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    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    I realize I have a huge inventory. I am exhausted thinking about organizing it all and going through it all. But it makes sense to use what i already have to start at least.

    1) What have you already created that is highly valuable and possibly reusable?

    – Articles published
    – Podcast recordings and a telesummit
    – E-book
    – Videos and audio recordings from past online courses

    – Intro videos – more recently
    – Manuals
    – Old fearless birthing ebook
    – Old content from past online childbirth class – years ago

    4) What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about? What do you love to do?
    I LOVE doing this kind of work – visioning and creating and mapping and brainstorming
    I love facilitating group processes and witnessing breakthroughs
    I love talking about physiology – both birth and trauma recovery
    I love imagining ways I can impact more mothers globally.

    I have been teaching mothers for many years now, however, I would like to grow from a room of 6-12 to hundreds online. I am passionate about living life fully and being the fullest expression of who you are – I am passionate about healing. I have seen what many birth attendants never see – raw, instinctive, physiological, empowering birth experiences. I feel blessed to know this world and that it is possible and so beautiful. I have also seen violent, disempowering, traumatic birth experiences that leave both myself and the family, heartbroken. I wanted to learn how to support mothers through their grief. So I have learned how to support empowered birthing and how to support healing – both ends of the spectrum.

    To be honest, this inspires me more than one-on-one counselling/therapy.

    5) What creative people do you have in your life that may be able to contribute to your course?
    ie: actors, videographers, designers, techies, photographers, artists, editors, copywriters, animators, etc…

    My son, who is 15, is learning photoshop and wants to be a digital designer. I want to include him somehow. He is a genius with video editing and creation. There might be a learning curve though.

    Lisa Works – Web designer/Creator/Brand Design – I would love to pay her to help me with this creation of this course

    Curtis – Photographer
    Sherry Rothwell – Copywriter (maybe) or myself for copy writing

    Animators? Do not know any… Actors … nope.

    I have done everything in the past – video, editing, copywriting, web design, brand design, audio, podcast, course creation and delivery – I am exhausted. I would like to branch out and have a team and trust in the investment. I am afraid of investing up front and not seeing a return on the investment. 


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is a great list. All you can do is reach out and start having conversations with your contacts to see who’s interested in partnering up. Working as a team is what made the Great eCourse Adventure what it is.

    Considering you LOVe the workshops and one-on-one stuff most, ONE idea is that your courses could be “integration support” for after people see you in one of those, rather than a “public offering.”  I think interviewing all your past clients and asking them what they’d want for an online course would also be an incredibly valuable investment of your time, money and energy. Create what they tell you to create   🙂


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Thanks for the feedback. Just to clarify, I prefer groups and online dynamic, then one-on-one counselling. I love my work as a counsellor, however, I light up when I am working in program creation mode and teaching to larger groups.

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