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    Anonymous @

    I’m Anne Gage of Confident Horsemanship.  I teach (mostly) women to boost their confidence while building their dream partnership with their horses.  There are 3 parts to what I teach:

    1. The mind set or mental game (getting control of those mind gremlins that fill our heads with negative and scary thoughts and pictures).
    2. Understanding the horse’s perspective – what he needs most to feel safe, how to communicate in a way that makes sense to him and how to work with his bio-mechanics, psychology and herd dynamics.  All of this starts from the ground and as soon as the horse can see you.
    3. Being balanced, supple and mindful in the saddle – so that you can get out of your own and your horse’s way; feel your horse’s movement; and help your horse build the right muscles to do what you’re asking him to do.  (Horses are not built to carry weight on their backs, so we need to be light and soft and work with their bio-mechanics).

    When you can put all 3 of these elements together, your partnership with your horse improves, and so does your confidence and performance.


    I signed up for this adventure because I want to get away from the never ending loop of trading time for dollars.  I enjoy teaching and seeing people improve their enjoyment of riding or just being with horses as their confidence increases.  And, seeing how that increased confidence effects their lives in other areas as well.  But, I can only reach a small number of people through in person lessons and clinics.  I already have 1 eCourse based on managing the mind gremlins.  It’s called “Build Your Confidence with Horses and Riding by Winning the Mental Game”.  Unfortunately, although I get good feedback from the people who have taken the course, it does not sell well.  So, I need to learn more about putting together a really good eCourse and marketing it well.  I also want to add more eCourses on the other 2 elements – Understanding the Horse’s Perspective (herd dynamics, body language, bio-mechanics) and Being a More Supple and Balanced Rider (riding with lightness and mindfulness).

    What brings me alive is working with people and their horses and seeing the change in them both – the release of mental and physical tension, stress and anxiety; the joy; and, the connection that happens as a result.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome to have you here Anne. You and Trish are definitely speaking the same language and I see you know each other. My wife, Celeste is also big into horses and conscious horsemanship.

    We are really excited to have you here and are confident we can help you infuse your current and new courses with a whole lot of creativity and value.

    Thanks for saying yes to the adventure ahead!

    We are here with you and for you.


    Trish Hyatt

    Yes Anne and I have a lot of mutual friends. One day we’ll meet.




    Anne, what a great idea for a course! Horses were great for me as a teenager and also fab for my daughter. Everything about partnership and leadership is right there! Is your course meant for women who ride once a week or so versus own?


    Anonymous @

    Nice to meet you here, @beth.  My course is meant for horse women with any level of experience whether or not they own their own horses.


    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    Hi Anne, Your work sounds fantastic, as a girl in SD, I grew up riding horses, and one thing that always strikes me is the strength, the gentle power that a girl on a horse learns to control, which I experienced as super empowering, and would be THE reason I would find money and time to get back into horses, or get my girls connected to them. Just a thought I wanted to share. Warmly, Karryn





    Hey Anne,

    So nice to meet you here. Your equine work sounds so amazing. I wish you the best in this course!



    Sharyn Warren

    Nice to meet you, Anne. What great ideas you are going with. My daughter rode hunter style from 9 until 20. We had not had any contact with horses before she began her love affair, so that was a HUGE adventure that taught us so much about ourselves and enough about horses to keep ours safe and happy. Things like “unplanned dismounts” and “shoveling poop–how did this become my life?” are just a few of the lessons I was confronted with. As well as such seeming contradictions as: “You trusted your mount, didn’t you instead of using your aides” in one approach to the jump. And “you relied on yours aids instead of trusting your mount, didn’t you? He knows what his is doing” in the next. All true. Anyhow, I much admire you and what your are doing. Good luck!


    Deb Robson

    Looking forward to following your progress! In our small family we rescue and work with (train/re-train) dogs. Have not had time to do more than just visit with horses. I’d love to get to know them with your approach.

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