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    Akasha Madron

    Hi Everyone,

    I am in the process of changing my old website to reflect my new focus of teaching boundaries and protection to doulas and other people associated with the birthing process.  But my first focus is for Doulas, just to be clear.

    I have had a website up for years, catering to my old target market.  My business name is Changing The Story.  I was helping people cross thresholds and transform their stories when they were stuck or lost.  I have around 200 people on my newsletter list, wherein I talked a lot about the existing astrological happenings and developing intuition .  I am still planning to offer astrology and tarot readings for awhile as they are currently my bread and butter.

    As I begin to re-write my home page with the new info I can’t help feeling like I am abandoning my followers.  I am already dragging my feet at announcing to them out of the blue of my change and changing everything about it.  and yes I get the irony that my site is called changing the story, lol!


    So my question is do I just go ahead and change it and explain in a newsletter and on the home page?  Do I create a new website, modify the old one, since I’m still doing my basics. and then as I develop my courses and overarching theme morph them together.

    Should I have a home page explaining the shift and then have a separate page for Doulas and one for my astrology and tarot and then slowly morph the whole thing into the theme I create?

    I am kind of at a loss as to what would be simpler and easier.

    I really need to get something up by Wednesday to get myself started.  The Universe keeps sending me hurry up messages from all sorts of people.  Everyone  I talk to keeps getting goosebumps and heightened energy and excitement when I tell them where I’m headed.

    Thanks for your help,



    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Akasha,

    Exciting times!  Can you share the link to your existing website so we can all have a look? It’s hard to comment much without seeing what your current site looks like. Without knowing your target demographic too much (being a boy and all 🙂 Here are the first couple thoughts that come to mind for me:

    • As a summary: existing site is around, Astrology, Tarot & Using these & other tools to help ppl cross thresholds and change stories that were not serving them. New business will focus on working with teaching boundaries and self-protection during the birthing process. Is this correct?
    • How relevant is the content on your existing site to your new work with Doulas, and maybe more important would be, does it add value to the work you are doing with them around birthing or could it have the potential to confuse your new audience or even discredit you in a new field of work?
    • If it adds value I wonder if you could not rebrand your existing site with your new focus being more apparent but still keep the existing info on their as it’s own section. Then the two topics feed into each other.
    • If that seems like it may be two confusing to either audience, then could you just have 2 websites? One for each topic and still link to the other site for those that may be interested?
    • I’d be hesitant to completely disregard your old site if it still has a fair bit of traffic, maybe some of that traffic may be interested in your new work. And it sounds like your existing work is providing a useful service to ppl and if it is not too much to maintain it then maybe you can do both?

    Without knowing either of the topics well, it’s hard for me to have an opinion. Hopefully, these questions help.

    Congratulations on your new project coming to fruition!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Aloha Akasha! I TOTALLY get where you are! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made changes on my website and struggled with the same thing of letting down my previous students. For me it was a long (confusing) journey until just recently where I can now see how they all overlap and branch out from one common source. I’m still in that process but can see a bigger picture now.

    I love all of the points Chris makes! These are great to look at to help you make a decision. I was going to grab a few points from them to list here, but they are all great! Perhaps some answers to those can help with offering more feedback and give you more insight as well.

    Let us know your thoughts. Super exciting times!!


    Akasha Madron

    Thanks Chris and BJ,

    My website is  Your summary is correct and keep in mind that birth is about crossing thresholds and changing stories so this new thing I’m doing is coming from the same vein but from a different angle.  I may end up changing my business name, but for now I’m going to try and make it work.

    And in thinking about your questions, I am realizing that when I think about the old site and stuff I’ve been doing, I am so done with it.  Not with astrology, where I am learning new processes in leaps and bounds, nor tarot which feeds my soul to do readings.  But the way I’ve had to package and sell the whole of it just doesn’t jive with me anymore.  My body just wants to dive under the covers, whereas with this new area, my body is so happy and excited and singing with glee when I work on it.  I think because it is a specific thing I can say that I am doing rather than a list of things that I do.  I feel so relieved as well.

    I’ve always seen myself as more of a midwife then a healer.  But the more I read about them the more I realize I’ve been more a Doula than a midwife all of my life.

    I know once I make this transition to teaching the people associated with birth, I won’t want to look back or have to spend energy on the old stuff.

    So I’m thinking that, yes, I need to just revamp my old website, send a newsletter to my existing people about the change so they can opt out if they don’t want to stay on my list, and just go for it.

    My housemate suggested I put up a large alert banner about the change on my home page with a reassurance of still doing astrology and tarot and that might help me ease my qualms about a sudden abrupt thing.

    I definitely want to change the pictures and the feel to a more magical grounded portal type feel.

    Thank you both so much for your responses, it helped immensely !



    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    YES! Way to listen to your body! I can FEEL your relief! This is beautiful!! Love the clarity you received! I can ‘see’ it in your writing and feel your heart come through! YAY!!!!! Happy dance for you! Woohoo!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Akasha, sorry this slipped through my radar. Seems like Chris and BJ have been supportive and helpful though in my absence.

    I think you need to go with what feels like, good, exciting and long-term. If you need to, create a super simple Astrology/Tarot Reading website and link that from your main site via the bio.

    But it seems like your Doula work needs its own home base because it’s a totally different business.   🙂

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