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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I wanted to share a really cool Webinar Summit Andy and I are a part of, “The Online Course Creation Summit.” 

    Devin, the guy who put it together has done a great job bringing an incredibly diverse group of people to share their expertise. eCourse creation coaches, platform developers, online marketers and us, the eCourse Adventure Guides.

    We had such a fun time doing this interview and imagine you’ll have fun watching it.

    A couple interviews I’ll be watching are:

    1. Ankur Nagpal from Teachable
    2. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

    There is something more to learn, so if interested join the Summit here.


    Lisa R

    Thanks for the heads up Bradley – this looks great!

    So many amazing speakers and online services represented in this list, including you guys! Excited to hear more.

    I’m also interested to hear Pat Flynn and to learn more about Kajabi..,



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I’ll add a couple names to the “to watch” list:

    • Donna Fox, my loverly friend for many years and a wonderful speaker and marketer,
    • Danny Iny, who has some good ideas on course creation (even if it isn’t nearly as fun as being here on the mountain),
    • Jeanine Blackwell, who has the Experiential Learning Theory and 4MAT instructional design behind her new, audacious branding, and
    • Natalie Lussier, who seems to have transitioned into selling more software than ecourses.

    Here’s the irony, I have taken “ecourses” from several of these folks and this one blows them all away in terms of transformative effect! (Some of that may be timing, but I’ve wandered away from GEA and am back and engaged while the other courses have fallen by the wayside and not drawn me back in the same ways…)

    Maybe I’ll create a post with some “pros and cons” for what I’ve learned from various courses — not necessarily the content, but more what worked and didn’t work in the structure and delivery. In fact, that would be a great exercise for each of us, wouldn’t it!


    Deanna Gibbons

    Thanks for posting Bradley!  I just went over and joined the summit and can’t wait to learn something new.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome @teenlaunchacademy!  @andyfreist and my webinar goes live on Tuesday. Watch for it!

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