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    Paulo Ouellet



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Paulo, I love this intro video. You have a great camera presence. I appreciated all of the camera views you edited it in and how the whole video was shot. It seemed very natural and appropriate. I know in time, with more video production experience you’re going to get super creative with piecing these lessons together and creating awesome experiences.

    I loved how you caught the wolf on camera. Definitely need a zoomable camera for wild life run-ins like that, orcas, etc…  Because no doubt those encounters will be things that inspire people to get out on the water with you.

    As a part of your eCourse, you could create a “Wild Life Scavenger Hunt” for your students. You name 50 or so aquatic animals and each one could be worth a specific # of points (gamification) or perhaps they get that animals’ badge when they see it AND take a picture of it and share that picture on your community wall. Turning getting out on the water and practicing these techniques into a wildlife adventure search is exactly what’ll inspire people to get out there as much as possible.

    Just an idea that popped in.

    Way to go man. You’re creating something great.

    Once you have an official name for your course, it’d be great to have an intro/outro segment at the beginning and end of each video.

    Really excited for you. Your office is fantastic!


    Paulo Ouellet

    Hey Brad

    Thanks for the feedback. I love your idea of the wildlife scavenger hunt. For the intro/outro segment I was thinking of a duet, me playing the didgeridoo with the wolf howling in the background. Might take me a while to get that shot.

    What do you think of the sound quality. I had to do a lot of experimenting but I think I finally have something that works consistently even with a bit of wind. I’m excited to bring that new on the spot filming to the course. I think it will be a lot better then the voice over I was planning to do. Thanks for gently pushing me to explore that.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    I just love your philosophy and your style! And the feeling of being right on the water with you! Loved it! Inspiring, peaceful and beautiful! Thank you, Paulo!!!


    Stefan Morales

    Paulo, I loved watching this video. You are a natural!

    For the sound quality, I didn’t find it bad–if anything I found it quite nice to hear the outdoor sounds, and the paddling, etc. It might be a challenge in the wind for future shots, but you could probably get some specific gear to help with that.

    What some folks do (and what I’ve done), is use a separate audio recorder like an H4N to better control your audio inputs. The only trick is you have to line up the video and audio in post-production, but it’s easy to do if you clap your hands or something like this to indicate the start point.

    Feel free to connect with me if you want to go over audio stuff ever as I live in Vic, and am tinkering a lot with it these days.


    Paulo Ouellet


    I’m using a tascam dr-05 with a rode videomic go. I have to put it about 35″ away from my mouth so I can paddle. I dress it up with some fur for the wind. I think that as we get closer to summer there will be more sunny and calm days, and I hope it will get easier. It’s been pretty challenging so far because of the weather.


    Saera Burns

    Thanks Paulo for taking me on the water with you, away from my office and could almost feel the fresh air in your video!


    Paulo Ouellet

    Thanks Saera, glad you enjoyed the paddle.


    Sara McCann

    What an amazing video Paulo! You do have such a calming manner about you. I have never considered learning to Kayak but I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to do so now!


    Anonymous @

    Well now I want to learn to kayak 🙂 Great intro video! You voice is so calming, it seems like it would be very easy to learn from you.



    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Hi Paulo…

    Was surprised how fast you were moving through the water at times but, loved the feeling of joining you on a ride in the kayak! Love your philosophy and calm confident manner. Is that salt water? I heard you say the “sea” so I was wondering…it looks so clear in parts of the video.

    I really think adding Bradley’s scavenger hunt for wildlife and stuff you may spot (and is specific to there especially) while filming is a cool angle and adds fun…gamifying I guess. And collecting trophies or even still pics as rewards along the way brings extra learning in, almost by accident…

    Do you teach kayaker groups ever …maybe you can get some group learning footage to use?! Showing rookie mistakes or whatever…Just thinking…

    Hey, I think you can fit your video right in one of the scenes with the mountain climbers in this adventure, no problem!

    Well, thanks for sharing and have fun going forward:)


    Laura Koller

    Paulo – I am so completely impressed and relaxed at the same time.  I agree with everyone else – I’ve never been much interested in kayaking, but after watching this I want to know where to meet you for my first lesson 🙂  Thanks for sharing this intro.


    Latrice Folkes

    I love it Paulo, being on that kayak on a beautiful day looks so relaxing. The closest I got to kayaking was driving a paddle boat lol. I said I wanted to try kayaking, but the little size freaked me out a bit, but somehow you’re making me feel like it’s possible, I’m feeling adventurous. Much success to you on your course and I would love to keep up with your journey.



    Paulo Ouellet

    Thanks for the kind words Latrice.


    Latrice Folkes

    You are welcome 🙂


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