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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Welcome to the Mountain Classifieds!

    Please watch the video and read through the guidelines before posting. Thanks!


    We don’t have too many. Basically, we created the Mountain Classifieds as a way for all of you to get your creative needs met and to collaborate with the talented folks on the mountain.

    We’re stronger and better together!

    Please be respectful and honour each other’s gifts, time and service. Understand, if someone does not want to work with you, that is okay. Everyone has a perfect someone to work with to pull out their greatest eCourse ever. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s not. Now lets have some fun.


    When Posting your Services:

    1. Title the post, “OFFERING” at the beginning, followed by your skill set.

    Example: OFFERING: Curriculum design, Logo Design, Belief system coaching.

    2. Share a short description about your services.

    3. Include links to your work if possible.


    When Requesting Support:

    1. Title the post, “NEEDING” at the beginning, followed by your request

    2. Share a short description of what you’re looking for (project details, timeline and ideal budget — if $0 is your budget, be transparent and say so — this is your chance to ask for help)

    Example: NEEDING someone to make me a logo and set up my shopping cart

    3. If nobody responds, you may repost again in 30 days.


    Ideas for What you Can Offer or Request:

    • Graphic design work (logo, branding, etc)
    • Photography (head shots, artful pics, image editing)
    • Green screen editing or plain jane video editing
    • Special effects and after effects
    • Copy writing and creative writing support
    • Marketing support
    • Webinar set-up support
    • Website and platform development
    • Animations
    • Personal breakthrough coaching (get outta your way)
    • On camera coaching support
    • You can even ask for someone to brainstorm ideas with you


    Energetic Exchange Policy:

    We don’t have one. However, we do encourage collaboration, generosity and working together. Here are some ways you can trade the time, energy and skills you have to offer.

    1. Old fashioned money.
    2. Work trade (mine for yours)
    3. Good Karma (free of charge)
    4. Partner up (profit sharing)
    5. Your house in Hawaii for a month (be creative)


    Watch the weekly Smoke Signal (newsletter): 

    We’ll do our best to post some of the classifieds ads in the weekly Smoke Signal, so watch for them.


    There ya go. One more way to help you get to the top of Launch Summit!


    Robyn Reynolds

    NEEDING Cartoon Animation Assistance

    I have embraced the Story Telling and am turning my eCourses into an Adventure.  Defining the Journey, creating characters and rewriting the material to match the personality.  I have zero experience in the cartoon animation arena so…

    If you are a cartoon animator and can make unique characters and videos please contact me to let me know what you do and what you charge.

    If you think this could be a DIY (???) please share which platforms you know about that I could explore.

    Offering many thanks!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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