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    Sharyn Warren

    One of the things I want for my course and my life is to feel more courageously creative, take a few more risks, go to wonderful new places. To be open to new possibilities, delightful discoveries that can never be found by sticking to what is already known, familiar. Re-cycled experiences.

    About a year ago, I was checking out Groupon offers to give my kids for presents. Something a little different for them. And in the process I came across a special for a glass fusing class. Hummmm, I had heard of, and been intrigued by glass blowing that both of my sisters had done. And my mom had gotten into stained glass years ago for a little while. But I had never heard of glass fusing.
    So I bought myself that little class, made a fun project that I was so pleased with that I decided to make some glass gifts for my daughter and daughter-in-law instead of sending them to class.
    Next thing I know, my husband gives me a small kiln for Christmas.
    YIKES! Now I have to learn how to do glass fusing. For real.
    I was scared to death to fire that thing up. Have had to learn about the physics of glass, how it reacts to heat, the intricacies of firing schedules. (Details–the Universe tending to my neglected education.) And then there is the creativity part. No instructions–straight from ones head. I have opened the kiln to beauties and to, well, things no one wants to see. I have opened the kiln and seen something that was beautiful–but broken. I have been challenged to make something new out of broken pieces, to let go, to take chances, to explore and experiment. To notice that I am bleeding from a small cut and not mind. To learn to be OK with the little uncomfortable shard of glass that now lives in my left fore finger. To be both more careful and more daring. More and more.

    You see the progression here.
    From impulse to check one thing out, to discovering something new, to impulse to sample.
    To getting in a little further, deeper still.
    Who knew where it would lead?!? Sometimes I wonder if I want to sell stuff. Not something to undertake lightly. But something to consider. For now, thought, I have a course to write.

    Now yesterday, I went out to my husbands wood working shop. He had a surprise for me. On the back panels of a dresser draw he is building for me, he had drawn the Chartres labyrinth on one side and on the other, the 7 circuit Crete labyrinth. He said no one would see them, but I would know they are there. The labyrinth isn’t his “thing”. But I am. And he is a sweetheart. And after I got through hugging him and being all goo-goo about it all, I commenced to thinking about how I might integrate the labyrinth into my eCourse adventure.
    And even how we might create glass or wooden labyrinth objects. Set off all kinds of ideas. We are going back to John C Campbell Folk School this April to enjoy some more classes there. Him in wood turning and me in wire wrapping.

    I love to travel and my future holds many more beautiful places. Frankly, in the past 5 years, I have been to places I never dreamed I could go. So now, I am actively and making plans for several more trips out west, maybe Ireland. Possibly back to UK someday. Costa Rica, Australia–who knows. Traveling to a new park in town. Traveling to my back yard to check out the emerging butterflies emerging. Traveling to my pantry to discover something I had forgotten was there.

    Living the future NOW. No other place to be.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Ohhhh, I love this.

    Specifically, figuring out how to incorporate the Labyrinth into your eCourse design. Whether it being a part of the visual design, layout, languaging, etc…

    Shelf that idea. When we get to a later lesson up around Creatora Heights, we’ll help you refine 😉


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Great story @sharynwa – thanks for sharing 🙂


    Jo Rhodes

    That is such a lovely story.. a friend Angela is about to reduce her hours at work and take on a tiny workshop to do fused glass – I’m looking forward to doing a class with her when she is ready 🙂

    P.S. with my homeopathy hat on.. homeopathic silica (which is what glass is made from anyway!) is brilliant for ‘expelling foreign objects’ like thorns, splinters, glass that don’t seem to want to come out.. Send me a personal message if you want to know more about that


    Sharyn Warren

    Oh it was so long ago that I wrote this. So many starts. And stalls. And unfinished projects.

    I am beginning. Again. Thankfully, every day the sun rises and we get to begin again.

    So, my new rituals. After rising and shining, I head to my office, light my gratitude candle, do a few opening yoga stretches, 20 minutes of tai chi practice, 15-30 minutes (depending on how needful I feel) of meditation and shamanic journeying. This feels good.

    I have reached out in search of good business coaching for help “leveling up,” getting out beyond my residual fears, i.e., leave the Shadows, the shelter of “Obscurity,” and help me get this e-course birthed.

    I am for a brief time still a temporary prisoner of The Goo, but this is a minimum security prison and this confinement is escapable. I have been meeting with “Obscurity” and now understand that the resistance and inability to find my clarity resulting in Grand Inertia was never the Enemy, but what I wanted, needed, all along in order to feel safe.

    But I am ready to explore something else now. I want to go exploring places like Fruitfulness, Reward, Engagement, Fulfillment, Sacred Fun, Joyful Deliciousness, Exhilarating Heights and Gentle, Happy Drifting back to firm, stable ground.

    So here I am at the base of the mountain. Not a whole lot clearer, but blessedly wiser. Freer. And stubbornly hell bent.

    What do I fear? At this moment I am working on “nothing.” I wish to climb this mountain with determination. With desire. With delight and joy. And to be able to say  I climbed it “fearlessly” and with great love.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I honour your resistance, passion and resilience @SharynWa.

    We just uploaded a new video to Mapora Meadows. Watch it.

    If it all feels like too much, then I encourage you to create a “walk in the park” or at most, a “day trek.” Build something small, even tiny to start. Just get your feet wet. Get the taste for turning an idea into an offering (whether free or for a small fee).

    I think that alone will open the door to what is possible for you.

    I think this goes for everyone struggling to build “THE THING.” Instead of building the thing, build something. Have fun. Learn. Faciliate transformation. The best way to unstuck ones’ self is to simply choose something and do it with gusto. That’s why I say start small.

    You’ve got this Sharyn.

    What mini transformation could you facilitate for people in a small, bite-size course?
    You have so many gifts to share. How can you give people a peak into the BIG work you do in the world?

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