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    Kathy Bass
    @Kathy Bass

    Hi fellow adventurers! Here’s my first go for the eCourse idea, outline and theme.

    Since branding is such an ill-defined and multifaceted subject, my goal is to make branding understandable, accessible and actionable for solo entrepreneurs.

    I greatly appreciate and welcome any input, edits, and/or questions… as it’s next to impossible to gain an accurate perception of your work by yourself!! Much appreciation for your insights and time, Kathy

    Power up!® Brand You: Propel your brand to success
    Consistency is the key to branding success, yet the most underutilized ingredient. Why? Most brands (that means you… Brand You) don’t start with the core value and build their brand from the inside out to facilitate a powerful, consistent flow that creates lasting impact. It’s also a lot of work, and tough to do on your own, but doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

    Your eCourse Menu

    INTRODUCTION: Finding your brand’s sweet spot.

    1 –  About the eCourse.
    Easy to understand and follow in 10 modules.

    2 – About/Why me?
    Brief introduction to me and why I’m qualified to lead.

    3 – Branding defined.
    What is a brand? What is branding/How can it help you?/How do I find the sweet spot?

    SURVIVE: Get back to basics and start building your brand foundation.
    4 – Have a Brand.
    Esteem: Celebrate your uniqueness, your YOUness!

    5 – Get a Plan.
    Clarity: Hope is not a good plan.

    6 – Plug In. Credibility:
    Credibility is your digital Real Estate value.

    7 – Power up!®
    Confidence: Share your gifts and shine your inner light.

    THRIVE: Power up!® and make great connections to see results.

    8 – Connect.
    Accomplishment: Relate and build key relationships.

    9 – See Results.
    Validation: Start seeing the fruits of your labor.

    10 – Consistency.
    Success: Facilitate a powerful, consistent flow.

    11 – Checklist.
    27-point brand engine checklist to maximize consistency.

    Theme will be filled with actionable and valuable no-nonsense tips, plus savvy questions to create forward brand movement in an entertaining and educational manner. Theme will be peppered with my adventurous traveler, skier, hiker and branding guide background and delivered by my lively, resourceful and practicable personality. Presentation will highlight carefully choosing your mountain (Λ) and your value (V) while shrinking the gap (space, bridge?) to find your sweet spot.

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    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Kathy, Congratulations on getting your initial outline together, that’s a huge step!

    Here are some thoughts & questions:

    • Love the name and slogan :Power UP, Brand You – has power to it right off the bat, very clear strong message and catchy, it suggests I just got the energy I need to achieve my goals through a power-up. And I love how action orientated the slogan is, “propel your brand to success”. I love it!
    • Next you mention “Your e-course menu” then you have the Albert Einstein quote. Although I love the quote I’m not sure I understand the context for it yet. Why are you using this quote in context to branding? Will it be demonstrated or mentioned somehow just before or after ppl read this quote?
    • The first section starts with “Introduction” and again you say “avoid insanity”. I think this could be fine but again I feel like I don’t have context for why your brining up insanity yet and thus it could be confusing. Is there another quote or text you could use that speak to where you see insanity in the branding world, then you have the quote, then you start mod 1?
    • I’m assuming 1 – 10 are each a “module” and 11 is kind of like an appendix?
    • Your 10 points and the three sections are all titled really well, they are clear, catchy and all speak to action and results to me. Very inspiring and defiantly demonstrating your knowledge of branding in your branding of the course. I like how you start with the basics, get into branding specifics but in the later modules you really see it going somewhere above and beyond with the accomplishment, validation and success pieces.
    • The only one that I think you might want to spice up a bit is #3. I like the first part “Branding Defined”. All you other points seem really innovative and intriguing, I get that you are really doing something a little different and cutting edge with branding. Could you embody this a little more in the tag line for number 3?What is a brand and how can it help you is important, but how could you spice that up with a couple words about how you are helping people see that in a new and innovative kind of way.
    • On your Theme, I get the “tone” of your theme, entertaining, educational, no-nonsense, savvy. All great. What does that all look like visually? What kind of imagery are you using? Is it very professional or is it still playful and follow a story line? I’m not suggesting one or the other, just curious.


    Hope this helps and great job!





    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Great job on the first draft Kathy. I see you’ve got a clear sense of what you’re creating, which is wonderful.

    I appreciate all @chrisg questions and thoughts. I agree with a bunch, including:

    1. needing clarity around the Einstein quote. I’m sure we’re just missing the context because these are just point form explainers.

    2. What you’re going to do for the visual component of your course/theme.

    The final thing I’d love to know is what is the final transformation or result. How will Power Up. Brand You directly impact my business? What specifically will change? How will that equate to achieving my business goals?

    Does it mean my website and business cards will match OR does it go much deeper than that?   😉

    I’m sure it does, I’m just fishing for more   🙂

    Great work. Excited to see it coming to life.


    Kathy Bass
    @Kathy Bass

    Hi Chris @chrisg ,
    It helps 🙂 Thank you SO much for the congratulations and thoughtful feedback to help take this outline to the next level. Definitely an exciting point in this adventure!!

    It’s awesome to hear that the intended core message is understood, and I really appreciate the complimentary, thoughtful and inspiring comments from you!!!

    • I wasn’t sure about the insanity quote/1st section part either – was trying to capture the person who is spinning and ready for change. Will put that and #3 back into the “Think Tank”as I agree with your thoughts.
    • Visuals, ha… was thinking about creating that after I finished the outline and almost fainted, so I stepped back.
    • The initial idea is a car being built with analogous branding elements (wheel, engine, passengers, etc.) so that first mountain can’t be attempted until the car is ready to drive. Then before the next mountain (there are 3) the car will run out of gas and the participant will need to pull over to “Power up!®”. The visuals will be a road, road signs with changing weather along the journey and ??? (animals, construction workers, etc.). Open to any help/input on this one!!!

    Thank you, Chris!

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    Kathy Bass
    @Kathy Bass

    Hi Bradley @BradleyM,

    Thank you – it’s very cool to finally see your “baby” taking shape! Great to hear the vision confirmation (after so much work!). Agree that @chrisg had a lot of great input and I appreciate your input and guidance!!

    1. Interesting about the Einstein quote, as it was not sitting well with me – I think I need to flip it from that “pain” point into a “dream” point.
    2. Visuals, ha… was thinking about creating that after I finished the outline and almost fainted, so I stepped back.
      The initial idea is a car being built with analogous branding elements (wheel, engine, passengers, etc.) so that first mountain can’t be attempted until the car is ready to drive. Then before the next mountain (there are 3) the car will run out of gas and the participant will need to pull over to “Power up!®”. The visuals will be a road, road signs with changing weather along the journey and ??? (animals, construction workers, etc.). Open to any help/input on this one!
    3. Great question! The final transformation will be someone who has completed the “identifying” (passion and purpose) work so that they are ready to courageously and confidently move into the “amplifying” chapter with a clear and focused value, voice and vision (the 3 mountains) to feel accomplished and see results (profits!).

    You caught the fish (website, cards, etc. will be covered in the final wrap up module in the 27-point checklist.) Definitely goes much deeper since we can all benefit from more meaning in our life and business 🙂 Course is built on the M.A.P. model (Mindset, Attitude, Plan) and need to create an impactful, valuable and sustainable brand by building it from the inside out 🙂

    Thank you, Bradley! Always love “Thinking” questions.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    WOW to all of this. The car analogy, MAP, road-trippy feel sounds like a lot of fun. I’m sure you can have a blast with all these concepts. Are you a car person yourself? Love the sounds of the 27-point checklist. That sounds valuable!

    so would you say each chapter is a course of its own? So this course is #1 of 3?


    Kathy Bass
    @Kathy Bass

    Thank YOU! Great to hear and great ?’s… which has brought me to the next level.

    “Am I a car person?” is a very important question and key point for others to integrate your hobbies into your theme. Upon reflection, I realize that I like cars b/c they get you from Point A to Point B and I love road trips.

    “So this course is #1 of 3?” prompted a breakthrough. There are 3 courses here: the outline covers the 1st and the 27-point checklist would be an awesome lead in and qualifier for the 2nd course! Also, I realized that the car graphics will take some time and money to produce. Therefore, I decided to work with what I have today and produce the 1st course in my kitchen since I loooove cooking and can complete it in a shorter time frame. Then the more adventurous car “road trip” theme can go into development 🙂

    Phew, I feel lighter again. Thank you, Bradley!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This sounds like a smart choice Kathy.

    So you’re teaching them through the power of a recipe?!


    Kathy Bass
    @Kathy Bass

    Thanks Bradley! It feels like the right decision 🙂

    You sparked a solution for my Einstein Quote replacement:

    Change the ingredients, change your life.


    Change your ingredients, change the future.




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wanted to check in with you Kathy. How are things coming along for you?

    Have you gotten to camp Medias yet? Are you onto building the content?

    Where do you need the most support?

    I like where you’re going with the “change your ingredients piece.”

    I still feel like “Change your future and change your life” are too vague.

    What SPECIFICALLY are they changing?


    Kathy Bass
    @Kathy Bass

    Thanks for checking in on me, Bradley!

    I’ve hit an unexpected detour with my other project, but figured out a way to combine them and end up with two eCourses (1st one on Entrepreneurship & 2nd one on Branding)… so here is where I’m at:
    1/ Filming 1st eCourse 9/19-9/23
    2/ Final script editing for 2nd eCourse 9/27-9/30

    Good catch on the vagueness… they are changing their ingredients (thoughts, perceptions & actions) which will in turn change their results (confidence, conviction & higher personal value).

    What are your thoughts on: “Change your ingredients, change your results.”?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    You know what they say, 2 courses are better than one!

    Excited to hear about your epiphanies. Sounds like the two courses will go hand in hand too.

    I celebrate your shoot days. Do you have launch dates in mind to get them complete and out into the world?

    I’m not fully sold on the tagline yet. I see where you’re going. It’s not sticking with me. We want the stickiness factor.

    I’d get a big piece of paper and write down all the words and phrases that have to do with your course, the transformation and your theme. Just play with words. Play with phrases and see what you come up with.

    That’s what I usually do when looking for a tagline or name. Word play! Honestly, most of the best names I’ve ever come up with were just slips of the tongue, so just keep playing with them and something will click.   🙂

    That’s my thoughts on it.


    Lorraine Watson


    Something that caught my attention was building your brand from the inside out. A couple of other key phrases were “core value” and “sweet spot”.

    I wonder if playing with those for your tag line would spark something:


    Power Up Brand You: Creating your core value from the inside out

    Power Up Brand You: Creating your brand from the inside out

    Power Up Brand You: Creating your brand sweet spot from the inside out


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    GREAT EYE Lorraine. I love what you suggested here.

    Specifically this one:

    Power Up Brand You: Creating your brand sweet spot from the inside out


    Kathy Bass
    @Kathy Bass

    Hellooooo, I’m back on the mountain after being on the road for awhile…

    @lorrainewatson – Read your thoughts while on the road and loved them, thank you so much for your input, it’s helping!

    Bradley – Appreciate the second vote and the “Sweet Spot” gets a 3rd vote because it fits right in w/ my 1st visual.

    2 courses are better than one, indeed! One is to build the community and the other is to provide the tools needed, so the dynamics of the complimentary nature will be an interesting play/risk.

    Love the word play idea 🙂

    Thank you both!!

    Here is the initial test website:


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