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    Chris Gilmour


    Where do we see what ppl’s personal tags are? I remember it used to show their tag under their name but now I just see their names?

    Also is there a place other then challenges sections that tells you all the ways you can earn bajillions?





    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Chris,

    Yes, if you go to their profile and click on “About” it’ll show you their tags.

    Or in the side bar if you click on a specific tag, it’ll show you everyone who shares that tag.

    As for Bajillions…

    1. Start a campfire post.

    2. Comment on campfire post.

    3. Complete a lesson.

    4. Complete a checkpoint.

    5. Complete a challenge (see left sidebar)

    We have many more challenges in the works. Expect to see those starting next week. Just dialling in a few more key pieces in the community and behind the magic curtain. We are so stoked for how fun this is getting!


    Chris Gilmour

    Thanks Brad,

    On the tag note, I am still not seeing the personal tags if we want to get someones attention, ex: @chrisg

    I believe these used to be listed under everyones name but I don’t see them anymore. Has this concept been replaced with something else or do these still exist?



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    The tagging system no longer works since we moved to the new profile system.

    It’s unfortunate, but the pros of the system far outweigh the cons.

    There probably won’t be functionality like that for awhile, though it is something we really want. Its just a matter of when the plugin developers decide to implement that feature, or we decide to move to a new forum system. Both of which wont be happening for awhile 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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