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    Laura Koller

    I had another thought today.  The course is divided into 3 segments.

    Attention – The Lungs (Mindfulness), The Eyes (Mindset)

    Connection – The Ears (Listening), The Heart (Compassion), The Larynx (Speaking)

    Execution – The Brain (Initiating Behaviors), The Muscles (Sustaining Behaviors), The Stomach (Courage to Act)

    (If you notice, that spells ACE.  Right now the idea is to “ACE the Game of Patient Care.”  Did you get that?)

    I’m thinking about adding one more module to the first segment – just because I’m someone who craves symmetry.  The new segment will be The Skin and it will be about setting healthy boundaries, a concept that is so key in healthcare and in life.  I think it fits there – it’s something that starts with yourself on a personal level, before you start connecting with others and executing new behaviors.

    It just gets me thinking.  Do I market it all as one course, or do I market the first course (Attention) and then, from there, I can use that to propel the next course (Connection) and then the final one (Execution).  I’m planning to launch the free module at the end of August, and realistically it will take me 1-2 months to hammer out each of the next modules.  That means by the end of the year, I can likely have 3 modules complete.  (Unless I can generate enough money to cut back my work schedule by a couple of days each month and use that towards offsetting that income – which could speed the whole financial picture forward in several ways.)

    If you’re still reading, thanks for hanging in there.  Right now this is all stewing in my brain like a half-finished pot of gumbo.


    Sara McCann

    Well, what can I say!?! This is ACE!! I particularly love the concept of the skin you have integrated, and how you relate this to being about boundaries and relating on a personal level first before connecting with others.

    Your time schedule and targets sound so exciting too – OMG, you could have 3 modules complete by the end of the year!!! Yeay! Super excited for you on that.

    As for the thought of selling them as separate courses. I have no rhyme, reason, logic or experience to offer you on this one but for some reason my gut instinct is to say, market as 3 separate. More opportunity for income, upgrades, repeat business? So much easier to find one customer who will come back and buy 3, than 3 customers to buy one thing?


    DavidJ Jurasek


    This is brilliant… you are brilliant! And more so the patience, dedication and wisdom you have brewed for so long to distill it down to such clarity, symmetry and evolutionary progression is damn well “elegant” in it’s design!

    In terms of how to sell it and in which way… My instinct is to echo Sara’s off the hip wisdom… In sections. If the 2nd and 3rd ecourses depend on the learning of the previous one(s), I would even consider being firm about not letting them sign up for those until they do the previous ones… If not, and each can stand alone, that works also. Maybe, to entice continuation, once they complete one, they have discounts (rewards for completion) to the other two…

    Whatever you decide, I have 200% confidence in you to suss out the best pathway for your future learners…

    AND, all of this is going to make such a deep and wholesome difference in their lives and their work as health care pro’s!






    I’m going to jump onto that bandwagon @laurakoller and echo @saramccann and @davidj

    You’re doing brilliantly. The summit is within your grasp.


    Laura Koller

    Thank you to @saramccann @davidj and @mars for your support and feedback!

    FIRST, I was looking over my course outline and I noticed – in the module about executing behaviors – an exercise called “Two Choices.”  And I laughed, because basically my course answered the question about how to market itself.  I am in agreement with the three of you – offering choices is good, giving people a lower-resistance (cost) option is good, and shrinking my own journey to the top of the mountain is also a good thing.  So multiple courses it shall be!!!

    NEXT, I looked at the three course segments again and I thought about how much I might charge for each section.  I’ve already said that I crave symmetry, so I’d like to charge the same amount for each one.  Well, I looked at that first segment and I thought to myself – people won’t want to pay the same price for this TWO module section that they pay for a THREE module section.  After all, I’m giving them the first module for free.

    So I’m going to label the first Mindful Practice module as “Preparation” and I’m going to add one more module to the other two in the first section.  It’s called THE PITUITARY (the “Master Gland”) and it’s about purpose and priority management.  So I’m still mulling over the order of the modules, but the first section (Awareness) will include:

    THE EYES – Mindset and Positivity

    THE SKIN – Boundaries and Self-Compassion

    THE PITUITARY – Purpose and Focus

    These new additions aren’t new concepts for me – they’re important practices I use routinely in my own life.  So when I decided to add them and include them in the course, I sighed in relief and felt a deep satisfaction.  Now I’ve created spots for “The SMILE Manifesto” and “The Check-in-the-Box” – practices for which I’ve already written blog posts so the content is already there.

    You know, there are times when I wish that I was farther along on this journey.  And yet, sometimes it takes time to find the seeds, wait for planting season, and then give them time to grow.  Ultimately, though, I think it will be worth the extra time I’ve invested.

    Have a great week, my friends!!!


    Laura Koller

    One other realization – I don’t think the order is quite as crucial as I imagine.  Many people might choose to start with Behavior Change strategies, and then decide it’s worthwhile to delve into the Connection and/or Awareness sections.  I want my attitude about this course to be as open as I’d like their hearts and minds to be after taking it.  So @davidj I appreciate your question about whether the courses can stand alone or not.  The cool thing, though, is that everyone has access to the module about Mindfulness and Reflective Practice – and those are key concepts throughout each of the sections.  In fact, many of the ideas recur in different forms throughout various modules.  That means they must be important, right?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @laurakoller, all the paid features for mighty networks are coming in the next month. So if you can hold tight, you’ll have a lot more ease and flexibility come September, provided you like what you see ther eand wanna go with them. I for one and really excited about their potential. 

    It will basically allow everything Thinkific does + gamification + your own community, all in one place. Whereas, as far as I understand, Thinkific is just courses.


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey @Laurakoller,

    I completely get your comment, “You know, there are times when I wish that I was farther along on this journey.  And yet, sometimes it takes time to find the seeds, wait for planting season, and then give them time to grow.  Ultimately, though, I think it will be worth the extra time I’ve invested”

    I’ve been on the mountain 2 years and originally thought I would have many eCourses out by now. I have launched one and have been working on the other one for 2 years now.

    I am finally making leaps and bounds with it and it looks like I will be launching this fall. As much as the journey has felt painfully slow at times I also realize the original course I set out to create (or in the format I was going to create it in) would never have sold and been a huge waste of time.

    I’m super glad I have spent so much time refining my idea and feel WAY more confident about what I’m creating now.

    I have also learned SO SO MUCH in those 2 years about everything from video editing to copywriting to website design to online sales and more. These skills are building a foundation that will be usable for years to come and make this course WAY better then what I would have originally created if I had plowed through super fast.

    All the best, keep climbing one step at a time and will all get there!


    Chris G



    Laura Koller

    @bradleytmorris – Thanks for the feedback about Mighty Networks.  I think I may be ready to launch the LUNGS module in September, so the timing may be fortuitous.

    @chrisg – I appreciate your expert input!  Congratulations on your course launch and your personal growth.  I do think the time I’ve invested in refining my course idea and learning all these fancy tech tools will make the course much more “viral” (LOL) when it’s time to launch.  I wish you much success with your next ascent to the summit.  It’s good to have you here on the mountain.

    SO this week I’ve been refining my module descriptions and they’re sounding good!  Ms. Once-Upon-a-Time English major is having fun playing with words 🙂

    The EYES: Limiting beliefs can cloud your vision of what’s possible.  Learn how a constructive and positive mindset can open your eyes to the potential within you and your patients.

    The HEART: When caring for patients, you may have an impulse to bypass the human experience.  Learn how leaning into suffering and mirroring emotions can deepen ties and mend hearts.

    The STOMACH: It takes guts to speak candidly about your struggles and ask others for help.  Learn how sharing stories and making requests can feed your own success and fuel others to take action.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY I had an epiphany about launching the course modules.  In my head, I see this as a complete course with an intro and 9 modules.  That’s in my head, though.  Someone new to my website won’t need to know my ultimate plans.  They’ll just arrive at the page, (hopefully) sign up for the free intro module, and then maybe decide to sign up for a paid module.  I don’t have to pre-sell the full course or even a trio of modules.  I can just launch ONE MODULE AT A TIME, making no mention re: future modules and timing.  This relieves a lot of pressure.

    FOR ME: I can start collecting money for completed modules NOW instead of a) pre-selling something that’s not finished yet or b) waiting to sell them until they’re all finished.  I don’t even have to create the modules in the order I’ve listed.  I can start with modules I’ve already presented (EYES, BRAIN) – I already have content and references for these – and then I can add the other modules one at a time as I choose.  AND while I’m creating those other modules, I can be COLLECTING INCOME from the modules I’ve already released, increasing the size of my email list, and figuring out ways to build in social media links and all that other stuff.  There’s no rush to get to the finish line.  I just need to start with one module (the LUNGS) and then choose the next module and move on from there.  That realization is freeing in so many ways, and enables me to start seeing results much sooner.

    FOR MY STUDENTS: They get earlier access to modules, pay less money up front, and finish each course faster.  They can also pick and choose the most relevant modules (once I’ve launched several) and come back later when they have time/money/interest or new courses are added.

    LATER ON I can bundle modules or even the whole thing – but this is where I am right now.  I don’t have to finish everything first.  I’ll finish the free module, and once I launch that I can start working on the first paid module – and (maybe) pre-sell it at a discounted price.

    ONE OTHER ADVANTAGE: My goal is to gain approval to offer continuing education credits for these courses.  Most healthcare professionals in the US are required to complete a certain # of CE credits to maintain licenses and credentials, so by gaining this approval it means I attract another group of people who might be motivated to sign up because it meets this requirement.  By launching one module at a time, it makes the time to CEU approval shorter (I can apply after completing each module).  Also, as with everything else, once I’ve gone through the process once, it will no doubt be easier every time after that.

    So I don’t have a lot of content to show for the week, but I’ve made a lot of progress with my thinking!!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is an amazing vision and course. Love how much word fun you’re having. The descriptions are super clear and definitely made me lean in and smile when reading. I am so happy to see this kind of heartful training coming to the medical world! YAY YOU!!!

    re: Your marketing plan. If there’s one thing we learned about pricing, it is “GO WITH WHAT FEELS RIGHT.” You can always change it, increase the price, or change the business model altogether later. Choose something, stick with it for up to 3 to 6 months, check in and see if it’s working or if it needs to be changed. If the product is awesome, then it’s usually either the marketing OR the pricing that is off if folks aint’ signing up. Constant awareness to both of those as you grow will help you find your way!

    So proud of you for all the work you’ve done. Look back down towards Basecamp and smile at how far you’ve come!


    Laura Koller

    @bradleytmorris – I appreciate the positive feedback and the input on pricing.  I’ve been hit by a few new pricing ideas since you suggested “GO WITH WHAT FEELS RIGHT!”

    This is the crazy thing about creating an ecourse while working full-time and parenting 4 boys tween and under – I have an agenda of what I want to get done and I’m stealing moments to get it done and in between those moments when my brain is racing and my body otherwise committed, the course ideas morph and change and KAPOW new things happen.  If I was my single self, I think I could have posted a complete course by now BUT it wouldn’t be so amazing because the idea wouldn’t have stewed for so long.  You know how the flavors start to meld and the vegetables start to melt into the pot?  That’s what’s happening now.

    Last night I read about a concept called “100% Responsibility.”  The idea is that you always have choices and you can always do something that will impact your situation, and when you accept FULL responsibility for your situation then you can truly make things happen.  I’ve been seeking a what’s called a “Destination Postcard” for my course and this idea resonated with me.  Except that the destination for my course is not merely 100% Responsibility – it’s 100% HUMANITY in Healthcare.

    I’m going to work on fleshing out this concept, but for me it means each of us being our best selves for our patients.  It also means working for organizations and systems that create environments that bring out the best in their healthcare professionals (lest we think that healthcare professionals must spill their whole hearts for healthcare without their own supporters and cheerleaders).  And regardless of whether it’s actually possible to achieve 100% Humanity – it’s a clear destination to which each of us can aspire and measure our progress:

    “On our journey, there will be gaps between who we intend to be and who we are.  Minding these gaps is where our best growth potential lies.”

    Ultimately, it’s not the destination that matters so much as the declaration that each of us accepts personal accountability as we make the journey together.  100% Humanity means that, no matter if you’re the doctor or the nurse or the secretary or the cleaning crew, there’s no room to hide.  We’re all in this together and we each have a responsibility to do the right thing – because that person on the phone or in the chair or in the ultrasound image could be your parent, your sibling, your child, your friend, or YOU.

    Is this an impossible Utopian dream?  Probably.  But it’s also a call to action 🙂

    That being said, I’m thinking about using the tagline “100% Humanity in Healthcare” and I had a crazy idea that I could offer a pre-sale of the WHOLE Operation Healthcaring course (all 10 modules) for $100 to the first 100 signups.  That seems crazy cheap for the full course – but 100 sales at $100 would be $10,000 (!!!) and that would give me the financial freedom I need to cut back my work hours and invest more time in creating the course so maybe it wouldn’t be 2 years (or more) until I have the whole thing up and running.

    So that’s where I am right now, in between procrastinating chart notes and creating the next PDF for the first module.

    Thanks for reading 😉


    DavidJ Jurasek


    Your destination of 100% humanity in healthcare hits home deeply for me.

    I got a cancer diagnosis — just last week. The docs and team on my side here are incredibly patient, compassionate, and bending over backwards to help me. I am also extremely lucky to have a 99% prognosis, but also keenly aware (from many not so humane past hospital experiences) that I am lucky in the quality of care and humanity surrounding me.

    I also love your stewing metaphor. All of us long timers here on this mountain can relate!

    And I knew you had kids but 4 boys tween and under… Holy molly! What a feat every day must be. I got one daughter and she is mostly a darling — though often also highly mischevious (which I encourage)!

    You know that I love working with boys this age (any age actually). Wondering if I can gift you my book – adventure story about one 11 year old who does not fit in swept into being bullied and gradually discovering his courage, integrity and power through the martial arts training I created. If so, email me at with your full address and I will send it to thee. One request: that one of your sons or you (the book is also for adult readers) gives an honest review after finishing it and passes it on to another reader if they liked it.


    DavidJ Jurasek

    P.S. ~ Also dig that you are listening to your own inner sense of how much to charge. You know you and your work and your tribe best.



    Laura Koller

    Check this out!!!  100% HUMANITY meets 100 subscribers 🙂

    @davidj – Thanks for your response.  I’m sorry about your diagnosis and happy to hear you have a great team surrounding you.  It really does make all the difference, doesn’t it?



    Just wanted to jump in here, and compliment you on your drive…it’s just amazing, from someone who’s at the beginning of his journey, it’s so inspiring to see someone elses journey. I just wanted to say thank you, and the eCourse and content you’ve created/creating is amazing! I’ve loved every minute of reading your progress log, and can’t wait to see your project continue to flourish! Congrats on your 100 subscribers on 100% humanity!

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