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    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    We think its about time to make our stand against violent marketing tactics.

    I recommend you check out a quick primer on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which inspired this entire idea 😉

    Would love to hear your thoughts and input.

    Here’s an excellent post made by Catherine Wildfox on the subject.

    I have purchased and intend to turn it into a resource for people who want to connect with their tribe, rather than wage war on them 😉

    Would love this to be a collaborative project for our entire community – to co-create an entirely new system and ethos on sales and marketing..

    Language creates the world.

    So let’s take a look at the language commonly used in sales and marketing:

    • Campaign
    • Target
    • Tripwire
    • Funnel
    • Email blast
    • Conversion
    • Guerrila marketing
    • Strategy
    • Tactics/tactical
    • Customer
    • User
    • Capture leads
    • Exploit
    • Followers
    • Subscribers


    New non-violent marketing term ideas:

    • Focus
    • Tribe
    • Journey
    • Process
    • Inspire
    • ?????

    I’ve got more, but need to focus on some other things at the moment. Will come back and update. Just wanted to get the conversation sparked.

    The bottom line is that we need a conscious way to market and sell our courses/products/services/etc that truly INSPIRES people to make a purchase, rather than corners them, pokes their wounds, and MANIPULATES them to make a purchase.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    And remember “bullet” points!

    I’ve had some similar conversations in the past and look forward to more.

    (Does this mean you wouldn’t be interested in the domain 😉 )


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I also am highly intrigued by the Fundamental Human Needs model that was linked from that Wikipedia article.

    I suspect that we are moving more and more towards satisfying those needs directly, through things like our new style of ecourses, rather than indirectly through big houses and fancy cars.


    Jutta Dobler

    So true Andy, and so needed! I just let out a sigh of relief reading the non violent marketing term ideas! Yes, it is about inspiring people not about scaring them.
    I did a year-long coaching program where we learned a lot about the old ways of marketing and it never set right with me. When I mentioned that, my coach said that 80 % of people are motivated by moving away from pain, which is why this way of marketing works so well. Only 20 % are apparently motivated by moving towards pleasure. I am definitely among the 20 %. Sounds like you guys are too. Wonder where this statistic comes from and how much truth there is to it….


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I love this conversation. It is time we start treating “leads” like real people.
    It’s time for us to stop flushing peole down our funnels and instead lead them up a mountain.
    It’s time for us to stop targeting our audience and instead, focusing on how we can benefit their lives.
    It’s time for us to stop using manipulative sales tactics that hit people’ insecurities and pain bodies as a way to make a sale and instead focus on how we can inspire, empower and uplift them.

    I’m gonna come back to this and add to it as I get inspired by the negative versions we’re all used to seeing. Please add the terms that give you the heebie jeebies too!

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