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    Aloha! My name is Alexis and I teach Yoga, Spirituality and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). I signed up for the Great E-Course Adventure because it’s rad….and it sparked something in me that has been marinating in my heart for some time now. The design and layout of this course brought to life exactly what I have been dreaming of as possible, in my case to create a course that is a Pilgrimage to India. I have had the great fortune of being able to make this journey myself over two years and to spend two subsequent years just studying and learning, and I know so many people that wish they could take the time and money out of their lives in order to do something like this. Whether they have a family, money issues, or are just too afraid to take the plunge into the unknown without a guide or an itinerary, my course will lead students to and through various stations (situations/places/people) that will help awaken in them their own personal dharma (truth) and offer them tangible ways to begin aligning their life with that path. This is my dream-baby e-course; I would also like to create online classes in Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology and the Priestess Arts. The goal here is for me to leverage my time; as my business grows, there is only so much of me to go around and that limits not only my success, but my reach and my ability to enjoy my own time. My astrology teacher has been encouraging me to take on more of an online presence for some time now, and Andy and Brad really appealed to my artistic sensibilities with this course. I have a love/hate relationship with technology and am extremely challenged in this area. In fact, I had a great introduction I wrote here and then lost it when I pushed “Submit” so I have to re-write this now. Lesson learned–write it in a different program and then copy and paste after– I am a quick learner, at least;-) I definitely have found most e-courses and even websites to be dry and static, so I’m grateful to you guys for creating something different, and excited to climb this mountain to help change that with all of our amazing courses!

    What makes me come alive most (besides swimming, dancing and singing) is actually teaching itself. I love to tune in to my higher self, put my ego aside, and just transmit what comes through. It gives me such joy to see others transform and it satisfies me to feel in service. I do feel a lot of what occurs in teaching anything, but especially yoga and spirituality, is an energetic transmission from teacher to student and so I have had a huge block when it comes to bringing my work online in fear of losing that…but I have seen that energy still transfer in a number of online courses I’ve taken and the ability to reach people in places who don’t have access to in-person classes is a huge plus. Ultimately, I am a Warrioress; I have faced many a fear and come out more alive than before, and I am honored and humbled to take on this mountain with all you other Warriors and Esses:) Mahalo for your energy and attention!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Aloha Alexis,

    It’s a privilege to have you on this mountain with us. While reading your description of your dream eCourse, I had all these beautiful images of teaching your content in places that transport your participants to India with you.

    The the way it’s taught and the way it looks, it actually feels and smells like India.

    I’m so excited to be the ones to stoke your creative fire and to help you find your love affair with the eCourse Creation adventure.

    Thanks so much for trusting us as your guides.

    Let the journey begin  🙂



    Hi Alexis,

    It’s nice to meet you here. I wish you the very best adventure in spreading your beautiful energy around the world.



    Sharyn Warren

    Lovely, spirited, flowing energy–what a delight and privilege it is to be going on this adventure with people who are on such a beautiful path. Warm best wishes for a fabulous journey!



    Mahalo, Way and Sharyn! So happy to be on this journey with so many beautiful souls on their life paths:))


    Tatiana Tiess

    Hi Alexis!

    I really like your ideas about making people feel like they are in India. This is fantastic! I have always wanted to go there, but haven’t made it yet! I deeply resonate with what you wrote and look forward to support you on your journey!

    Much love,




    Aw, Thank you, Tatiana! I really appreciate all the support; I had to overcome some fear with this idea of it being “too big” and the positive reactions here are really helping me grow my confidence that I can do it and people will be interested when I do….so many mahalos:)


    sharon Lock

    Hi Alexis,

    I think your idea of travelling to India through your course is lovely. Looking forward to hearing more and to sharing the journey with you. ; )


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey neighbor! 😉

    Glad you decided to join us. Your course idea sounds super unique. Looking forward to seeing where you’re at with it once you get through Architekt Forest!


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