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    Rodolfo Menjivar

    1. My course idea is giving people tips and tools they can use to make changes in the 3 major areas of their life (physical, mental, and spiritual) Tools that are easy and fun to implement. Empowering people to believe they have the power to change their lives and the world around them.
    2. My theme idea. I only came up with 1 idea as I really like this one. Let me know what you guys think 🙂

    A. Pilgrimage to your inner temple ( something like “el camino” or when muslims take a pilgrimage to “mecca” it will be a spiritual adventure to find yourself again
    B. Intro module – where you are at, starting point, to where you want to be, your finish point ( your temple) C. Physical modules 2 and 3 – You will need good, healthy nourishment to be able to get through this journey. You need to fuel your body well. You will also need to have good stamina and be physically able. Here are some tips that well make sure your body is in tip top shape to last this journey
    D. Mental modules 4 and 5 – You will need to be mentally sharp and strong to get through the journey. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and to give up when you come across challenges. Here will be some tips to make sure you are mentally prepared to survive the journey. Sometimes the mental part can be more challenging than the physical but with these tools you will be ready for anything.
    E. Spiritual modules 6 and 7 – For when times get really tough and you feel like quitting it will be comforting and motivating to know that you are being supported by a higher power. With the tools you learn here you will learn how to trust your intuition, follow your heart and know you have a higher calling in this world. You will realize that you are exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time. This realization is what will give you the extra strength to keep going in times of adversity.
    F. You are at the doors to the temple. You will only be allowed in when you can demonstrate that you now realize that the physical, mental and spiritual are all aspects of the same thing. You cannot progress on your journey if you your physical and mental are strong but have no spiritual connection ( or any other combination with 1 of 3 missing) Here you will realize that all 3 must be in harmony in order to achieve your higher calling and lead a life of purpose.


    Jessica Antonelli

    Love it Rodolfo! I had liked your idea before although it felt like it was missing something to tie it all together…and this journey is it! Sounds like it would be a beautiful experience for people, especially comparing their progress from before and after their time with you. Looking forward to hearing more about how this idea develops… 🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Yeah, Rodolfo, I love the pilgrimage idea!! That is helping to bring home the idea.

    Wondering if for the physical body, you can offer some awesome nutritional recipes as a bonus. Perhaps even asking someone who has a great recipe eBook that you resonate with to contribute (collaboration).

    I am really digging where you’re going with these descriptions. I’m really excited for you to flush out the lesson breakdown, showing exactly what the exercises you’ll facilitate are.


    1. How do you see yourself delivering the theme throughout your course (website, videos, written, etc..)?


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Thanks a lot Jessica for the feedback and interest!! I really appreciate the kind words. @jescantonelli

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