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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide


    Celebrate good times.

    What a day!
    After eight weeks of dreaming into the future of webinars.
    Several weeks of hardcore binge-working and creating.
    And a 25+ hour work day to get everything ready.

    We did it!

    We created our first ever green-screen webinar adventure on the Art of eCourse Creation.

    As you all know, our mission is to create highly engaging, fun, effective learning experiences for our students.

    With that intention comes a whole lot of experimentation, research, trial, error and creatively inspired good times.

    Even though today’s webinar was far from perfect, we are ridiculously pumped at the potential we’ve stumbled upon.

    Andy literally worked 24-hours straight to edit, mix and sync this presentation. If you watch it, you’ll see a lot of glitches (which our 26 audience members saw). But we don’t care! It doesn’t matter. Cuz we did it!!!

    We cracked a new code.
    We got to a new summit on the mountain.

    Now we get to go back down the path and make it clearer, better and more streamlined.

    Building original, effective eCourses is like climbing a mountain.

    It takes hard work, perseverance and courage.

    Here are a few lessons we learned from creating this wildly different kind of webinar:

    1. Rather than striving for perfection, strive for improvement.

    2. Be vulnerable and willing to learn out loud. Those who were with us today found value in our openness and willingness to share our learning process, even AS it was happening.

    3. Think outside the blueprint. If you want to thrive in the Sea of Sameness, you’re going to need to apply your right brained, creative skills for student engagement.

    We’re super stoked to get back to work with this Art of eCourse Creation webinar.

    It really is a game-changing way to teach online.

    Spread the word about our August 18th one. It’s gonna be way more polished.

    Feel free to ask us questions too!


    Lorraine Watson

    Your three takeaways were the points that hit caught my ear during the presentation. You guys handled the delay like pros.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks for coming out Lorraine. Glad you got to witness that.

    We were expecting that delay to be 5-10 minutes and we had to improv that for 30 minutes  LOL

    Good thing there’s always lots to talk about!

    We’re really excited to dial in this new style of presentation.

    Curious what you thought about it, minus the glitches.


    Sharyn Warren

    This looks cool! Have to study this more closely! Congratulations on reaching a new summit!



    Lisa R

    Wow guys – this is so much fun! So cool to see you bringing the whole GEA magic directly into the webinars!

    Congrats and high fives!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks Lisa. This definitely opened up a new world of possibilities for us. It is rough around the edges, but we’ll have it tightened up and ready to rock for next Wednesdays webinar.


    Lorraine Watson

    Hey @bradleytmorris, my apologies for the late reply. I’ve been mulling on the green screen webinar and feel rather sheepish to say I was having a hard time picking out something “code cracking game changer”.  Then I realized the problem was you’ve normalized the high bar experience. The journey inside the GEA is what you are taking outside with a bit of a Caf-Pow boost to it.

    There is no comparison between what you pulled together and the typical voice over slides presentation.

    Thought making the “quick action” coupon accessible by a riddle was quite the interesting approach. What sort of response did you get?

    Are you going to dissect or go behind the scenes with us on the coaching call? Would also like to hear more about the possibilities you see.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    haha, glad we’re making the high-bar normal now! That’s great that you see it that way Lorraine.

    What you saw there was definitely a sloppy, rushed version of what’s to come. But it gives you a view inside where we’re heading. It’s very exciting.

    The response wasn’t good for very good reason. The last ten minutes of the presentation cut out for some reason. This is one of the bugs we’re working with this week, to ensure that our wireless is powerful enough to play the whole video. People never got to watch the riddle part at the end, which was unfortunate.

    We’re excited to see and will definitely report back once we do our next one, which will be August 17th   🙂


    Lorraine Watson

    @bradleytmorris & @andyfreist – great job on your second go round of the webinar.

    Had to chuckle today listening to a “free training” talking head, PowerPoint video. Total sales pitch without delivering on the “3 things to avoid, 1 thing to …” promised in the email offering.

    As I said before, you guys have raised the bar high on the overall experience and you packed a lot of information people can take away.

    Two thumbs up!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks Lorraine. We appreciate that very much.

    We’ll admit, we had an epic idea and are back to the drawing board for the webinar.

    The webinar is the prequal to the Great eCourse Adventure, so where does it all begin?

    Outer space perhaps????…..

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