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    Penny Claringbull

    That’s it @bradleytmorris You are now officially My Hero. That feedback came as such a relief and is so inspiring. I was feeling stupid for going sideways but my instinct tells me it is right. You have got me thinking about how I respond to my sons and their dreams. It makes such a huge difference to be met with positivity, it brings enormous energy to an idea when someone else responds like you have. Thank you.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hell ya @pennyclaringbull. Sometimes we need to try on a bunch of hats to find out which hat is the RIGHT HAT. Sometimes we might wear those hats for three months only to realize that it’s not quite the right hat. Sounds like you found the right hat. Andy and I were talking about your choice last night and it seems like the direction you’re goign to go with the dream home project is gonna be able to be a much easier sell, because it’s a much clearer market. With that money, build your dragon dream course and I think you’ll be able to grow that following with the help of Facebook advertising!! Perhaps it’s even a course for kids and teens….


    Penny Claringbull

    And so….my total change of direction is continuing apace and I’ve decided to stop focussing on marketing/automation/launching/email listbuilding and just write the course.

    I’m still a bit surprised at how quickly I changed my mind and how easily the content side of things is going. Which confirms it’s the right thing to do, I think. Although there is one big area of doubt which is that I never thought I’d do this and it isn’t in my ‘big why’. I’m not into consumerism and home and garden shows and buy all this stuff…but here I am writing a course about real estate! My god! What happened?

    I don’t think it can truly work for me unless I examine my big why and unearth a purpose that aligns with my values, or I won’t be able to feel passionate about it and really give to my students. That came home strongly from a conversation in the last webinar (about half-way through). It struck me very powerfully – which goes to the heart of why live coaching works. There’s always a jewel in the webinars @bradleytmorris and I love them.

    So I think this is really about home, not houses. About belonging, about love, about families, about sanctuary. And although the content of this course is practical rather than visionary and Australia-based by necessity, it is laying the ground for another course that will be universal and exploring those other concepts in more imaginative ways.

    I’m happy to report that I’ve worked out my initial course offering and loaded the outline into Teachable. I’ve written and uploaded the text modules and now I’m working on doing videos/slides and audio. I’ve decided on using a combination of powerpoint, screencast-o-matic and wevideo which seems to work pretty well for me. And is loads cheaper than the alternatives.

    I’ve made a couple of trial videos and now I’m adding in the storytelling component (The Sad Story of Jane and Jack – who didn’t know how to do any of the awesome tricks I’m sharing and ended up with their dream home turning into a nightmare and all their money and time down the drain…get the tissues out…)



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @pennyclaringbull sounds to me like you’re on the right path COMPLETELY and it’s just a matter of selling yourself on the path that you’ve stumbled upon. There are many ways to make the world a better place and helping people find their way HOME is definitely one of them.

    What you’re doing is simply a metaphor. You’re helping people come home. (to themselves and literally)

    I have no doubt if you look at the deeper service you’re providing people with this course, you’ll no doubt find a way to feel not just incredible, but passionate about getting it out to the people who want/need it.

    Stoked to hear your momentum with this Penny! Way to listen and adapt.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    OH – and I freaking love that you’re weaving your storytelling magic into this as well. Now we’re talking!


    Penny Claringbull

    So, it’s been a loooong time…

    I hadn’t realised what a wrench it is to move 1500kms away from the community I’ve belonged to, to a new place where I don’t know a soul. Plus working from home in that circumstance can be kind of lonely. I went into a bit of a hole but over the last couple of months I’ve:

    • Got a plot at the community garden and met some lovely gardeners
    • Found the local co-working/start-up centre. I did a pitch about my course and they offered me 2 months free office space – awesome! They’re a great bunch, creative, supportive and interesting. They run loads of events and workshops and their mission is to be a family to entrepreneurs – I am so grateful to have found these guys, things are looking up!

    Also renovating a house at the same time – the bathroom and kitchen are ripped out and the upstairs is painted. Getting there – we’d better, as moving day is in 8 weeks…

    As for the course front:

    I truly had no idea how inefficient I was when I worked with a team in an office. Working at home as a sole worker is a whole new ball game, with so many distractions, 99% of them internal. I finally came to the conclusion that I had to learn how to be productive, so I’ve been doing some experimenting and this is where I’m at:

    • Used the 12 week year approach to set a 3 yr vision and bring it down to 12 week chunks
    • Used Leonie Dawson’s time tracker in Excel to track my 12 week goals and the actions needed
    • And when I’m working for a client or on my course content, I track 15 min installments on Excel too (in hourly chunks). It’s an absolute revelation as to how I spend (waste?) my time. Can’t believe it! Why, oh why, did I not learn this stuff earlier in my life???

    It’s still early days, but I feel a much greater sense of control – and of possibility.

    And more on the course front:

    My website is kind of done (be careful with getting an Etsy designer….big delays and in the end I did much of it myself)

    • Signed up to Thrive, just learning how to set up my landing page
    • Set up facebook group and Buffer
    • Practicing video (yes…!!) and ordered a backdrop kit
    • Finalised powtoons, still to do voice over
    • Got a word template designed for the text content
    • Collated all text content, now ready for final edit

    My goal is to launch the course by October 1st. Let me rephrase that – Find the Right House WILL be launched on October 1st, if not before!

    On the mountain

    I have dropped out a lot here and I’ve been pondering why. Beyond my own shortcomings of course 🙂 I can track it to no longer being able to attend the weekly calls live. There was something about attending in real time that drew me in more strongly but 5.30 am in winter is not for me, as I find it impossible to go to sleep early and I’m useless with less than 8 hrs. That is NOT a complaint by the way!  I will see if I can do the odd early start when it warms up and gets lighter. The other thing is that I often found myself being the only person on the mountain due to time differences.

    But that’s just how it is, serve me right for living in Australia! I’ve shared about the great ecourse adventure on fbook in the hope of attracting more Aussies, and there’s certainly been some interest. Fingers crossed…


    Lisa R

    Hey Penny,

    I hear you. I’m often the only one online too, being in the UK. Here’s to finding more global adventurers soon!

    Sounds like you’re in a huge phase of change and growth, so huge respect to you for managing to hang on to your course plans through and in spite of that.  Thanks for sharing your process and challenges here – it’s so helpful to read about your journey.

    Onward up that mountain! To October!



    Penny Claringbull

    Thanks @lisar !

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