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    Trish Hyatt

    It was very interesting looking at my list of things I want to do when I have money and time,

    ” Travel, Visit Family, Learn more about Straightness Training for horses, Spend more time with my granddaughter, See my sister, More research for more courses. “

    and realizing there were similar things I could be doing now and don’t.

    “Investigate where I want to travel.  Do I need to learn a foreign language. Visit family on Skype. Practice what I know with my horses and experiment. Make a list each week of what I’ve done or what’s happened so I have something to share with family.  Have a look at my horse eCourse outline and make changes if needed. What else can I do for the aquatics? “

    I found this exercise way easier than last years and I think that’s because I have more clarity.
    Now to Implement some of my Future in to my Now.



    Trish Hyatt

    It was great seeing you again Water Goddess, you made me shiver!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Beautiful share Trish. Isn’t it funny how we focus so much on the future that we forget to live the elements of our dream in our now. Can’t wait to see how this realignment plays out in your 2016… hopefully PLAY is the key word here  😉


    Jo Rhodes

    Travel is a big thing I want to do more of too.. but travel doesn’t have to be a massive, expensive overseas trip.. me and my husband often just visit friends or go camping for a couple of nights – even going an hours drive away from home feels like a little holiday.. so maybe see if you could do some ‘small’ travels to get you in the mood!


    Trish Hyatt

    Thanks for the suggestion @stuffjolikes .  It’s funny I’ve traveled more in the past couple of years than ever before but some how it always involves horses and teaching or learning. Time for a chill break.
    17 years ago I took two horses in to the mountains, alone, for 14 days.
    I set up a dry camp to ride out of because the weather was so changeable.  It took me the first four days to stop jumping up to do this and do that.
    I think I could settle a lot faster now.

    Somewhere tropical I think, but not too warm. But definitely warm water so I can keep creating my program.

    I have not been doing good at implementing the list above from Dec 14th. Time to print it out and post it on the tent wall so I don’t forget about it again @bradleytmorris .

    Is there any way to turn on email notifications for these posts @andyfreist ? I realize I should be checking in more but have been a little busy.



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