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    I really loved watching your BAD Artist Bootcamp, I like the slightly and provocative title…It’s like…BAD ARTIST…omg…how do I be a bad artist ūüôā

    I’m more musical than artistic (although there are similarities i’m sure ) even so I really enjoyed watching your Landing Page Video, and it’s really cool to see Thrive building their own course platform as well.

    I’m running away from more WordPress themes/plugins, because I know how much of a rabbit hole that is for a techy ūüėõ

    It’s so awesome to see more returning adventurers! It’s incredibly motivating to see people coming back to do it all over again!


    Ranger Boss Lady
    Mountain Guide

    Howdy Jessica! It’s a real treat to see your enthusiasm gettin ramped on up again. You got this girl! And I love your sharing how much it helped you to get yerself a videographer and how much you learned and how much quicker the process went by batching the shots. Somethin for us all to learn there. Lookin forward to hearin more in the Zoom Mastermind class on Tuesday!



    How fabulous. Welcome back.


    Ranger Boss Lady
    Mountain Guide

    I am sorry the Mastermind class had to be cancelled because I was really lookin forward to hearin about your progress Jessica. So I guess I’ll just have to ask for an update right here at this ole campfire…. how’ve you bin makin out?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Just checked out the mini course @jescantonelli. It looks so good.

    How have sales been going for you? What’s hot on your agenda right now?


    Jessica Antonelli

    Hey guys! Thanks SO much for all the encouragement!

    My latest launch was a bit of a mixed bag, but I’m glad I tried out some new strategies and got feedback.

    Definitely did NOT get the sales I was hoping for…Just 2 sales, although my list grew a bit also. Here are my reflections:

    -Maybe too much freebie? The BAD Bootcamp kind of morphed and grew into 19 videos in 1 week instead of 7…I was considering re-packaging it into a really affordable into class, like 3.99 or something, and have another smaller something as a new freebie?

    -Have more live instructions (webinars?) with people OR make the automated flow of bootcamp more engaging

    -I’m planning to re-package one section of the course into a separate mini-course people can take all on it’s own about portraiture. Something smaller and more approachable in terms of price and time commitment. I’ll release that as a down sell once I’m finished re-packaging it. I’m looking forward to having more than one course in my LifterLMS catalogue.

    -In the future I will improve my storyboarding. I’ve skimped too much on this step in the video process, and I pay for it in the editing room. I end up spending more time than originally anticipated adding in graphics and whatnot, so in the future if I know exactly where they go and what I’d saying with everything in synch, I’ll make life way easier for future Jessica.

    -I also was pretty conservative in investing in ads, and only spent a tiny bit on facebook ads. I plan to expand to instagram soon and invest more once I have a more clear marketing strategy.

    As for next steps, I am just putting one foot in front of the other by editing at the moment. I’m doing a bit of traveling so I’m basically just posting a few videos in front of the students…harrowing! But every revision of the course teaches me so much. And I so appreciate getting to share here!

    In the next few months I want to focus on growing my list with the BAD Bootcamp and tweaking the experience my students have… from meeting me in BAD, then maybe doing 10 Steps, then maybe taking the portraiture mini course…and maintaining an inspiring connection!

    Thanks for any feedback! Y’all are awesome!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey @jescantonelli, these are some amazing lessons.

    I’d say that your “Freebie” should be¬† paid course, based on the size of it. One option you could do is offer the first lessons for free so they walk away with some results and then can continue if inspired. Or as you said, take one section and make that the mini course, that funnels into the paid version.

    As for storyboarding. That and a solid script or at the very least, outline, is so important for making post production a breeze.

    What are your next steps to get this out into the world?

    What are three marketing strategies you could move forward with when you’re ready to advertise again?

    Super proud of you for all your persistence and hard work!


    Laura Koller

    @jescantonelli – Welcome back!

    Congratulations on your launch!  Very exciting.

    I visited your site and did the first 2¬†videos of your BAD ARTIST Bootcamp (I, too, love the title).¬† I think you’ve got some solid stuff there, and I think you have many options for tweaking it to make it sell even better.

    My initial impression is that you’re offering A LOT of content, and you’re offering it all for free.¬† I have two thoughts about that.

    First, offering all that content for free can diminish the value of all of it.¬† If people don’t have to ante anything up for it, then it doesn’t force them to assign any value to it.¬† I like Bradley’s idea to offer the first lessons (maybe the first day?) for free, and then force your students to decide whether they’re up for more.¬† I think this can also help in terms of course completion, since people will have something invested into the course.

    Second, offering A LOT of content to someone who considers themselves a BAD ARTIST or a beginner can be really intimidating.¬† My first thought when I showed up at the course page was, “Gee, there’s a lot of videos here.¬† This looks complicated.¬† I’m not sure I can do this.¬† I’m a bad artist.¬† Maybe I’ll just stay a bad artist.”¬† So if there’s a way to rope your students into JUST THE FIRST VIDEO so they start out feeling capable instead of overwhelmed – that could go a long way.¬† Added to that, can you streamline your course descriptions so they relieve anxiety (not increase it) for students who are daring to dip their toes in the water?¬† So instead of showcasing every single video and drill (OVERWHELMING!) you can just list out the daily topics.¬† For example, DAY 1: Line.¬† DAY 2: Shape.¬† DAY 3: Value.¬† I know you want to reassure students they’ll get a lot of valuable stuff – but I think your intended audience will actually appreciate more simplicity.¬† Your job isn’t to show them how super awesome your course is; your job is to take them gently by the hand and guide them toward the courage to start.

    One other observation: Since this is supposed to be a drawing class, how about placing the drawing videos first and adding the mental therapy as an extra bonus for the module?¬† When I clicked on the first video, I was ready to start¬†drawing whatever you asked me to – I had that much confidence in you – and yet I ended up not drawing anything while I listened to you trying to psych me up.¬† So I was disappointed that I didn’t draw anything AND I felt more anxiety because I was thinking this drawing thing is so complicated that I needed a pep talk before I even drew my first line.¬† I was almost ready to stop!¬† If you can leap straight into the drawing video, since your students are signing up for a drawing class, then they’ll know you mean business.¬† AND if the student feels intimidated at any point in the process (or just wants to hear more about your own thought and teaching process) then they can choose to listen to the “Inner Game” videos.

    So definitely think about your intended audience and the message you want to convey.  I think this is all great content (based on the first two videos) and I think you might get more bites by reshuffling things a bit.

    One more thing that I found incredibly helpful: chrisg recommended a great resource in the Sales & Marketing campfire.¬† There’s a book called StoryBrand by Donald Miller.¬† Even more immediate and helpful, though, is this brief mini-course on the essential elements of a website.¬† Check it out:

    Kudos to you on all your progress!



    Laura Koller

    One more thought:¬† Are you planning to use the free courses as a way to generate email addresses?¬† I noticed that I was able to watch the videos without providing any information to you.¬† I wonder if you’d like to change things so people will provide you with an email before they gain access to the course – either the free version or the rest of the paid course.

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