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    Architekt Forest 2 Deciding Your What Exercise
    1) Make a list of some of your biggest life lessons, breakthrough moments and challenging times.
    (your stories have gifts for others, so mine for that gold)
    Conversation with father about career I wanted Engineering. He wanted Ministry. I followed the path of least resistance.
    Decision to leave the ministry
    Decision to move to Maine
    Search for meaningful work
    Heart surgery
    Decision to leave Maine for Kripalu in Massachusetts
    Layoff from Kripalu
    Search for meaning beyond retirement age
    2) Right now, you’ve got a blank canvas. You can literally create an eCourse on ANYTHING. So go to your Idea Generator Spreadsheet. Write your top 5 -10 favourite eCourse ideas.
    My Deep Bucket List
    3) Answer the questions. Rate your ideas. Discover your top two!
    My Deep Bucket List


    Thanks @bradleytmorris  for your suggestion in yesterday’s coaching campfire to include more about my own journey in my eCourse theme. Check out this week’s blog post, in which I tried to do that:

    Thoughts? Suggestions?


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Paul, this is SOOOOOOO good!!!!! I just subscribed to your list because I don’t want to miss anything you write! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    I loved the Bucket List movie as well. As I read your blog I was thinking it could even turn into a book. Have you heard of Bronnie Ware and her work? She wrote The Five Regrets of the Dying. Number one is ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.’ I was reminded of this when reading your blog and your lessons.

    I just LOVE how you said “I started to do brave stuff like change my mind, and apologize, and forgive.” And to ‘stop bullshitting.’ And… I could go on and on. I really enjoyed your blog post!

    Thank you again! I look forward to reading more from you (and re-reading these as well). You’re an inspiration!



    Thanks <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>bobbiejo



    Hi @paulcj2
    Thanks for your words, nice to she what is behind your course. I will buy the bucket list, that is a movie I must see.
    Have a nice day in Mexico 🙂



    Thanks @xbobby and @bobbiejo. By the way @bobbiejo. Yes, I know of Bronnie Ware and here five regrets of dying: i.e.
    <ul class=”_kYe”>
    <li class=”_AXc”>I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
    <li class=”_AXc”>I wish I hadn’t worked so much.
    <li class=”_AXc”>I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
    <li class=”_AXc”>I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    <li class=”_AXc”>I wish that I had let myself be happier.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Awesome Paul! I know her’s started as a blog post as well. I think your lessons and your personal story would make a great book! Looking forward to hearing more of your story. 🙂



    Architekt Forest: 2 Uncovering Your “Why”

    1) Why do you want to make THIS eCourse? Why is it important to you?
    My original motivation was economic necessity, i.e. to create additional retirement income. But as I got into it, I could see that getting clear about the person I want to become and reverse engineering a bucket list to support that will be really good for my life. And creating an eCourse on this topic is much needed in the world.
    2) What about this topic will keep you motivated, inspired and excited enough to complete the journey of making this eCourse a reality?
    Because it will improve my life, connect me with others who are interested, and create additional retirement income for me.
    3) Why are you qualified to teach your eCourse topic? (your story + credentials)
    Because of my own life experience in questioning the “Who do I want to be?” of my life, my success in answering that question, and reverse engineering my life accordingly.
    4) Why do you think the people you’re seeking to serve, will be inspired to buy your eCourse?
    Why you, why this course idea?
    The course will be engaging enough to help them gain a new perspective on the importance of them being who they really are, help them answer that question,  give them the tools to reverse engineer a bucket list to help them become who they want to be, and encourage them to be that person right now.


    Archetekt Forest: 3 Knowing Your Who

    Since a very young child I have wanted to find a reason to be. As a bored teenager I would say “I want to be obsessed about something.” I became interested in engineering, but my father steered me away from that toward becoming a minister like he and his father were. I followed that path of least resistance until after 7 years in the ministry, I left. Subsequently, I struggled to find a career I could be passionate about with many successes, but also many failures. I finally discovered the hero’s journey, and realized that my search was a life-long process toward becoming the person I want to be. There are at least three distinct phases, not necessarily linear.
    1. Departure, letting go, an ending
    2. Purposeful wandering
    3. A new beginning, or return
    These can be broken down into sub-stages. And that’s the transformation I want to continue for myself, and also be a guide for others.
    2) How would you describe the personality of the people you love or feel inspired to serve? What are these people like to be around when they are at their best and at their lowest. (yes, this is generalized)
    Open as opposed to closed. Searching for meaning as opposed to satisfied and concerned about security. Adventurous as opposed to timid and fearful. Curious as opposed to habituated.
    3) What is the problem you are solving for them? Perhaps it’s a problem you once had  😉
    Some crises (internal or external, sudden or gradual) has brought them to to the question of what’s next for me?
    4) How do they feel about their current challenge? (overwhelmed, fearful, frustrated, angry, curious)
    Anxious, restless, fearful, confused, bewildered, muddled, addled, befuddled, disoriented; unbalanced, unhinged; vague, unclear, indistinct, imprecise, blurred, hazy, woolly, shadowy, dim; imperfect, sketchy
    5) What is the core desire they want? What are they searching for?
    Direction to help them gain clarity of purpose. lucidity, coherence, integrity, alignment
    6) What is motivating them to change RIGHT NOW?
    A vague or intense sense of boredom with their existing lives. Or some intolerable issue with health, relationship, career, retirment, or economics causing them to want something different.
    7) What would draw them to you to be their guide? What about you or your story will resonate deeply with them?
    They resonate with the stories I tell about my own transformation and that of others from where they are now to enjoying life as a daring adventure.
    8) What motivates the people you’re here to serve (freedom, money, fun, love, service?)
    Adventure, freedom, love of life, service. A desire for more compassion, creativity, and courage in their lives.
    9) What will their objections be when they find you that could stop them from following through and committing. Write down their reasons or excuses for not taking the journey with you.
    This sounds like a lot of work.
    I’m too busy with other priorities.
    I can’t afford your eCourse.
    10) How can you address those objections or fears in an authentic, powerful way (cut through the shit).
    Yes, and it can also be a lot of fun.
    What can be a higher priority than the quality of your life?
    How can you not afford not to develop into your highest potential rather than waste your life?


     Architekt 5: Achieving Transformation Exercise

    1) What is the final destination or transformation you are leading your customers to?
    Write down what your “Launch Summit” looks like. What skill will they have at the end? What will change for them?
    A clear idea of who they want to be at their highest potential, and a specific reverse engineered bucket list to help them be that both in the future and right now.
    2) What is your customer ACTUALLY paying for?
    Arriving at the end of their life and know that they lived it as who they actually are, and enjoying their deep bucket list process of getting there.
    3) What tools, techniques, exercises or processes do you KNOW you will need to include to take them from where they are, to the end transformation?
    How to decide who they really are (meditation)
    Uncovering why they want to be that (meditation)
    Reverse engineering their bucket list (planning skill building)
    Following up (implementation tools: (calendaring, prioritizing, daily list making)
    4) Make a list of the tangible benefits they’ll receive from going through your eCourse. How will this course idea benefit or improve their lives (mention the subtle AND obvious shifts that will take place).
    A peaceful and satisfying deathbed experience.
    A daily plan to get there
    Better physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relationship health.
    5) Describe what their life will look like after going through your course. What has changed or improved?
    Write it as a short story about the student’s transformation OR as a testimonial they send you.
    Thanks so much Paul for all the help you provided to my grandmother. She died peacefully knowing that she was deeply loved by her children and grandchildren because she obviously loved them and did so many wonderful things to help them grow. She also knew that she had made a significant contribution toward ending world hunger, because she knew who she was, and what her mission in life was. Your eCourse played a major role in her life.


    Architekt Forest: 6 Clarifying Your “How” Exercise

    1) What tools do you know you’ll share in the eCourse you’re creating?
    (tools, exercises, information, guided processes — get creative with this brainstorm — what CAN you do!?)
    Video: Introduction
    reFirement Stories: Portraits of reFired People
    Changes vs. Transitions
    Life Path Traps
    Timeline of Past Major Transitions
    3 Phase ReFirement Map
    Phase 1 An Ending (Leaving the Comfort Zone)
    Video: What is an Ending?
    Exercise: Letting Go
    Phase 2 Productive Wandering
    Video: What is Productive Wandering?
    Exercise: Seven Questions
      <li dir=”ltr”>What do I want?
      <li dir=”ltr”>What makes me feel strong?
      <li dir=”ltr”>What is my gift to the world?
      <li dir=”ltr”>What’s stopping me internally?
      <li dir=”ltr”>What’s stopping me externally?
      <li dir=”ltr”>What are my next steps?
      <li dir=”ltr”>How will I ask for help?
    Video: How to create your own reFirement Story
    Exercise: Create Your Own reFirement Bucket List
    Phase 3 Finish with a New Beginning (Summit)
    Video: Why, The Why, What, & How of a New Beginning
    When to Seek Professional Help
    2) How long do you imagine your course being (days/modules/exercises)?
    How long will it take your student to get from Start to Transformation?
    Right down the number you’re thinking. Keep it simple.
    7 Weeks
    3) Write down the steps you know your customer must take from start to finish in order to reach your intended transformation (this may evolve). Create a rough outline of the main lessons or exercises you will be facilitating in your eCourse. Call them chapter titles or checkpoints. Point form is fine and don’t worry about having complete clarity. This is just a mind dump.
    See #1 above
    4) What could you use that you’ve already created to leverage your time and the content for your intended eCourse Creation. Can you re-purpose old articles, handouts, coaching exercises, workshop handouts, eBooks, etc…
    eBook: 7 Questions to Create the Life You Always Wanted v3.2
    eBook: Retirement Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone v4
    eBook: The reFirement Map v4.1

    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Paul, everything you are doing, I am loving.

    Your article was super potent. I actually just got word that my grandfather passed away in his sleep last night at the age of 89. His last years were spent in a “retirement home” and I don’t think he finished his life in the meaningful way you are demonstrating for others. So thank you for that.

    Every person you create content for will have a form of media that they most enjoy. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but a lot of our blogs at the Great eCourse Adventure have audio, video and written form so we meet people with how they most enjoy learning.

    Your presence is so wonderful. I would love to see you creating more vidoes that are embedded in your blog. The stories you share in your article (above), you could easily create a video to go with it where you tell your stories and create that connection with the viewer.

    Keep on this path. You are creating something truly wonderful that people will love.



    Architekt Forest: 7. It’s All About the Vibes, Man Exercise

    1) If your course were a person, how would you describe its personality?
    This will be reflected in your content, copy, branding and every aspect of your eCourse.
    2) What is it about your eCourse and the way you choose to deliver the content that makes it unique, interesting, engaging or entertaining to your audience so they recognize it as being made JUST for them.
    How will it be different and stand out in the sea of sameness?
    My lifelong struggle to end the bullshit, and become me.
    3) What can you do to put your own unique stamp of creativity on your eCourse?
    What artistic or creative mediums can you use to get your lessons across (brainstorm ideas, don’t worry about how *yet — this is big possibility stuff) i.e.: Take your on photos, draw your own graphics, green screen backgrounds, humour, poetry, storyline, etc…
    Tell my story and the story of others on the same path in an engaging way.


    Thanks <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>bradleytmorris. I’m so sorry about your grandfather. I wish I could have helped him. Your encouragement and suggestions are truly an inspiration to me.



    Architekt Forest: 8. Refine, Refine, Refine

    1) WHAT is the eCourse all about that you’re inspired to create? Describe it.
    Imagine seeing through all the bullshit, and living your life right now according to the person you really are. My Deep Bucket List is an online mini-course that introduces you to the basics of reverse engineering your “To Do” list into a “To Be” list. Live authentically today and for the rest of your life journey, as Paul Carter shares stories from his own life and leads you step-by-step to design your own Deep Bucket List.
    2) Out of all the options, WHY are you most excited to create this eCourse? Explain.
    Because this is how I am engaged in my own life right now.
    3) Describe WHO you are creating this eCourse for. Describe them.
    Primarily for retirees, or pre-retirees who are fearful about future retirement or bored with existing retirement. They actively looking for something better than the mainstream retirement home experience.  Other prospects include children of elders who want to give their parents a powerful resource to help them make their final chapter a masterwork. Anyone thinking about the meaning of their life would benefit.
    4) Describe the TRANSFORATION or benefits they’ll receive by going through your eCourse.
    Acquire a basic understanding of what it takes to begin a journey to understand who they really are, and live joyfully in the moment accordingly.
    5) Using your skills, tools and resources, HOW do you intend to facilitate the ultimate transformation? What’s the process you envision?
    Creating videos that shows them from my own experience how to begin a deep bucket list, and give them an overview of how to continue the process of becoming who they really are.
    6) If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its PERSONALITY or VIBES?
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