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    Sharyn Warren

    I have a lovely, creative mind.
    And I have rarely met a Detail that I could call “Friend.”
    That makes it hard to complete tasks. To get to FINISHED! DONE!!!! HOORAY!!!!
    The place called “DID IT & DONE!” is the top of the mountain. Even defining the EXACT what I want to create in terms of this course business is challenging.
    I have worked my way through setting up Basecamp and have promised myself to actually complete EVERY SINGLE ACTION STEP before marking it COMPLETE. I have been faithful to that promise so far. Mostly.
    The “mostly” is that I still have not gotten the hang of Evernote (which is another promise I made to myself because I think it could be a useful tool.) And that “mostly” bugs the crappe out of me. How much time will THAT take?
    Time. Reminding myself that it is both a helpful concept AND a way to create unnecessary stress (i.e., time wasting anxiety.)
    Space. Reminding myself that there is enough. Nothing is lost. Expanding and moving around in it rather than carefully, tightly limiting myself.
    Tolerating imperfection.
    Catching myself in that control freak nun’s habit.
    Learning what “details” can be left behind and which ones MUST be tended to for getting to the summit of this climb.
    I’m trying to Buddy up to the Devil some. Get to know what gifts the dude has to offer. Like “Girl, you gotta laugh about stuff and lighten up about it all.” And “Hahaha–caught cha in that little smoke screen, didn’t I!?! HOHOHO.” OK. Sometimes the Devil tries to impersonate Santa, but I am cool with that.
    Now, back to holding my feet to the fire.
    Geez. Where do we come up with these metaphors??????

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    Sharyn Warren

    What I am LETTING GO of right NOW to create the space, courage and confidence I need to reach the top of Launch Summit:
    Insidious doubt about my worth that in turn dumbs down my abilities and creates a dense fog of confusion, unclarity, fear, resistance, inertia and procrastination.

    What I WILL REMEMBER about who this is for:
    1. My own Soul’s growth – because there is nothing more fun than NEW!
    2. A gift to Spirit – a small token of appreciation for all that I have and am receiving
    3. The contribution that I am capable of making to ALL THAT IS. (Which, btw, is considerably different than needing to prove worthiness for being.)


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow @sharynwa, I’m so inspired by what you’re choosing to remember and embrace on this journey. I too am going to say yes to your list!

    It’s easy to get caught in the noise of details and uncertainty and forget the still, inspiring voice within whose idea it was to climb this mountain in the first place.

    @andyfreist can help you check Evernote off your list. Just let us know where you’re challenged. We will figure it out together!

    Really grateful you’re here and look forward to reading more open, honest, authentic shares from you.


    Sharyn Warren

    My “Who” has been clear for a while now. But things get really, really smoking and difficult around the WHAT. So I had to back into this Forest a little bit, but doing so has cleared my vision to some extent. I also realized in trying to come up with several options, that my “What” was not clearly connected to my who. Also, there is the issue of my resistance (cleverly disguised as confusion and lack of clarity). Part of the problem has been that I don’t have a concrete “thing” that I am offering. So I thought about how it would feel to offer something specific and low risk (for me) like a course on tarot + kabbala. That would be easy. And I wouldn’t have to deal with my issues around expecting I can give someone a transformational experience. This issue of over-thinking and especially OVER-RESPONSIBILITY is an icky little stain from my psychotherapy days. So teaching a course specific topic with an already established market held great appeal. Trouble is: 1. it’s would really solve a problem for my (tiny, tiny) tribe 2. it doesn’t really challenge me to grow 3. ultimately I am still faced with the issue of attracting interest and doing things that I have been deeply uncomfortable–and resistive–to doing. Like webinars. Like Blab or Periscope or Meerkat. Like FB ads. More videos. More engagement.
    I have a minuscule little list of about 50–that just isn’t going to cut it.
    However, today—-PROGRESS!!!!!!!
    I decided that I CAN AND I WILL do those things. They are a necessary lead-up to launching my course. And the more clear I am becoming, the more brave and determined I feel.
    So I will finish up the remaining 2 1/2 checkpoints in the Architect Forest, which will take some time. They are REALLY BIG assignments. And be ready for the next step on Monday.

    Onward and Upward. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…….
    my working e-Course creation board

    P.S. I tried to add picture of my working e-course creation board, but as you can see, couldn’t get it to load. 😉


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    You sure CAN @sharynwa. Don’t fret. The resistance is a natural part of the growth that’s necessary to get to the peak of this mountain. Embrace it. Laugh with it. Tickle it under the armpits.

    I encourage you to think outside of your tribe. We’re going to show you ways to reach others. Yes, it’ll require you putting yourself out there, but that’s part of the fun in sharing your wonderful gifts with the people who are waiting for you.

    I definitely encourage you think of ONE platform (other than Facebook) that you really want to sink into and invest your energy and learning into.. whether it’s webinars, pariscope or blab. These are all great mediums to provide value and get in front of new people.

    Super stoked for the clarity and forward movement you’re experiencing.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    PS – if starting easy with something like a Tarot course is what feels open, fun and freeing, then I say go for it. There is always a market of folks outside of your tiny tribe that may be into it 🙂



    @SharonWa I appreciate your sharing. And I for one would be very interested in the tarot/kabbala education…just sayin’.
    And I ‘suffer’ with some of the same things that have slowed you down in the past.

    AnalysisParalysis; Resistance masquerading as all KINDS of stuff…my specialty seems to be convincing me that I’m not quite smart ENOUGH, accomplished ENOUGH, expert ENOUGH to call myself a teacher of my topic(s). And, to add to that…not photogenic ENOUGH to compete in the wellness category…

    To be completely vulnerable here: I know about the value of video, and how helpful it would be with my field (functional medicine solutions for Big Dreamers/High Achievers); but several years ago, I had a terrible case of Bell’s Palsy, and it caused some permanent damage (or realllllllly SLOW RESOLVING trauma, as in 9 years slow…) to the facial nerve. So whenever I begin to move forward on my project, my ego starts harping away on its old song and dance about how I CAN’T offer a wellness course to people when I have this asymmetrical face that the video camera seems to emphasize…and so I stop. Talk myself out of it. Crawl back into my corner.

    So I say let’s you and me CHALLENGE THIS resistance…have a whole mess of breakthroughs? I already have a Buddy, but will be happy to cheer you on as well!



    you wrote something very hard- hitting to me and it was “a seed of shame” I also have that.. for various reasons…but I have discovered MOST people do.. once we shine the light on our dark places, we see that we ALL have the same thoughts/issues in common.. Its our human form learning on this lower vibrational earth plane discovering.. we needed all the experiences that have happened to BECOME the higher versions of ourselves now to get to this point of what we are about to create.. we are blessed. Many will have to come back many more cycles to get to this stage, so we must consider all our pains our lessons to the now… this unfolding about to happen……….



    Love the authenticity! I also feel at times the same way as far as “who will listen” and on and on………………even though I know that i am NOT my story, I sometimes still of course fall into it… If I do, shout softly lol Niki, knock that SH%T off! LOL I know my message needs to be heard and if it doesn’t, then I need to say it either way! I already KNOW just from the little I know about you, that you have been through alot (me too, probably most of us here) and in times past, people who have been thru it were admired in the tribes as the “elders” and the younger, less wise and inexperienced would come to them.. that is who WE are! Now we have to believe it.. I am happy we are here to reinforce/help/Love/support each other in this new tribe! I for one, really need it. I am feeling blessed to be a part of this and can’t wait to see how it unfolds.. Muah Muah Muah!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I so appreciate all the open, vulnerable sharing in this thread!

    Each and everyone of us on this mountain has something valuable to offer.
    And each and everyone of us will be tested as we dig deep to share it in our own authentic way.

    This is why I call it a Creative Vision Quest.

    You will have visions on this adventure.
    your fears will also be tested.

    But we can do it.
    We must do it.


    Sharyn Warren

    Some wonderful person wrote in one of the q & a coaching calls–and I am so sorry I can’t remember who to credit–that the summit of the mountain is taken not in a straight up climb but through a series of switchbacks.

    That’s what I am doing–switchbacks. And making progress!

    Thanks to Bradley for the awesome coaching session. He handed me–or reflected back so I could clearly see–some key pieces of the puzzle I am working out. You ever work a jig saw puzzle? And suddenly a whole wad of pieces settle into place. You see where they belong and how things fit. And a glimpse of the big picture just got, well, bigger? THAT feeling. Only better.


    1. Decided on e-course title, focus, and transformational intent. Not what I have posted. Will change that asap. But something more like “The Great and Honorable Inner Fire Treasure Hunt.” Will amplify purpose, etc. in campfire notes.

    2. Photographer coming out tomorrow for photoshoot. Pics to be used for website, course, blogs, etc.

    3. Made a decision to make myself “camera ready” as part of my morning routine. So that I can have my iPad mini set up in work space ready to record and no big deal about getting everything ready and then losing focus, comfort and interest. I had a brief video series called “The Naked Truth” in which I had no makeup and wore my around the house junk clothes and the camera wasn’t even lined up with my backdrop evenly because I just fired it up and started talking. That may or may not be OK moving forward. We will see if it is relevant and beneficial in any way. I just like the concept–‘the naked truth.’ Fun.

    4. Reaching out–I have spoken with 2 clients already and have 7 more on calendar–just because, no agenda, to listen, connect and maybe learn. Already have collected several great ideas for blog or podcast or some kind of content about “real” (vs my imagining) problems to solve.

    5. Retrieved log in info re: webinar program I have had for 2 years and never used. Decided I CAN (vs I have to/should) do this. After I have the hang of it, could actually be FUN.

    6. Signed up for Periscope course/group. Haven’t done a thing. But believe I can. And close to believing I will. Which is close to I am now doing it.

    7. Re-creating my mountain “funnel” to align with my clearer vision of what I want, where I want to go, how I want to get there, and who I want to travel with along the way.

    8. Have the beginnings of a Signature talk to explore giving to local groups and am looking at various potential online groups/forums.

    PROGRESS: Mindset Movement

    1. This e-course is a piece of my total (re)brand. The theme, the “who,” the structure, the goals/benefits/promises need to all be accurately reflected through and in this course. And nothing else. And nothing else. And nothing else. (I need to remember that.)

    2. This puzzle is huge. And important. To me. No wonder it is taking so damn long and has been so challenging. And I may or may not ever actually get it done to my satisfaction. That’s OK.

    “Desireless, one may behold the mystery. Desiring, one may see the manifestations.” First mode of power: DETACHMENT FROM OUTCOME. The important thing is to remember to have fun. FUN, Fun, funnnnnnnn–echoes across the valley.

    3. Just because things I have done in the past didn’t bring in massive hordes of people to my list, etc., doesn’t mean that they have no value. I don’t have to toss the baby out with the bathwater. I’ve got good stuff. Good useable stuff. That’s conservation.

    4. Even though it often seems like I have never left the hotel at the base of the mountain, haven’t even made it to breakfast, when I look back, I can see the great distance I have traveled already. Looking down, however, creates vertigo. I shouldn’t do that.

    5. Wise Observation: The power of Clarity. There is nothing like getting a bit of clarity to dispel self-limiting, even self-defeating ideation and fears. I know that love dissolves the fog of fear too, but clarity–it’s a great feeling. But Clarity? I love you, dear. It suddenly occurs to me that they may be the same thing–at least best friend traveling companions.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    WOW @SharynWa, so cool to see how much clarity and inspiration you’ve gained since we connected this week. So glad your WHAT made itself clear as the sun.

    Way to go with all your practices too. So exciting to see it all taking off for you.

    Oh and one more thing, I concur with:

    Just because things I have done in the past didn’t bring in massive hordes of people to my list, etc., doesn’t mean that they have no value. I don’t have to toss the baby out with the bathwater. I’ve got good stuff. Good useable stuff. That’s conservation.

    It’s taken me a decade to get my work to the point that it is getting satisfyingly “noticed.”

    Keep going and more importantly, simply enjoy each step of your Great Life Adventure!


    Luma Malone

    <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>SharynWa. I really appreciate how you have, with Clarity, parsed out the details of concrete steps and mindset progress here. Your thoroughness, understanding every little nuance of the trail, makes you a fantastically skilled  guide for others on the path…. and yes meandering switchbacks and setbacks, may take longer, but that perhaps expands our capacity to enjoy the beauty on this journey.

    and thanks for sharing this wisdom….

    “Desireless, one may behold the mystery. Desiring, one may see the manifestations.” First mode of power: DETACHMENT FROM OUTCOME. The important thing is to remember to have fun. FUN, Fun, funnnnnnnn–echoes across the valley.


    Luma Malone

    <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>tripphanson, ah thank you for giving voice to vulnerability here. Sometimes just saying it aloud in print, knowing others can hear you, sheds an enormous weight – that’s been my experience. And how vital it is to really support each each other in the seemingly small courageous acts we must make to step forward and be seen, even on video. I’m happy to cheer you on. Your work with functional medicine solutions for Big Dreamers/High Achievers sounds so intriguing. I look forward to learning more about the course you are creating.

    And… i’ve been practicing recording my voice and listening to my recordings. I have to admit, the more i hear the resonance of my own voice, the more i’m falling in love with my self. Really, its just me who needs to love what i am creating, and if others happen to like it too, that’s a bonus. And if others don’t like it, that doesn’t as matter much anymore. I know so many people are horrified when they hear the sound of their own voice played back to them. So sad, when we all have such rich and beautiful songs to share.

    I support both  <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>SharynWa and <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>tripphanson on your video adventures. I made a short video of my self on my ipad last year for a webinar class.  What helped me was before i started recording, i would dance to a favourite high energy song to get my vital life force energy flowing and then that just naturally oozed out in the video. My flat screen appearance felt more radiant, messy hair and all.


    Sharyn Warren

    Doing the cha-cha now. Step forward – Smoke clearing a little more regarding the Inner Fire Treasure Hunt.

    Now back–received word that my VA, who is also my sister and has became a valued supporter in what had been a pretty lonely process up until a little over a year ago–is closing her business. Feeling sad, re-evaluating my ability to keep going by myself, is this what I want to do, where’s the fun? Wondering if she is really OK, if we are ok and what’s up. This comes as strangely more shock than surprise.

    Now forward –after a little boo hoo, sat down and sent a request to 4 publishers/authors for permission to quote some of their work in my e-course. Already received a thumbs up from one of my favorite people. Also getting lots of support, understanding and gentle encouragement from my sweet hubs.

    About to dig back into Creatoria Heights. Glad we have more time. Surely wasn’t ready for Validation anything.


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