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    I’m happy to spread the word @saramccann

    What do you mean pass out from Malbec @laurakoller Are you an amateur????? lol


    So excited for you. We may be at the summit around the same kinda time! Whoop whoop!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sara, I just finally had a chance to catch up on your life. Holy cow, you are rocking this. I’m so excited for you!

    Don’t worry about an “email list”. You ever see the movie, Field of Dreams?

    “If you build it, they will come”

    Just build it. Do you know how many smokers there are in the world? Zillions! Many of which would love to quit.

    Yes, build it on Teachable to start. It’s free to get started, so just go that route. Your version 2.0 can be on something else once you start making some money.

    I think for you, just build it all and then lets have the conversation about how do you make sales.

    For now, with the pre-sell, you can ask family, friends and facebook folk to spread the word. You could also put an ad in your local classifieds if you want.

    As for the URL, is Andy suggestion .io because the .com is taken? Always go .com if you can. But if you can’t, then get the .io … Don’t worry about buying them all right now. Just get what you can as its’ needed.

    I’m super excited for you Sara. Way to go with all this hard work.

    Did I answer everything? Need anything else?

    What are your next steps?


    Sara McCann

    Thanks so much once again guys. You really do all keep the fire burning in my heart to get through this!

    Laura, those are some great ideas! I shall definitely try medium and quora, yes! With…probably…a great deal of relying on Bradley’s movie quote of ‘build it and they will come’

    Mars, you little diamond. I will send you a bottle of Malbec in the post for being willing to spread the word!

    Thanks for the pointers Bradley, that’s great, and yes, I think that’s answered everything for me. Much appreciated. You’re quite right…it just hadn’t clicked in my mind…the .com for Mindtrix is gone. So of course, that’s why Andy will have suggested .io. Makes perfect sense now! 😉

    So…day one of my week of play work. A little bit OOH and a little bit AAH…the day has been spent creating the trailer video. The OOH moments were thoroughly enjoying myself, learning HEAPS about the software and it’s capabilities. Playing back what I had done and smiling thinking to myself…’I DID that!’ the AAH moment was not finishing the video (as that had been my target for today) BUT I am 3/4 of the way through and am not going to beat myself up about it. It will get done tomorrow.

    If not, I’m drinking that Malbec that is waiting in a box to be delivered to Mars! lol 🙂

    Be back in touch tomorrow…one way or another.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I can’t wait to OOHHHH and AHHH (in a good way) at your trailer when we get to see it @saramccann.

    Way to go. It’s hard to put “time lines” on video editing because some times inspiration takes over and other times the learning curve is bigger than expected.


    Sara McCann

    Yes @bradleytmorris I will second that!! My timeline has gone completely out of the window as you are spot on, my learning curve and inspiration was simply not predictable.

    So now I am 2 days behind schedule and worrying a little that this will not all happen in time. But I still live in hope and determination.

    As the great Eminem once said 🙂 lol “hold your nose ’cause here goes the cold water’…..for better or worse I have done it. Am open to suggestions for improvement. My son thinks it’s still far too wordy. Though his expert opinion was that I should cut it after the intro scene ‘escape from nicotraz’ and leave it at that! lol

    Oh dear…I feel my fear levels really kicking in now!

    and tomorrow I will have to sprint through a sales page. let’s hope the timeline for that one ends up shorter than predicted to compensate!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Holy Wow you absolutely nailed it @saramccann! I loveed the video. Great choice of music.

    There was just one thing I’d say to tighten up is the transition from the pictures at the beginning to where music starts. There is a period of silence that didn’t quite feel right. If you’re able to get the music to start there. Maybe create a sound effect of the sound of a lighter flickering and a person inhaling a cigarette. It just needs something. Or perhaps you put some eery music and slow the kid running to slow motion. Not sure. It just wasn’t a super smooth transition there leading up to the “Escape from Nicotraz” burning fire.

    Other than that, I loved it. I think it’s brilliant.

    The other thing I was stewing on today was the price.

    I’m sort of kind of thinking you should make it $97 (euros or dollars, your call), rather than $150 or $120 that you were thinking. The reason for this is, you want your first people, the early adopters to have a F-YES response. They are your champions, your future testimonials, etc… The more you get, the better. I’d still do the $50 back to them if they quit for 30 days and write you a testimonial.

    Our formula for the GEA was to sell the course for 1/5th of the regular price when pre-selling. Which for you would be $50. Which is what it’ll be IF they succeed.

    Just wanted to share those thoughts. They were on my mind earlier.

    I can’t wait to see what you write up for your invitation page. You are so destined for success in this work. Just stick with it sister. You’ve got such talent.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Sara,

    Correct – I suggested .io because the .com is taken.

    As for the expense, yes, .io are a bit more expensive than other domains (not sure why)… The reason I like .io is because it’s a commonly used extension for startups and apps, so people tend to be used to it (vs. something funky like .me or .info or whatever), and I also like that IO is symbolic for in/out… For Audio Alchemy we went with because I like how it reads and also I/O is a standard thing in the music production world (always dealing with inputs and outputs).. and I think that analogy is why the extension has become so popular in the tech world.

    Usually .io tends to cost $50/yr, but we got it for $32/yr on NameCheap.



    Sara McCann

    Thanks so much for your advice @bradleytmorris I really do appreciate it. I think I sat for so many hours and days putting together clip after clip that in the end I found it hard to see what was what anymore. So it’s really nice to get fresh eyes and perspective on it.

    I think you’re spot on about the transition to the starting title of ‘escape from nicotraz’ it does need some kind of audio there doesn’t it? I have taken a break from looking at the video today so I can try and view it with fresh eyes too and I see exactly what you mean. I think there are a few other bits I need to tighten up also and will take a look at re-editing it tomorrow to correct.

    As for the price I feel happy to bow to your better judgement on that one. You know the ecourse game and pricing far better than I do and if it makes people F-YEAH! then I’m in! 😉 Thank you for giving it some thought for me.

    I started on the sales page today but my day got taken from under me by a friend in need that I simply couldn’t not be there for. You can see the ‘so far’ edition at However, I really wouldn’t waste your time as there’s not much to see. I’ve just tried to get to grips with thrive, get my text in and start to position it all. No designing as yet and still many of the template elements and text are present.

    I feel the likelihood of me finishing this all in enough time to get some sales through is looking rather bleak as I haven’t even looked at setting up payment processor etc, but I’m still going to give it a good go.

    Down, but not out!

    Thanks @andyfreist aaah, input/output I get it now! Perfect for your audio alchemy and in a lot of ways…perfect for hypnosis and mindtrix – very clever! I’ll have myself a look on namecheap to see if I can get the name cheap! 😉




    DavidJ Jurasek


    A few points of feedback — just my two cents.

    Overall… I LOVE how this is evolving and coming together and how you are diligently building and honing it…

    The video… my sense was that the feel and edge was clearly there and… I would continue to edit it down… shorter not for short sake but for storytelling sake… when something is shown and said once, we get it and so I think you nail the first half of your message well and then hit it a few times over… The second half is the escape part and the clear blue skies of freedom. If you were to overdo any part too much, I would suggest the second half. Just my two cents. What I would want my viewers to get instantly is how smoking is a PRISON…. ugh… and then soon after… FREEDOM is somehow woven into this ESCAPE from NICOTRAZ… cool, intriguing, adventurous concept… I want to know more and so I will click or scroll to get the details.

    Pricing… I love where this is going. I would echo Bradley’s tips and at the same time I am a big believer in being congruent and delivering what I promise while also getting the support I need to do that well. So, if you pimp this ecourse out and know it will take lots of support and time to run, then I would factor that in and charge more. If it’s more DIY for them with them paying for extra help from you, I think the price can be lower…

    Something I am noticing on our subways and culture here in Toronto, Canada… is how the whole vaping (ecigarette) craze is taking over. They bill it as THE best and easiest way to stop smoking. My brother-in-law swears that it was what worked for him after trying all kinds of other paths. I get the power of weening off and substituting the aural fixation… like methodone for drug users, etc…  I bring it up as I see they are doing something well and that it may be what your prospective clients consider when they look at your ecourse. Should I try vaping or do this ecourse?

    I would choose the later, but I wonder if you could address that in the marketing and show the differences and compare these two paths. Emphasizing distinctions and being honest about what you ecourse will and won’t do and who it is and is not for will — I believe — build your credibility and establish trust with your clients. They will choose this adventure with you knowing what they are choosing and so be more committed and motivated to finish.

    Keep building this dream. It is so needed and worthy and exciting…


    DavidJ Jurasek

    Oh, and about websites… When .com is taken, I prefer .org   Recently, I discovered .ninja (which fits perfectly for the martial arts therapy for kids work I also do). I would recommend you look at suffixes that are available that work for you and your business best.


    Laura Koller

    @saramccann – First of all, WOW!!!  I’m amazed at what you’ve put together here.  The video is incredible – filled with images that are shocking and memorable.  So creative.  What program(s) did you use for that?  And even the “not much to see” landing page could be so close to the first “ready-to-go” copy (I can’t call it final because I’m sure you’ll be constantly tweaking and refining).  People don’t need perfection.  They just need hope and your offer.

    As for “finishing this in enough time” – you have all the time you need.  This is a challenge and you’ve already succeeded at pushing through all kinds of resistance to get to where you are right now.  Whether you get some GEA badge or not is really not the point at all.  Whether you make progress on your course and feel closer to making this all a reality, that is totally and completely the point.  Think about what you’ve experienced so far this month, how many things you’ve learned, how much your confidence has grown, how much closer you are to the actual launch.  Whether the launch happens on the “arbitrary” date dictated by this GEA challenge is not really the point.  The point is that you’ve jumped into the ring and you are in an incredible place right now.  You have a solid foundation and all kinds of momentum to move forward.  You’re going to launch this thing, Sara.  It’s gong to happen.  And don’t you feel that more now than ever before, even if that before was only a few short weeks ago?

    A few of my notes.

    The video – Awesome.  One thing that distracted me, that I stopped and replayed several times, was the “Escape from Nicotraz” title at the beginning.  I kept thinking there was writing underneath that I was missing and it distracted me.  What do you think about trying the title without the shadow?  The capital “B” without the vertical line on the left, that bothered me, too.  These are little nitpicky things.  Take them or leave them.  The message and the spirit – the important stuff – you’ve already got that covered.

    The sales page – The graphics and images are going to be the thing that captures the attention of your audience.  I know this may sound severe, but I’ll bet you could cut 30-50% of the text you’ve written.  That’s the nature of the writing process, that you throw all this stuff on paper train-of-thought and it’s good that it all gets there because you don’t want to stand in the way of the brain drain and dump phase.  What would happen if you looked at each section and tried to say it as succinctly as possible?  Maybe in just 3 sentences? Do this as an exercise, not as a final copy, and see how it compares to your original.  Then find something in between the two that satisfies you and I think you’ll be just about there.

    The Mindtrix domain – The first time I heard of .io was from Andy here on this site.  I wasn’t aware that it existed, that it was a big tech thing, that it meant input-output.  I think it’s cool now that I’ve learned about it, and yet I’m not sure if your audience will be familiar with it or not.  I’m kind of with David about the .org as an alternative.  That being said, anytime I’m entering a web address that’s not a .com I get a mind blip (this is true even for my kids’ school website which I’m constantly entering incorrectly the first time).  You don’t need mind blips.  You need to get a business off the ground.  You need a .com

    Do you remember when I started my Healthcaring project and I was upset that the site was already taken?  So was (that one is an actual functioning site with a similar philosophy).  And instead of deciding which other suffix I could use, I looked at the problem from a different perspective and ended up changing my title (  It wasn’t an easy decision and I know it takes more typing to reach my site each time, but I’m now happy that I did because while the title is longer it actually distinguishes my product from others that are similar and/or might detour business from my site.  I don’t want people to be confused.  I want to set myself apart with my own brand and I don’t want there to be any problems finding me and I don’t want people to get me confused with other similar names or brands out there.

    So I did some brainstorming for you, thinking about that movie billboard image that you shared many months ago. (rule that out because you’d have to also buy for US market)

    Then I was watching your video intro and I thought, “Geez, if she changes the name then she’ll have to go back later and change all the titles and intros and all that stuff and it will be a big headache.”  I changed my main project and site name after launching my Podcast and I was up late last night re-recording the segments with the revised info because I want to direct people to the right place.  That was only a few episodes and it still took a chunk of time I would have preferred to use for something else.  Can you say headache?

    Then I looked at your video again, thought about that billboard, the Escape from Nicotraz title – and then it hit me.  The domain name, the concept, the whole thing.  What do you think?

    Anyway, don’t feel pressured to use any of the ones that I listed.  Just consider the problem from a different perspective.  Instead of figuring out how to use Mindtrix as the domain name, figure out how to use Mindtrix as part of the domain name and yet still find something you can use as a .com with the intent to a) Make it as easy as possible for your audience to find you and b) Set yourself apart from the crowd.



    Sara McCann

    @davidj & @laurakoller I really appreciate you both taking the time to give me your brilliant feedback. It’s so helpful to get other perspectives. And actually, your points have made me do a lot of thinking and questioning of my path.

    I am probably thinking out loud here, so sorry if I ramble and go on too much…(edit: I am at the end of writing and jeez, I have gone on and on!! I am so sorry, but honestly and truly I have found this so cathartic for me to do. So thank you so much for bringing all this forward in my thoughts.  It has really made me think and realise a lot. I have pondered deleting it all, but actually I wonder…and hope…that in some way it might help you guys in some way..however small.

    The vaping issue is a bit of a headache for me. It is a huge thing now here too. We have two vaping shops that have opened on our village high street in the past 6 months! Add to that, that every few months another announcement will be made on the local news that smokers are dropping in their numbers. More and more people are quitting every day. I suspect those two situations are inextricably linked!

    They are not stopping smoking, they are simply substituting it for something else. I do not have a great deal I can throw at the vaping issue. My heart tells me it is wrong, and the fact that people are swapping one crutch for another tells me the ‘issue’ within them still remains and needs fixing. This issue will raise it’s head elsewhere, no doubt. Which, leads me nicely on to other courses in confidence and esteem etc etc. However, I do not have the scientific evidence or clout to tell them that vaping is bad…just a heart felt instinct. And I also feel that (with the lack of much scientific evidence) that I suppose vaping has to be better than smoking? So I am at a complete loss as to what to do about this situation. 🙁

    That said, there are many smokers who cannot get away with vaping and still remain trapped. The numbers of smokers in the world is still very high. Tobacco companies are still multi billion dollar industries and ‘health’ products like nicorette are still doing a roaring trade despite their 5% success rate!!

    However, that brings me to another issue. Not very many of those smokers WANT to stop smoking. Getting them to want to is a task in itself. And you can’t make people do what they don’t want to do – not even with hypnosis. If I could, I’d be out there robbing banks by asking them to give me their money instead of sitting here creating ecourses! lol

    This issue (the wants of smokers to quit and the vaping one) also raises another thing in my mind. I have ‘sat’ on the creation of this course for 15 years. I can hear the clock ticking on it’s success, I feel my time is running out. Some of those reasons are to do with my own personal situation and others are because I see, that smoking is not going to be the big issue it once was…the market for stopping smoking isn’t what it was 15 years ago when I had my own practice. Do i think I can make money from it? Yes. Do I think it will be there in 5 years time still making me money? No. So I need to get this out of my system and now so I can move on to bigger and more pertinent issues in our society. I need to help those still remaining.

    You see, this lack of want, that smokers have, is why vaping has been so massively successful. It doesn’t ask them to stop their relationship with cigarettes. (Yes, relationship. I will get to this in a moment) It asks them to transfer it to something else. Like, if you give a smoker a different brand of cigarettes. At first, they will be ‘eugh’ I hate this brand, but eventually they get used to it. And if it’s a choice between a different brand or giving up smoking they will of course, choose the new brand. Vaping is the new brand in my opinion.

    So it gets around the issue completely that smokers do not want to stop. When I had my own Hypnotherapy practice this ‘want’ in smokers was my biggest obstacle. Usually, they were there because their partner really wanted them to stop, or their doctor had told them they should. Not because they wanted to. I had to convince them to want it for themselves because, unless they did, it wouldn’t matter what I did, they simply wouldn’t quit.

    My practice was to ask for a £1oo non refundable deposit when they first booked their appointment on the phone. On the phone I would make it very clear to them that whilst Hypnosis was incredibly effective, and how fantastic my success rate was, that unless they wanted to stop smoking for themselves and their own reasons, they’d be wasting their time and money because it wouldn’t work. If I’m honest, most of that phone call was me trying to talk them out of coming!

    Do you know what the maddest thing is? Out of all those phone calls I made, 90% of them would still book an appointment. However, I would get a a significant number of people who would get there, sit in my chair and then I would see fear and panic come across them. They would practically go white. They’d say, ‘actually, sorry, I’ve decided I don’t want to do this. Can I leave now?’ Despite the fact they’d lose their £100 deposit if they did so – they still wanted to walk out!?!

    Their reasons wasn’t because  of their lack of faith in me or hypnosis. Most of my work was spread by word of mouth so they knew friends etc who had just stopped easily with me. Their panic and need to flee arose from the fact that they realised…this is it. They have to give this up for good, and that made them fearful. Even though they could see how great their friend was looking and doing – they were scared of leaving behind cigarettes! Their fear of leaving behind cigarettes was greater than their fear of continuing to smoke and this fear was no match for the pleasure they would get if they quit.

    For a long time I fought this issue, and continued only seeing people who genuinely wanted to stop smoking for themselves. I would turn away a lot of people. Refuse to see them unless they could convince me of their genuine want. But it always bugged me….why do smokers react like you’re trying to take something precious away from them….why do they not want to stop? They can see how happy it is to be a non smoker because they see how well their friend has done and yet, they still don’t want to stop!?!  Purely and simply, it’s because they have a relationship with cigarettes. It’s their friend, their companion. They share secrets with it when stood outside in the cold alone smoking. It sees them through the happy times. Consoles them in their sad ones. Calms them when they are worried. The biggest thing they have to give up is not nicotine or addiction…it is a friend.

    Yes, an abusive friend, but a friend none the less. The trouble is that, much like a man or woman in an abusive relationship, whilst we can all see they are being treat badly and need to leave,…until they reach snapping point they will not. Abusive relationships are not all bad, there has to be some good bits, some benefits, otherwise the abuse wouldn’t work. And it is the same with cigarettes. The trick is in getting them to see their relationship for what it truly is, then they want to walk away.

    Of course, some people in an abusive relationship end up leaving only to find themselves attracted to another abusive partner… moving from cigarettes to vaping? 😉

    So…that leads me to two other things you have mentioned….the feel of the video and the pricing.

    The reason I want to make the video dark, scary and edgy is that it’s those kind of things make people want to stop smoking, not the lovely heavenly pictures, or the examples of their friends who have stopped smoking and are loving it. For a smoker those things don’t seem to matter.  Of course,  I need people who want to stop smoking otherwise they won’t sign up for the course. So I have to do something that creates that want within them. I have to redress the balance of the problem that I came across when seeing them face to face – I have to make the fear of continuing to smoke greater than the fear of leaving them behind.

    Maybe I’ve got it wrong, and my ‘mindtrix’ on this video simply won’t work – but that was the thought process behind it.

    I believe that pain and fear are our bigger motivators. In fact, they are the biggest drivers of our overall behaviour. Fear moves us subconsciously too, which is why I need to use it…because I need to work with their subconscious to make changes. My aim with my video was to make it hypnotic like…the flashing images…the jumping around…to engage the conscious so I can speak to the subconscious…or at least, that was my aim.

    Pain is the best motivator to use for short term motivation…and the aim of the video is to motivate them only for the short term…only long enough to get them to sign up. Pleasure is for long term motivation. I am aware I will need to use that within the course itself to achieve success with people.

    I have tried to use pain in the video to get peoples attention, to motivate them enough to want to stop smoking, because unless they want to I can never help them and they will never sign up. So for my mind, the fear must be there and must be the major card I play in the trailer.However, I recognise completely that pleasure has to play a part too, which is why I wanted to reference some glimpses of freedom in there.

    There are horrible pictures on cigarette packets now trying to frighten people away from smoking them. Yes, it frightens smokers. However, when our fear is evoked we go in to fight or flight mode…with a cigarette packet in hand there’s nothing to fight with…no welcoming hand offering to help them not smoke so they flight from the horror of the pictures by lighting up. Because also, neuro scientists have shown us when smokers are shown scary pictures like this, the ‘craving spot’ in their brain lights up, their need to comfort themselves somehow becomes overwhelming…and of course…right there in their hand…is the thing that has always comforted them in the past so there’s only one thing they will ever do…continue to smoke!

    If we don’t know what else to do in the face of fear we are most likely to choose whoever shows us a path to go down. When those pictures are on cigarette packets, the cigarettes offer a path for the smoker to go down. It is my hope that when I offer fear, they will choose my path to go down. I believe that to use fear successfully as a motivation tool you must offer a solution with it.

    The use of the prison metaphor I have chosen with the course is not just an apt one because of how well the name alcatraz works with nicotraz.  It was because it is so relevant to the smokers position..but when they spend so long in that prison they cannot see the reality of their situation anymore, they lose their fight to leave. They ‘forget’ how bad it is, and begin to see it as a companion. This stops them from wanting to leave (wanting to stop smoking) they need to be reminded of the truth of their situation, that they are in fact trapped, that they are dictated to, abused, etc etc….By nature, most smokers are rebellious. This is why they started smoking in the first place, usually as a teenager (the rebellious years) to rebel against their parents, teachers etc etc. So, the prison aspect also calls up their rebellious streak…trying to prod them and poke them and say ‘hey, are you going to stand for this?’ ‘Do you realise what they are doing to you’

    I want them to feel angry and fearful and starkly aware of their situation because only then, do they stand a chance of standing up and being counted, of wanting to stop smoking. I need to play to their character traits, fears and worries to entice them into action

    Seeing pleasurable pictures of people who are free from smoking can of course inspire them, but sadly doesn’t motivate them to take action. Action is what i need. Motivation not inspiration. Pain will always trump pleasure. Add to that, that most smokers, when shown pictures of someone who has stopped, do feel they would like it to be them but it doesn’t evoke them to take action. I suppose this is a bit like if we were to see someone we were really attracted to…the person of your dreams. We can see them, smell them, feel them…imagine everything that being with them would be like but do we go up and ask them out….Hell, no! I mean…they might reject us right? No matter how wonderful it ‘could be’ we won’t do it because the pain of possible rejection (pain) will stop us from taking action towards pleasure.

    Of course, most smokers, by the time they get to trying hypnosis to quite have already tried 100’s of other ways. So they know only too well how painful trying to stop is, and so, will associate that pain of stopping with those pleasurable pictures too…even though we don’t – they do.

    I see here also a great deal of relevance to where a lot of us find ourselves in our ecourse creations…suddenly we become frozen…we are frightened of what might happen if we do succeed. Yes, we can see success, we can picture it etc, dam, we want it! BUT the fear…that overrides everything UNTIL we connect with the fear of what will happen if we don’t do it…what if we don’t try and succeed? How will we feel then?  Once we feel that fear and it becomes great and strong enough, then we move forward again!

    I think my video has to evoke the pain and fear in continuing to smoke and then my sales page has to offer a solution to the fear and pain they believe they may feel if they try to stop (that pain they have experienced so many times) I think this will address the psychological fight in their mind when it comes to quitting and actually wanting to quit.  I hope.

    Oh dear, I hope I’m making sense!

    As for the pricing. This is a psychological issue too. When I started up doing face to face Hypnosis in my local area I charged £250 per person. This was 15 years ago. No other hypnotherapists were charging this much and I was bloody scared being the only one. I didn’t think anyone would pay that much. How wrong I was? I had a waiting list – a very long one! I also had a very high success rate. Higher than anyone else.

    Thing is, I don’t think I was any better than the other hypnotherapists around me. I questioned my methods constantly. I think…what the pice did was twofold. Firstly, it gave a higher perceived value. If I was charging that much and the other hypnotherapist round the corner charging £30, who do you think people thought was the better hypnotherapist.?

    Secondly, it separated the wheat from the chaff. When a  hypnotherapist charges £30 they get smokers at their door who think ‘yeah, I may as well give that a go, why not, it’s only £30’ When I got people to my door, they were determined people, People who were highly motivated to do this, no matter what. £250 was a big investment for an hour of work and so they were bloody sure they were going to quit no matter what I did. The parting with the money was almost part of the therapy if you like.

    So…the final price will be £250. This has to mean something to them…not just be a ‘yeah, why not?’ However, I am naive in the workings of ecourse sales and so am prepared to drop it to the £97 as per Brad’s suggestion for the initial pre sale phase.

    As for the Mindtrix name. My initial reaction is to be stubborn and say I need to stick with Mindtrix. That’s my gut reaction. However, I know that my gut reaction isn’t always the best one and I usually come up with my better ideas when I allow it to process and slow cook in my mind! 😉 lol So…that’s what I shall do.

    I understand what you are both saying about how important the .org etc extensions can be in peoples perception of your website but I also feel that it is becoming less of an issue as time moves on, as we are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing others. I know I used to feel that way about unknown extensions but now, I don’t even look anymore. I base my opinion on the look and feel of the site itself and what it has to offer. But as I say, I’ll think on it.

    If you’re still here now…reading this….thanks for sticking with me to the end. It’s been a long ride…but you’ll be pleased to know it’s over! lol.




    @saramccann is it the Northern in you that has you chattering on? So good to see someone who chats more than me.

    As to vaping… I think that soon we’ll discover just how bad it is for you. Probably worse than cigarettes.

    I am the most expensive doula in the UK. Like you, I have a waiting list. I have people calling, emailing, following me on instagram and twitter and messaging.  So yes, price does have that effect.

    So, stay true to your heart. It’s good that you know your boundaries and goals. I look forward to hearing what the next goal is, but first.. let’s get this one done.


    DavidJ Jurasek


    I see so much wisdom in what you have discovered. So much experience and know how…

    I see absolutely no threat to finding motivated clients even with vaping.

    I am actually excited about you helping potential quiters (or Nicotraz escapees) to see how what you do is different and more powerful than vaping substitution. Here are some ideas to add to the mix and you have it all worked out already, perhaps to enhance the marketing funnel…

    You’ve tried to quit by going with vaping and…

    • Feeling like you are just addicted to something else.
    • Not satisfied with being in a different prison (even though it’s a cheaper one).
    • You want to be truly free, emotionally and physically from the burden of having to take a puff…
    • You suspect (and have heard) that it may also be bad for you to vape (cancer and suspected unknown long term effects scaring you)

    How “Escape from Nicotraz” is a whole different journey…

    (insert your list of what makes it more powerful and lasting)

    Why Escape from Nicotraz works…

    (insert your list)

    Who it is NOT for…

    (insert your list)

    Who it is for…

    (insert your list)

    How to know if you are really ready to quit or likely to waste your money…

    (I know you offer them the refund, but in addition I wonder if having them take a disqualifying quiz or a simple check list to identify readiness for change — slowing them down from impulse buying — which as you know paradoxically increases motivation).

    I have so much confidence in you and know you are on the right track.

    Love how this brought out so many deep reflections!

    I know this is needed!

    Go get ’em Mindtrix Maestra!




    @davidj speaks truth!

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