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    Sara McCann

    Currently on Checkpoint 2 – Reflection Pond.

    A week ago i scheduled time in my diary to do the GEA and felt like it was another thing to ‘fit in’. Thing is, I am enjoying it so much it doesn’t feel anything like something to ‘fit in’ anymore. It’s somewhere I like to be, and somewhere that focuses me for the day ahead. It kind of gets my mind whirring, gives me clarity and aligns myself for what i need to achieve. I am finding I struggle more with logging off and doing other stuff!

    I am loving the team spirit  of climbing the mountain with so many others, who are also sharing their journey, and am finding that ‘sharing’ inspiring and grounding. For the first time in a long time I feel motivated to see this through and completely focused on what I need to do to get there. My head doesn’t feel lost in the fog so much…i am starting to see that great things can lie ahead and that feels really great!

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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Oh goodness, this brings joy to my heart and face Sara! I am so happy to hear the fire is alive and burning in your heart and that this journey is bringing joy to your creative process. YAY you. Thank you for sharing. Wondering if we can share what you wrote here with others and quote you. This is such a powerful testament and the exact intention for why we created this journey the way we did. Keep on climbing!


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Another crazy weird thing for me is how the Reflections Pond Checkpoint reflects, and I mean almost exactly, the lessons in my Blog Hog course from “taking a hog’s eye view” (the bigger picture and business perspective) and then a “microscopic” and “skeletal view” to hone in on focus and core structures.

    Sara: Do you feel like me? I keep thinking, “I’ve found my people!” 

    Again, everyone and anyone…I’m thrilled to be here! Have a great work week:)


    Sara McCann

    Ah, I’m so pleased I brought a little joy to your face and heart Bradley! Because you guys deserve it for all that you bring to ours. Of course you may use my words to share with whoever you like – no problem! I have done my fair share of ‘courses’ throughout the years, (Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, membership site bootcamp with Ryan Lee & Tim kerber…and i could go on and on!)  and you have given me more in just over a week than i got from any of them put together. You guys just really seem to ‘get it’ and ‘get us’.  Thank you so much for that!

    Definitely agree with you there Sue-Ann whole heartedly! I no longer feel like I’m working home alone anymore! I also get completely how reflections pond reflects! 😉 Actually, I’m finding that with so many of the lessons…I keep thinking ‘Yes! That’s what I feel/like/want to achieve/view things!’ Loving it! Hope you have a great work week too Sue-Ann! Much love x


    Sara McCann

    Today I entered Architekt Forest and have finished today’s work on Step Two – Deciding your what.

    Quite mind blowing how much you anticipate what is going on in our head right now…thinking about the fog and the spirit of architekt forest…and how I just mentioned yesterday that i felt my head was moving out of the fog! Once again, hats off to you guys for completely understanding the journey!

    I already have my main ecourse adventure’s earmarked – weight loss and stopping smoking. (as well as some other ideas floating in my future mind and starting to take shape! 😉 )But these are big courses to do and so taking the instruction from Mapora Meadows  I approached this section to find ecourse topics for my ‘walk in the park’s’ and ‘day trek’ ideas.

    My top two ideas being:

    • Habit Hacks –  39 points. (understand how habits work and how to use them to transform all areas of your life successfully)
    • Mind Your Thoughts – 35 points (understand the power of your mind and the thoughts in your head to achieve anything you want in life)


    Essentially, these two topics are something that would be covered in my stop smoking and weight loss courses as they are essential to understand to get success in these areas. However, they are…i feel…courses within their own rights also. So in essence, creating them also helps build my final project also. As they can easily be changed up and fitted in to the ultimate end goal. I think this makes them perfect but thoughts from others on their ‘perfectness’ would be very helpful if you can. As sometimes i think we get so lost in our own thoughts that we can’t see the wood for the trees…which is quite apt being as I’m in Architekt forest! 😉

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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks for letting us share.

    Love your visions for the free opt-ins so far. Glad you’re making your way through the fog.

    Curious if you have a thought on what these offerings would look like (guided audio, videos, exercises, etc…?) Or not that far yet?

    Excited to see you trodding along up the mountain.


    Sara McCann

    I think the offerings would have to include some information and I could present that as a pdf (if i stay in my comfort zone) or a video (if i step out of my comfort zone..but aargh! No idea how to do it, or if i have the equipment to) then this would be followed by a hypnotherapy audio to help people act upon the information they have received and let it sink into their unconscious to start making changes.

    Is that enough or too much for a walk in the park? I would love to present it with fun and gamification to mimic the bigger ecourses that are to come but i’m not far enough in my learning yet to do that so I’ll keep trodding on up that mountain and learn how! 😉


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Sara 🙂

    The key thing about a walk in the park is that it needs to provide an easy win/quick result.

    So ideally, someone should be able to consume and apply what they learned immediately.

    The goal is to have the person on the receiving end think to themselves “WOW, that was so quick, easy and EFFECTIVE!”


    Sara McCann

    Great, thanks Andy, I get it now.



    Sara McCann

    I have been missing for some time and so the first thing I feel I need to do is apologise to the community for not being there to support everyone. Things happened…and are happening…and well, progress is never a straight line is it? Or at least, mine certainly isn’t.

    My Dad became poorly over Christmas and shortly after, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. (Ah, the irony, when I am creating an e-course to try and stop people developing lung cancer!) Only my Dad has lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. He has never smoked a day in his life. His prognosis is 18 months. However, in the past few short months he has gone rapidly down hill…and well, despite trying to remain optimistic and believe he can outlive his prognosis – reality bites, and I see with my eyes and heart just how poorly he is becoming.

    This has been the reason for my absence, for my wonky line of progress. And yet, it is also the reason why I am back here. You see, things like this remind you about life being too short, about grabbing every opportunity you can – because none of us know when it might be the last opportunity we can grab. Also, my Dad has seen me struggle for many years now to make a go of things online. I would dearly love to be able to say ‘ you see, Dad, I did it. I got there in the end’ and this vision, of saying this to him, is fuelling my progress right now. I am running out of time to do it, and my time is more limited than ever before, with wanting to spend as much time with him as I can.

    Last week marked my 1 year birthday on the mountain and I am disappointed in myself in many ways, that I am not ‘there’ yet. Wherever, ‘there’ is. Though if I am honest, I had no idea then how much learning I still needed to do to get there. Not just in ecourse creation but in my own mind, attitude and habits. ( I think I may have etched out a little psychological ecourse for future creators in the past few months!) The funny thing is, I came back here to update my progress on Nicotraz, and realised, I have never even mentioned Nicotraz in my progress log. Even my progress on here is scattered amongst many campfires, in all directions! (Come on Sara, get a grip!)

    So, my progress (over on another campfire somewhere) was that i completed the trailer video and landing page for Escape from Nicotraz. I had all the hypnotherapy written and recorded for every module. Truth is though, that those recording were done before I came up with the idea for Escape from Nicotraz. It was the writing of those recordings that made me realise it was like a story, and how great it would be if I could turn it into a story..and then I found this mountain and the rest is all chronicled all over! 😉

    Then Bradley asked me if the recordings reflected Nicotraz. My initial thought  was, yes. Then I listened again, and realised the story had outgrown the hypnosis I had done and so I needed to go back to the drawing board and re-do things. I have my recording session booked in for the 12th April to get those re-writings done.

    I have now fully created module one and two (of ten) I have got it down to a fine art of routine and structure and it is now taking me 2 days to complete each module (3 days if I include perfecting it too!)

    In the past, others have suggested that I give some of the course away for free and I have objected. Mostly because I believe that, as it is therapy, it cannot work that way. You cannot start someone on a therapeutic process and then drop them. I have been having a rethink about that though.

    After watching the webinar on GEA, the Heroe’s journey. (Which made me smile a lot, mostly because of all the film references that just happened to be films I had been targeting for my ecourses! ) The webinar discussed the stages to include, and I realised the Status Quo is the landing page I had already created. The wake up call (now that one really appealed to me) I realised could be my first module, and would actually work even better if it was given away for free. My wake up call in Nicotraz, would draw that line in the sand, make people realise enough is enough, give them that moment to say ‘it’s the old life or the new life’ and in some ways, draw them in to the rest of the course even more I hope.

    I have also re-designed it so that, it might just be, in itself, enough to make people stop smoking just from that one module alone, and so, if that’s all that they ever did, take the free module, it would not drop them in the middle of a therapeutic process. I believe my re-designing of this module fulfils all that criteria, whilst also piling on the reasons why they need to continue.

    So…here it is. Module One and Two complete…Onwards and upwards to do the rest now. My deadline is the end of April to have this course complete in every way and out there. I have timed it now, I have my sequence and I know this is very do-able. In the past, when I have given myself deadlines I have felt scared and doubted myself. I am not scared anymore.

    Just a few quick side notes before I show the modules. Module One is designed to be dark and heap on the pain and pressure. The first thing that smokers need to do before they will stop smoking is to want to, and in essence, that is the biggest hurdle. Once they want to, then it becomes easy. Also, pain drives change, Pleasure? Not so much. Forget the carrot, try the stick! 😉 As this module is now going to be given away free also, I think it is important to create that ‘line in the sand’ moment. I hope I have achieved it.

    I will also be designing modules one – three to have the eerie dark music and the sepia tones, as people progress through the modules the sepia tones will becomes lighter in the videos, the music cheerier (all psychologically designed for the process)



    Helping you to see how you have been deceived by smoking and how it has obscured the truth from you, brainwashing you into remaining trapped within. Make your thoughts your own again and free yourself from the lies.



    Take a glass jar with a seal-able lid and half fill it with water. Over the next few days fill it with all the cigarette butts that you smoke and keep it in clear view to remind yourself of what you are putting into your body numerous times a day.

    Answer the following 3 questions (and submit to community?)
    What will continuing to smoke cost you?
    What has smoking cost you in the past?
    What is it costing the people you love?


    HYPNOSIS: (This is the therapeutic part only and does not include the induction)

    Sometimes in life/ things are not quite as they seem / and we can be tricked / by our beliefs / or how things look / Do you remember, as a child / visiting a house of mirrors at the fun fair? A maze of distorting mirrors that confused you, led you in the wrong direction /showed you misleading reflections of yourself / and obscuring the way out?

    Sometimes life can be like a house of mirrors / and we can find ourselves trapped by misleading beliefs and reflections that never really existed in the first place / /

    I’d like you to imagine yourself in a house of mirrors now / / /as you look around you / all pointing in different directions / of different shapes / and sizes / reflecting / obscure / images back at you / the light / bouncing / from surface to surface / shimmering throughout the rooms like magical beams entrancing you / mesmerising you / /

    surrounding the mirrors / and floating on the air / smoke / that shifts / and drifts / as you drift / deeper and deeper / still /and the smoke floats / as you do / freely / about the room / lightly / sleepily / that’s it /

    And i’d like you / now / to look in the mirror that stands right in front of you / tall and rectangular / this mirror / that shows/ a reflection / of you / a reflection of you / when you were much younger than you are today /

    at a time when you first started smoking / and as you watch your younger self in that mirror / you can see how much it hurt you to smoke / how your young and innocent body gave you it’s true response / as you started to cough / and become light headed / but your younger self kept pushing through / and kept smoking anyway / you showed determination to continue / you need real willpower to start / and you had the willpower to ignore your body’s natural reaction to smoking /and kept smoking anyway /

    Back then / when you were younger / you did so many things that seemed ok at the time / and yet / many of those things aren’t appropriate for you to do now you’re older / they no longer fit with your values / your priorities / quite often / things that suit us when we were young / no longer work for us when we are older /
    And as you continue to watch your younger self in that mirror / and the smoke moves away even more / you see the scenario much more clearly / you realise the truth/ / that / no one presented smoking to you in a fair and honest way / What if someone had offered you that first cigarette and said / hey, try this / this will make you age really quickly / wrinkle your skin, yellow your teeth, rot your bones and muscles / and if you keep on taking it routinely you will become depressed, probably develop cancer / it might stop your heart from working / it will drain all your energy / and ultimately take your life / want to try one?

    What would your younger self have said then? And if you had hesitated / perhaps you might have asked how much that person would pay you for risking all those side effects in order to smoke / but ah no, the catch is, that you also have to pay for all those life depriving effects /

    Of course / looking in to that reflection of your past / now / you can see what a bad deal this smoking game is / but cigarettes were never introduced to you in this honest and gruesome way / instead they were dressed up in the chance to be rebellious, fit in with a social group , look tough or cool / so that the self harming of smoking somehow felt justified / and even desired / /

    >again the smoke in the house of mirrors shifts and reveals the reflection in the mirror to the left of you / showing an image of a person / this person is well dressed / intelligent / a normal every day person / the kind you might pass in the street without even noticing / and as you watch this person / walking down the street / they turn and walk into a building / they walk in of their own free will / into the building of a cult they have been deceived into joining / a cult that you and I know / will take more time from them /than it will ever give back / a cult that will try and convince that person that they cannot survive or ever be happy again without them / this cult will brainwash this person / make them frightened to leave / perhaps even ask them to sacrifice their life for it’s cause / now you and I / we can see / that this person needs to turn around now / and walk out of that building / to escape whilst they still have a chance / but you see / that person buys into the cult / they believe certain things / even if only partly / so that they can justify their reasons for being there / for joining / they believe that cult identifies who they are / and that without the cult / they would not know how to exist / and it’s the same way with smoking / somehow you justify to yourself that you are nothing without it / many smokers are frightened of stopping / because they don’t know who they will be without it / they feel smoking is a part of their identity / but of course/ this is all a lie and deception /

    when you first came into this world / you entered it with no knowledge or beliefs / and in the first years of your childhood / you had no desire to poison yourself with smoking / in order to develop this desire to poison yourself / you had to be deceived and tricked into it / you had to be brainwashed / just like the person joining the cult / you had to believe it was ok / ok to sacrifice yourself for tobacco / and that makes the tobacco companies very happy indeed / of course ///

    and now / as my voice guides you / comforts you / in to a deeper and deeper state of relaxation / of peace and calm / you begin to look around you at all the other mirrors / now revealed with the shifting of the smoke /
    FROM THE LEFT: one shows a smoker / who smokes because they think it makes them look cool //

    FROM THE RIGHT: one shows a smoker who smokes because they believe it stops their boredom //

    FROM THE LEFT: a third shows a smoker who smokes to relieve stress /

    FROM THE RIGHT: a fourth shows a smoker who is lonely / and smokes because they feel the cigarette is their friend /

    FROM THE LEFT: a fifth shows a smoker lighting up after a bad day because it gives them something to rebel with /

    but I know / as you look in those mirrors/ and see all those smokers / puffing away for different reasons / that <b>you don’t fall for this / you know that smoking does not make that person look cool / you know that the other person will not relieve their boredom by putting a white stick between their lips / you know enough science about nicotine / to know that the person in the third mirror will be more stressed than ever once they have finished smoking that cigarettes / and you know / only too well / that smoking is not a friend to the person in mirror four / a true friend would never rob you blind / whilst damaging your health 20 times a day / and you smile at the person in mirror five/ using a cigarette to rebel against a bad day / because you know / that the thing they really need to be rebelling against is the cigarette between their lips / you are smart enough to see past all these other smokers beliefs /

    That’s it / and now you can start to notice / exactly / how / smoking tries so hard / to convince you it’s ok / and you can begin to understand / how it has been deceiving and abusing you / but you are smart enough to see past that now / strong enough to stand up to it / rebel against it / and tell it / no more //

    standing in that house of mirrors, you see all the reflections of misguiding beliefs that have hampered your life so far/ misled you / deceived you / tried to kill you / and confused you enough to never find the way out /
    I want you to look at each of these mirrors in turn / the mirror of joining the cult / of being brainwashed into sacrificing your life / make the image in that mirror turn to grey / drain the colour from it / / and now / imagine it crumbling before your eyes / turning to ash around your feet / the mirror disappears into ash on the ground / and along with it / the misguided belief that it reflected

    FROM THE LEFT: and the mirror that shows smoking was cool / drain the colour from it / turn it to grey / and see it disintegrate in front of you / turning to ash on the floor / / crumbling the belief along with it /

    FROM THE RIGHT: and the same with the mirror that shows smoking relieved boredom / / / removing the colour until it turns to grey / and then allowing the mirror to crumble to the floor / till it is nothing but filth around your feet / and the belief it showed is gone / because you know that there are many better things you can do to relieve boredom in the future

    FROM THE LEFT: and the mirror that shows smoking relieved stress / watch it fade to grey / colour draining / / and once it has / you watch as that mirror too begins to fall apart to ash around your feet / and the belief it showed you / that smoking relieves stress / no longer exists / because you know / smoking is what makes you stressed / and so / to remove stress / you will remove cigarettes /

    FROM THE RIGHT: and the mirror that shows cigarettes were your friend / allow the colour to fade out of this image too, more and more, until only grey shades remain / and the mirror itself starts to fragment and fall to pieces around you / because you know that a true friend would never treat you as poorly as cigarettes do /

    FROM THE LEFT: and the mirror that shows cigarettes were a way to rebel against difficulties you face / watch as the image starts to fade / the colour draining from it / become lifeless and grey / and as it does so the mirror begins to decay and fall to pieces / turning to ash and nothingness / just like all the other lies and deceiving beliefs before it / because you know / now / that you will rebel against cigarettes / and all the cruelties they have inflicted upon you /

    and now / nothing remains to hold you back / no more beliefs to keep you trapped / from finding your way out / all that remains is the mirror in front of you / the one that reflects your younger self taking a cigarette for the first time /

    >and as you look around you now / you see this house for what it really is / with no more mirrors and smoke obscuring the truth from you / you see / that you are in a cell on the island of Nicotraz / grey and dusty walls surround you / a cold cement floor beneath your bare feet / chilling your bones / and thick heavy iron bars / keeping you from ever leaving / outside your cell you hear the clunk of prison doors slamming shut as new inmates are locked inside / just as you were all those years ago when you first started smoking / you hear the rasps and shallow breathing of inmates who have been here for decades / and smell the stench of tobacco and rotten flesh. This place is cold / dreary / depressing / and full of death

    but turn now and look back into that mirror that showed your younger self / before you became trapped / you see the mirror now revealing a way out / a tunnel that will lead you out of here / to happier times / to sunlight / to fresh air / to health and vitality / to freedom / more money / as you breathe in you can smell the freshness of this exit / of flowers and freshly cut grass / you hear birds chirping / children laughing / and feel the warmth from the sun / this way out promises life un-compromised / //

    Will you step through this mirror and walk the path out of this prison or will you remain trapped inside Nicotraz / Only you can make this decision / I can show you the way out / but I cannot make you walk it / what do you want the rest of your life to look like? ////

    That’s it / and now you can begin to / drift back into the room / preparing to open your eyes / feeling relaxed and refreshed / that’s it / and opening your eyes now / and taking a nice big stretch / and welcome back /

    Please remember to listen to this download every day for the next 3 days. I’d also like to remind you not to stop smoking yet. However, I would like you to really start paying attention to how it tries to convince you that it’s ok to do it. When really, deep down, you know that’s not true.

    Subject Line: A note has been pushed under your prison door.

    Rumour has it, you’ve been contemplating leaving this hell hole of a prison? So just thought I’d drop you a note to try and help out because I know just how scary trying to get out of here can be. In fact, let’s be honest, it’s bloody terrifying!

    I know this because I’ve been where you are now, and like you, I had spent a lifetime being told by others how difficult it would be to stop smoking, how I would spend the rest of my life always craving for them, and how stopping would be such a hard thing to do that most find it impossible. I’m here to tell you that that’s a load of bull!

    I’ve seen other prisoners resort to Nicotine patches, in the hope that they can help them by taking away their cravings – because that’s what worries them the most – the cravings. Thing is, those darn patches do jack for cravings – trust me, they rarely work, and even when they do, I would best my last dollar that those people who find success with them will end up back in here sometime soon, because it’s a patch, it only papers over the cracks and sooner or later those cracks will reappear again, and draw them back in to their cell here on Nicotraz.

    Nah, patches aren’t for me. I stepped down that escape tunnel that you’ve been thinking of going into and never looked back. I get no cravings, have no regrets and am loving life on the outside. Trust me, things are great on the other side of those iron bars so do yourself a favour and come join me.

    Yours, John. (Nicotraz escapee)


    Smoking feeds off you just like a parasite feeds off it’s host. Learn how to extract smoking from your life without feeling like you’re losing something



    Answer the following 3 questions (and submit to community?)

    When you stop smoking how will your life be? What does it look like? How does it feel?

    What will you gain?

    What will it mean for the people you love when you stop smoking?


    HYPNOSIS (again, therapy only written here)

    When you first arrived at Nicotraz you were tagged as an inmate / in a very unique way / this tag tracks you / keeps you within the walls of this cell / and monitors your thoughts of escape / <

    you were tagged with a parasite / you have heard of parasites before / parasites live off another creature / draining it / leeching all it can from it / and this parasite was placed inside of you when you first arrived at Nicotraz / and in your time here / it has demanded to be fed / you feed it with Nicotine / tobacco / through your body / keeping it alive/ so it can keep you trapped / and you pay to feed it / pay to keep the parasite alive / worming away inside your body / slowly destroying your body / until there is nothing left / and then it will find a new body to live in / a clean and fresh one / that still works /

    and many prisoners have tried to starve the parasite / <b>refuse to feed it</b> / and the parasite acts like a spoilt child / whining at you / moaning / trying to persuade you to feed it again / for a few days / and this moaning / and whining / is usually enough to make prisoners give in and start to feed it again /

    but what these prisoners don’t realise / is that / after a few days / after you stop feeding/ the smoking parasite / it can no longer survive inside of you / it will lose interest / give up / and go off in search off another victim / because / after a few days / your body will be clear of nicotine completely / and there will be nothing left for the parasite to live on / when you  stay strong in your refusal to feed it

    it’s gone
    and you’re free

    and you can really start to notice when / that nicotine parasite tries to get you to pay for it’s food / so it can grow fatter inside you and squeeze out your health / what a deal / No wonder it can be reluctant to leave / it lives inside anyone who has allowed it to stay / /

    and in a very real sense you are at a crossroads right now / in your life / with two very different pathways ahead of you / and depending on which path you take / there are two very different possible yous in the future / /

    That smoking parasite that demands to be fed / at the expense of <b>your body</b> and <b>your cash </b>/ so it can grow / while ageing and diminishing you / had been binding you into a sense that only the now time / only the present matters / when you were smoking / but a part of you can outwit that / in a few moments / because people see through cults / people see through abusive relationships / and smoking / and these things that work against a person just get discarded / and those cigarettes laugh at people and mock / they make people produce ashes when they are fed and yet / how many people have they and are they going to turn into ashes? //

    and one possible pathway is cold, barren and unfriendly. / There is something very unpleasant about this dark pathway / a cold drizzle is falling / it’s misty and murky / the trees are knarled without a single leaf on them / there is no grass / just cold hard land / a cold wind blows the mist and drizzle against your face and it feels chilling / poisonous / The smell in the air is vile / of rotten corpses / and death / this road leads to pain / suffering / and death.

    The other pathway is beautiful / bright and colourful / more air and energy // the sun shines here in a deep rich blue sky / you can feel the warmth on your face / making you feel refreshed and alive / a longer pathway / with better views / and so much more interesting / and from this crossroads now just take a moment /
    to get the sense of <b>breaking out of the present</b> that smoking / tries to blind you with / and get the sense of <b>looking into a possible future </b>/ the future you would have had / had you continued to be taken in and bossed around by cigarettes / take a look at that you / the you the cigarettes were trying to break in the future / had you allowed into yourself another twenty or thirty / thousand cigarettes / maybe from five years or ten years in that possible future / had you continued to inhale those undermining debasing chemicals / notice how you look and sound and move in that future / like watching yourself from a smoker’s future / on a TV that sees all possible futures / really <b>do that now </b>///

    and now just begin to get a real sense of moving / away from that path / and now following the natural relaxed comfortable and calm path / towards health and youthfulness and life / <b>notice</b> / <b>breathing in real fresh life giving air</b> / notice the air around you / maybe the sensation of the sunlight on your face / or the ground beneath your feet / as you move along this pathway now / out into the future where <b>being free </b>of that becomes / rapidly <b>natural and easy</b> / that’s it / and over the next few moments / just get the sense of walking along / <b>the path to freedom</b> for your body and your life / <b>relaxing deeper</b> with each step / in such deep comfort and calm ///

    Focus more and more on the positive / the happy / carefree / characteristics / letting go of the old and negative ways / your unconscious mind will guide you / your life / your thoughts / now better / because I know there are some things it needs to fix / and you can let your unconscious mind fix those now / / /

    That’s it / and inertia / which means of course / <b>not</b> doing something / is in fact laziness and it’s funny that people talk about / ‘stopping smoking’ as if they are going to <b>do</b> something / whereas all it is, is <b>not </b>doing something /

    It’s always easier <b>not</b> to bother to do something / to be a non smoker / and really they are just going to start <b>not</b> doing something / which is always easier / and not exercising or not getting out of bed can be easier / than doing them / and not smoking is not an identity / being <b>a non smoker is not who someone is</b> / it’s just not relevant! /

    And a person who doesn’t cycle isn’t a non cyclist / it’s just not relevant to them / /

    And as you continue further along your pathway / free from the stench and smoke / into clearer and brighter pastures / just notice glimpses in your mind / of typical times and places where before / you would have been dictated to by those parasitical cigarettes / but now / <b>you stand up to them</b> and in fact / even cease to hear them trying to command you / as <b>they grow weaker</b> and <b>you grow stronger</b> / and it tries to dictate to tell you when to feed it so you can shrink / and it can grow / and it tries to force you along a stinking poisonous pathway / down / and just <b>notice how you train it to leave you alone</b> / and get some other mug to spend money on feeding it / at <b>their </b>body’s and bank’s expense / /

    And in your mind you can just begin to notice / <b>feeling so refreshed and relaxed and free</b> / and your lungs know what to do / and your heart knows what to do / and your hands know what to do / instinctively / to keep you free and <b>strong and relaxed</b> / that’s good / and you can really begin to get the sense of walking / way along that path / so far into the future / as a strong relaxed person who has / grown out of that smoking / way and into / a way of life that <b>let’s you feel so good </b>about / <b>your present time and your future time</b> ///

    And for now / you can just begin to return to the room / feeling so refreshed and relaxed / that’s it / and you don’t know how you wake up / when you’ve been asleep / you just / wake up / and that’s it / just open your eyes right now and come back to the room / Good!

    Now please feel free to listen to this as many times as you want to, or feel the need to. I’d also like to remind you not to stop smoking yet. However, I would like you to really start thinking about that nicotine parasite inside of you and how you can start to make it shrink, so that it can no longer feed off you / draining your life energy and money.


    Subject Line: Psst…I want to talk to you!

    Ssssh, we need to speak quietly in case the guards hear us! I’ll try and be brief. I just wanted to offer you a little help at this part of your escape. Something I discovered on my journey and I thought it might help to share it.

    I realised early on in my journey out of here that, over time, I had associated good feelings to the cigarettes. I believed they gave me pleasure. Thing is, I then came across this article that talked about deep breathing, and how doing it makes you feel relaxed. Well, bugger me! It suddenly clicked…I was deep breathing every time I smoked wasn’t I? So it wasn’t the cigarettes that were making me feel good and relaxed, it was the deep breathing I was doing as a consequence of smoking! Honestly, for me that felt like quite a eureka kind of moment!

    So there I was, puffing on all those cigarettes and feeling great, thinking it was the cigarettes that made me feel that way.

    Now, I don’t think I’m the only one, and well, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…but when I started thinking more about smoking, I mean really thinking about it. I realised too, that I went into some kind of trance when doing it – maybe with all that deep breathing I was doing it was like some sort of meditative hypnotic smoking trance!

    Oh and just one last tip. I heard from a mate of mine too, that when we think pleasurable thoughts our brains trigger the release of all these feel good chemicals, and because we have trained ourselves (and been deceived in to thinking) that smoking is pleasurable our brains will release all these feel great chemicals every time we think of smoking.

    Of course, that makes it harder for us to escape from them. Only we  can have control of our mind – so it’s time to start shifting your thinking and stop associating pleasure to those cigarettes – that way, they’ll loosen their grip on you much sooner!

    Maybe next time you go to light up you could remember all the things you wrote down about what smoking is depriving you and your loved ones of, then do this every time you have a cigarette. Try it – you’ll soon start to see how powerful that mind of yours is – far more powerful than Nicotine!

    Mindfully yours, Claire. (Nicotraz escapee)

    and that’s it. My wonky progress, that I am now using a ruler to straighten! 😉 It feels good to be back! I hope to catch up with everyone elses progress very soon.




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @saramccann, I am so sorry to hear of your fathers’ health. Be gentle with yourself (the premise of your next course). All is unfolding at a perfect pace. I have to remind myself of this too when I question why GEA doens’t have 5000 members yet  LOL  All in good time. 

    Your layout, the videos and PDFs all look so awesome and I am thrilled that you are moving along with this. I am holding the vision for a late April launch. I say YES to seeing that happen.

    Just write up your rough production schedule and stick to it as best as you can. Remember to celebrate every milestone along the way and enjoy this creative process. You are making a work of art that is going to transform lives!!!!!!

    Welcome back. We missed you  😀


    Sara McCann

    Thank you so much @bradleytmorris. Your feedback and thoughts mean a huge amount to me. I am very much loving what I do right now and finding the hardest part is tearing myself away from it! 😉

    End of April it is – Game on! 😉


    Chris Gilmour

    Wow, @saramccann, after a break from the Mountain it sure seems like you are coming back on with some clarity and focus. So sorry to hear about your Dad and the irony in the topic.

    If it makes you feel better, I have been on the mountain since it’s inception out of the ground and feel like this is the year I am finally ready to launch multiple projects to the world. The learning curve has been vast and taking me in many directions. It is nice to have the mountain community to come back to in order to refocus again and be inspired but such a great team of climbers!


    Chris G




    Charish the moments with your father. I lost mine 20 years ago due to complications related to smoking. Cancer does not run in our family, but the hardening of his arteries from smoking for 40 years caused numerous stokes. He smoked from age 10 to 50 when he finally went to see a hypnotherapist to stop.

    This eventually lead him to become an certified hypnotherapist in his late 50s, which he practiced until the stokes took their toll on him at age 70. He passed at 73.

    I remember the numerous people he would hypnotise in the front room of our house every week. He had a golden voice. If I can find it, I’ll see if I can post a snippet of the tape he would use to put people into a hypnotic state. (He would also give them a copy of this tape so they could reinforce this at home).

    He used to tell me that putting people into hypnosis was the easy part. What suggestions to plant that would stick were the tricky part. He guaranteed his work for life, and very few had to come back a second time.

    He use to encourage people once they stopped smoking to put the money they spent on cigerettes each week into a jar so they could tangible see their progress and to have money to treat themselves on a vacation, or something they wanted.

    I’m sure you know all these things, but your post prompted a number of memories for me.

    Looking forward to seeing you complete your course.



    Darling woman. That explains where you’ve been @saramccann Glad to have you back. Sending love. I know that you can meet your targets. Sorry to hear about your dad. Really sorry.

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