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    Chris Gilmour

    It was a little over a year that I got on the mountain. My idea and understanding of how to launch an eCourse has grown and shifted so much. I have decided to go back and re-do parts of Architek Forest and Cretora Heights. So this weekend I am re-examining my “Who”, which I now understand is one of the most important parts of this entire journey.

    Please ask me more about my WHO……. Thank You!

    This is what I came up with so far (this comes mostly from my survey and ppl who engages the most with my content)

    The Demographic by age:
    – Over 18+
    – Young Men & Woman (18 – 35)
    – Older Woman 35+ (a lot of older mom’s who’s kids are now adults seem very interested)
    – Older Men (35+) do not seem as interested

    Common Traits:

    – Democrat/liberal view points
    – Mostly Urban & Suburban
    – Educated (post-secondary or constantly learning by choice)
    – Read educational blogs, watch documentaries, read books (particularly environmental, political or social justice based)
    – Follow the news and politics
    – Concerned about: climate change, environmental degradation, water, politics, potential for war
    – Interested in self-sufficiency, sustainability but most not actually practicing/living it
    – Interested in healthy living and eating healthy
    – Many Lack a community with similar interests (ie: they have lots of friends but may be an outsider admist friends with their concern about future)
    – Are concerned about the of the world and their future
    – Deep care for ppl and the planet, care beyond themselves and immediate family

    Directly from Survey:
    – Concerned about climate change, the environment, water, food security, the economy, and potential of war
    – Want to learn to: grow food, be preferred for climate change, be healthy, create emergency kits
    – 60% feel somewhat prepared, 25% Not, 15% are (or think they are)
    People somewhat prepared & hold some awareness, they are looking to deepen this

    Please ask me more good questions about my audience, I would like to refine this even more and discover more trends that can help influence my theme and narrative.


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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 5 months ago by  Chris Gilmour.
    • This topic was modified 7 years, 5 months ago by  Chris Gilmour.

    Lorraine Watson

    Chris @chrisg, sounds like you have two niche groups so the answers might be different for each when you drill down on some honing in questions:

    – why are the women with grown children interested?

    – what specific questions around do they have around self-sufficiency, sustainability, and living it?

    – what specific concerns do they have for each of climate change, environmental degradation, water, politics, potential for war

    – what are their stories around being concerned, why did they become concerned and what are they doing about it now?

    – what’s your story? How did you become involved in this work?

    – do you have specific names of the educational blogs, documentaries, books (particularly environmental, political or social justice based)? What does poking around these sites/books/docs tell you about the concerns and actions being sought?

    – what keeps them up at night?

    – do they want to make a difference in the world or their community, or is their concern for more personal reasons?


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Yeah I would say you got a pretty good handle on this. One question I would ask is what do they do for fun? When they aren’t learning or worrying about what might happen..


    Chris Gilmour

    Good questions so far Rodolfo & Lorraine, Thanks!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Yeah man, seems like this is an awesome, clear list on your WHO.

    I guess I’d ask, could you generalize their personalities? What are they like to be around? What do they laugh at?

    If you could lump them all as one person, how would you describe them?

    Awesome job with this.


    Lorraine Watson

    Chris @chrisg, you might want to check out Tad Hargrave ( and his ideas on niching (big circle / little circle) here and here along with a bunch of videos.

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