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    Hardy LeBel

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to share my solution to the questions posed in the UCSE5K module, because I’m about to put them into action, and I’d love feedback.

    In the “oldthink” way of doing things (looking for validation), I asked my audience what they’d like to know more about, and that’s what I ended up building my first e-course around.

    In my particular case, polling my audience told me that folks who followed me expressed strong interest in level design for video games, and also in game design. So I built my first course on level design.

    What I did was basically sent out a questionnaire, asking – “What are your questions about level design? Ask me anything you want!”

    I ended up with a long list of questions from folks, the answers to some of which I folded into my course materials. That was a help to polishing my content.

    But my plan for the UCSE5K is to take the list of questions, and go through the basic topics and answer them in a series webinars. I already have the questions, so I’ll whip up some 40-50 minute presentations with answers, followed by a short plug for my full course.

    Based on the questions list that I have, I think I can easily fill up content for three one-hour webinars, which I’ll run during my launch window.

    I’ll promote the webinars to my e-mail list, through FB ads and on Twitter/Instagram.

    I know we don’t spend any time worrying about “validation” per se, but I thought this might be an interesting example of how to combine some validation with the more evolved sales practices of the UCSE5K.

    Any feedback would be most welcome.

    – Hardy


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Hardy,

    This is awesome feedback and highly recommended for others to follow in your footsteps with this strategy.

    The Validation Swamp will finally be ready (very soon – for realz this time), which will go into the whole process of validating. But what you said here is a perfect, simple and powerful way to do it.

    Webinars in our opinion are incredible mediums for building trust fast, providing some mega upfront value and giving people a test test of what your course is all about.

    I think it’s important to keep the level of quality at par with your course though. Make the vibes and branding consistent. This was our early mistake with our webinars. We had high quality Great eCourse Adventure experience with low quality webinars. We’re now on a mission to transform the entire webinar experience.

    Get ready for GEA in Outer Space   😉

    I’m pumped to see your sales pages, branding, etc…

    Sounds like you’re building an awesome course Hardy.

    Well done!

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