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    JoAnn Turner

    To some extent, I’m living my dream life. Any constraints are due more to poor health than anything. Which is why creating an e-course, or courses, is the ideal way for me to get my gifts out into the world!

    My dreams are to travel, to teach or lead workshops, and for pleasure. And to make my house and yard more beautiful, in line with what I can imagine them to be.

    So what I’m going to do right now as a weekly or daily practice is set aside time to research my ideal travel destinations, read garden books and start planning my yard. When the weather gets better, I’ll visit local nurseries and connect with the landscapers who can help me make my dreams a reality. I’ll schedule at least one of these activities every week, and make it one of my priorities, not see it as a frivolous thing when maybe I should be washing dishes or something “useful!”

    I also want to include more art-making in my life, and I’m already doing that. Thanks, Andy and Bradley, for making me realize it’s important to see these pleasurable things as what really matters! Or as one friend always says, “nobody ever said on their deathbed, ‘I should have eaten more rice cakes.’ ” So, the dishes and the phonecalls and the rice cakes can wait. I need to make sure I sit down with my art lessons and my art materials as part of my daily and weekly practice. I need to be grateful that I have the luxury to afford the nicest pencil crayons and watercolour paper and ink I can find, and a big house where I can do all these things.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    We are with you every step of the way @joannturnip

    I felt so much of your heart in your words. Happy that you’re choosing to live the elements of your dreams now, rather than waiting.

    Blessings and great health to you sister 🙂

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