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    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Everyone,

    I have succesfully launched my first e-course in partnership with We Are Wildness University. We only had 30 spots open for the beta launch and it filled in only a few days. So many great lessons. This was not the course I joined the eCourse adventure to create, you could say this was kinda of a practice run for me. I am excited to be diving full on into creating my next course which is the reason I am on the mountain with all of you.

    Check out the trailer for the course –

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    Lisa R

    Well I think that deserves a big ol’ mountain yodel Chris.


    Congrats! Would love to hear the lessons you learned if you’re happy to share…



    sharon Lock

    Wow Chris,
    That’s so brilliant!!! I love your trailer and how you talk about tracking being a natural part of what we do and how that translates in our
    everyday life. Awesome.

    It reminded me a bit of the 11 principles of nature that we work with in PSYCH-K (the tool I use). Rob Williams the originator of PSYCH-K created a lovely video about it. It’s quite long but it outlines the principles really well. I’m trying to weave some of those principles in my course, hence filming in nature. I’ll post the link here in case you’d like to see it.

    Since I’m planning on filming my lessons out in nature too, I’d be Interested to know what you learned about filming in nature and how you got the best out of your videos with the elements in the mix too.

    Great job! : )


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Lisa & Sharon,

    Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. Here are some of my lessons learned:

    – I am very new to video editing so that took a lot of time. I started off using iMovie 10 but found it was pretty limiting and the file sizes were huge. I switched to Screenflow which is just as easy to use, has way more flexibility and the files sizes were half the size of iMovie.

    – For outdoor audio I used a lapel mic (omni giant squid lavalier) with i Zoom audio recorder. I did not have this mic yet when I filmed the promo so the promo is just a camcorder mic. The audio is way better in the videos i the course.

    – Takes way longer to put all the pieces together then I expected.

    – Quadruple edit all your documents with multiple different ppl. I had two different ppl edit all my text and still caught a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes after it went live. Same with the videos. I wish I had watched them all with fresh eye’s a couple times before uploading them to site. Trying to catch errors after you have already been editing for a cpl hours is hard. Better to do your final edit. Then come back the next day and watch it again before finalizing the video.

    – Some of my biggest lessons were around the actual launch:

    • We did a beta launch at 1/2 price for a limited time. I think the 1/2 price deal with the limited time offer (scarcity) really helped fill it up quick, took 3 days to fill 30 spots. And this created some good buzz, I think it looked really good to be able to tell ppl it filled in only 3 days, now when I relaunch it I think that will be in ppl’s subconscious mind (that the course filled quick last time so it must be good).  I know a bunch of folks waiting for the next launch now that are excited.
    • We told ppl that part of the deal for getting it at half price was a request for them to write a review after they completed the course and assuming they like the program. Hopefully this will leave me with at least 10 – 20 good reviews to use to promote the second launch.
    • BIG LESSON – I didn’t think much about the launch date and launched the course when I was away from home teaching and super busy. I underestimated the attention that a launch (even a small one) actually needs. There were a ton of ppl commenting on social media, asking questions and a few ppl caught errors and bugs in the course as soon as they started and it took me a few days to find time to fix them. Ideally I should have booked two days to just monitor the launch, catch the buzz and correspond with people and be ready yo fix any bugs that came up immediately.

    Those are the main ones that come up for now.

    Hope this helps!




    Jackie Burgoa

    @chrisg  CONGRATULATIONS!  That is so awesome.



    Jessica Antonelli

    Yahoo! What a great way to txt out some of your ideas and see how the students react. Awesomeness!

    I also swear by Screenflow, it’s great!

    Your trailer looks great, congrats on everything!



    Yeah Chris!!!How wonderful. Thank you for all the tips. This is great news.



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