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    Luma Malone

    I disappear off the mountain 8 months ago. I got lost in a black hole of self doubt. It was nasty. Challenges knocked me down again and again. I abandoned my vision of creating an ecourse and I abandoned my trusty buddy. That was sad.  I finally fell on my knees in surrender and gave it all up. And I mean ALL. My sense of self, purpose, meaning, my work, my home…

    I floated in a foggy in between zone of confusion for many, many months. And then in the darkest night, a wise guide appeared before me and said: “Get up and get it done! All that great material you created needs to be packaged up into a handy guide book. There are a lot of folks heading out into the multi-dimensional quantum field and they need a good guide. Get the guide book done ASAP! And the e-course will come along with it. You gave up your old outdated self. Have you noticed? You got an upgrade to a new version of you! Now get up, go out and play!”

    Instantly, I was airlifted out of that dark place and into a whole new reality. I couldn’t quite believe it. I went through a big detox of negative thoughts, beliefs and habits. That was nasty too. But soooo worth it. It’s really true – all the hard stuff does make you stronger.

    So here I am, back up and coming at this adventure from a fresh new perspective. I have a new website : I created a blog and a youtube station. I made videos. I’ve been doodling cartoon illustrations that want to be animated. And I am writing that guide book. It’s called Living at the Speed of Delight – a multi-dimensional orientation guide for awakening cosmic humans. And the book is the manual for e-course and much more.

    It’s all starting to come together. And it all began here on this mountain way back in January 2016. So don’t give up fellow adventurers! It may take longer, even way, way longer than you think. And it may take you in unexpected directions. Go with the bigger flow. There is a higher plan and a divine timing to all this.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, so much YES Luma!! I am grateful that you have found your way back to the campfire and that you have such an amazing,  inspiring tale to tell.

    I love the name of your course Living at the Speed of Delight (did you buy the .com? Do it!)

    Really really stoked to help you up the mountain and am grateful for the words of wisdom you share wtih those who are discouraged or feeling lost. Indeed everything has its’ timing and order. Grateful order brought you back to us!

    Let’s do this  😀


    Akasha Madron

    Welcome Back Luma!  I’ve missed you so much!  Every time I wanted to contact you I was told in no uncertain terms to let you be.  Congratulations on making it through.

    I went to your website and it is amazing.  The look and setup and simplicity is refreshing and your photos are great!  I love the loom closeups.   Your cute drawings are a great way to bring in the play!

    In your home page video I could totally hear in your voice how much deeper and more grounded and sturdy you are.  Your confidence rings like a deep bell through out.  It is so great to hear.  I also loved your sounding video. That is brilliant!

    It is so good to have you back!






    Luma Malone

    Thanks so much for the big warm welcome back and encouraging words Bradley 🙂 I’ve missed the positive inspiration that bubbles up so abundantly here on this magic mountain. Things have changed and improved here too!

    Thanks for the tip to scoop up the domain name!

    Good to be back. Ready to create at the speed of delight! 😉


    Luma Malone


    Yes, I was undergoing some major inner renovations. Just had to hunker down and get it done. Felt like I had a deadline.

    I missed your bright and playful presence too! My little doodle drawings are all happening in the lovely sketchbook you gifted to me. I often thought of you and wondered when we would reconnect. Yesterday I saw Brad and Andy’s email in my box, read it and immediately clicked on the progress report link and started typing.

    Your feedback on my website is so good to hear. Thank you. What a wonderful reflection.​ So encouraging!

    I would love to hear how you are doing. Would you like to catch up on a video call sometime soon? I’m now sharing a Zoom account with my housemates. I works better than skype and you don’t need an account to connect.

    I will find you on the e-course mountain too and see what you have been up to.

    big love


    Luma Malone

    I’m finally doing it!!! My first 5 week E-Class is launching on November 1. Nothing fancy. Super low tech. Just had to get it out there NOW.

    I created a very basic info page on my existing website with a simple 2 step registration process using widgets on Weebly. HEre’s the link:

    I’m using Zoom video conferencing to teach the webinars and do live Q&A, as well as setting up a private Facebook group for participants to share and meet each other.

    I created all the cartoon drawings and photo image myself. The graphics for the class are all hand drawn, simple pen and marker.

    I just woke up one day last week and started to complete what I started nearly 2 years ago. Today i got my web page up, sent it out to my email list and posted it on Facebook. My goal is for 10 of my existing clients sign up.

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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @lumasphera, it’s so wonderful to hear from you and to see that you’ve finally reached launch Summit. If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch those final videos and to cash in on the bajillion for reaching Launch SUmmit. Just go to the challenges page 😉

    I love that you just woke up and gotte’r done! That’s fantastic. Way to do it.

    This’ll give you so much motivation, inspiration and confidence for doing more teaching and courses online.

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes. If you need support marketing it and getting more numbers, definitely go up to Marketa Ridge and stir up a conversation. We’d love to help.


    Luma Malone

    Wow Bradley! Instant reply! Thank you! Thank you!

    Thanks for the tips and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it all goes.

    I had to break the spell of unworthiness, get my soul in the drivers seat of my life and then calm and stabilize my system with my own soul’s goodness. Now I’m ready to help others do the same. What a journey it has been!

    I’m so grateful that you guys are still going strong and stronger! I felt your light hearted and generous encouragement in the field as I got it done this week.

    kind blessings

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