcare, psychology, education, and humanity.  I am talking about engaging and empowering patients, yes, but I could also be talking about engaging and empowering healthcare professionals themselves as well as the big initial people (CEO, VP, etc).  Don’t even get me started on my number-centric company that’s now rolling out its “Leading with Values” curriculum for all of its employees (a good start, I guess, if it wasn’t so tongue in cheek).  I’m not sure I’ve grasped the full scope of my venture, but I can say with confidence it’s more about people than procedures, more about quality of life than results, and more about humans than technology.  At least in the US, I’m starting to see the pendulum swing back in that direction.

    Kind of leaning towards the first option.  It makes a picture in my head that matches with my idea about what I’m trying to achieve, and conveys warm emotion along with it.  So I guess that’s where I am at the moment:

    HealthCaring: Infusing More Heart into Healthcare

    And (if you’re still reading) a favorite quote posted on my wall that I constantly share and repeat.  It’s from Susan Fowler who wrote “Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work, and What to Do Instead”:

    The irony proven through motivation science is this: Focusing on results is the least effective way to generate results. When you focus on what you want from people you get less of what you want. But, when you focus on what you want for people, you foster their sense of relatedness. Compelling evidence demonstrates that when people elevate the reasons they are motivated to do what they do at work, they also elevate their results. That may sound “soft,” but the results are anything but.

    Powerful stuff!!!

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