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    Luma Malone

    I’ve been here in Mapora Meadows for a few days, laying down in the flowers, day dreaming and gazing up at the clouds. As I was doing the taking inventory exercises, the clouds started to shapeshift into scenes from my life…. (kind of like a NDE without the body trauma). What i realized is that i’ve been collecting up a whole bunch of experiences so i could write my own Life Instruction Manual.
    Looking over what i’ve already done I found; stacks of notebooks documenting transformational processes, fragments of chapters from a sci-fi novel, thousands of hours of working with clients in the Akashic Field, recorded audios of guided journeys and sound activations, sketchbooks of drawings, a low tech video i created on my iPad and years of notes from teaching yoga and meditation.
    I remembered mind altering experiences and conversations i’ve had with friends and fellow seekers, what i learned when I live in India in an ashram, all the courses and books on astrology, metaphysics, evolving consciousness and self-realization i downloaded.
    I remembered how much i LOVE writing stories, drawing, taking photos of incredible natural phenomena, guiding others into altered states of consciousness and dancing to awesome music.

    I stayed up all full moon night long until i fell unconscious. When I woke up this morning, inspiration landed like the crystalling snow flakes that have transformed the landscape outside my window into a sparkling white winter wonderland. I quickly got out my notebook and scribbled this down…..

    Multi-Dimensional Navigating 101

    This is THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL that you were unable to download when you entered the Earth plane. We are really sorry we sent it along with you in a format that you couldn’t open during the historical period in which you arrived in your Human body. We know you’ve been struggling to figure out what the heck is going on. You always knew you were missing something. We are truly sorry that you thought that there was something really wrong with you, that you felt you never fit in and you always want to go ‘back home’… but you couldn’t remember where home was. We heard your cries for help. We felt your fear and anguish. We saw the huge challenges you faced just to make it through each day.

    We also saw how infinitely CREATIVE you are. We were blown away by your incredible strength, stamina and resilience. We bawled our eyes out at your capacity to feel searing pain, still smile, laugh and carry on. We know it’s been hard for you to see who you truly are when you feel trapped in a Human body. But to us you are a
    (for real)
    (um….. yep… we know that’s a bit uncomfortable for you to hear that, but secretly you always knew you were special and had a bigger purpose.)

    SO…. We want to help you remember and reactivate your SUPER POWERS so you can carry on with your mission with greater ease, efficiency and enjoyment. We know you often feel very frustrated, exhausted and have experienced a lot of Soul trauma. So we designed a special PTS Recovery Centre just for you. We will be showing you how to visit there in this course.

    And, we finally figured out a compatible file format so you can now open your Instruction Manual online. Earth has been upgrading her Operating System to GAIA 5D Level. That took a little longer than we anticipated in our linear time calculations. (We are hoping you can help us understand where we went wrong with our time formulas. As you are a Master Genius of Time, we can’t wait to learn and co-create with you!)

    OK! Let’s get started!

    Ooops, sorry… we forget you don’t quite yet remember who WE are. So we will just do a simple introduction now and you will be able to fill out the picture as you work with your Instruction Manual. “WE” are: Your Multi-dimensional TEAM. Think of us as Orientation Guides and Helpers that can translate sound and light frequencies in to metaphors, symbols, and language patterns that you can understand in H3D – that’s Human 3rd Dimension.

    WE have been studying your Files in the AKASHIC ARCHIVES, and well, to be honest, WE totally fell in LOVE with you! WE just could not understand why you didn’t love you! WE want to help you to remember how AMAZING you are so you can FEEL THE LOVE too. (oh, and as you are a Super Hero, we were kind of hoping you could help us solve a few problems too…)
    OK! Let’s get going!

    (oh gosh, sorry… time interfacing glitch…sheesh!!)
    WE are SO excited to be working with you that we gush massive bandwidths of frequency. We noticed that causes RESISTANCE in your physical body circuitry and you feel overwhelmed, totally fried and go into Sleep Mode. So to help with this, we will be sending you UPGRADES. Be sure to check your inbox regularly and remember to:
    • Download
    • Open
    • Install
    • Reboot
    • Run and Play

    NOW, let’s get started with your first UPGRADE…..


    Catherine Fox

    I really love this, especially tying it together into a story like format. I’ve been thinking a lot too how I’d like to weave experiences into the journey, and how best to do that within an e-course format. Going to send you another message…


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I love this write-up. It will 100% peak the interest of those who are searching for this. Really really exciting. Definitely keep writing @lumasphera.


    Luma Malone

    Thanks!! I shared this bit around with a few other peeps and they LOVe it too. SO I’m going to keep flowing with this story and instruction manual format…

    Been doing lots of voice recording this week. Faster to talk than write and catch the inspiration as it lands- which is often when i’m out in nature for a walk or get woken up in the middle of the night. Though still have to type it out. I am such a slow typer. Maybe time to get a voice recognition software to transcribe.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Luma. Nice that you’re getting positive feedback from your people!

    Glad to hear you’re playing with your voice recorder. Doing any practice guided meditation journeys yet?


    Luma Malone

    Yep! Recorded 5 practice guided journeys this week. I am sensing a shape of things to come….


    Luma Malone

    This week I was away in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario and did a snowshoe trip up Osler Mountain. I recorded some notes to myself on my iphone as I made my solo journey up the mountain, across the summit and down the other side. I transcribed and edited some of the recordings here…

    This is my journey and I am doing it my way, in my own timing.

    Last time I started on a journey, I got wiped out in landslide, got buried and had to dig myself out. Looking back I can now see that I felt pressured to go faster and get to the next step before I had fully completed, integrated, embodied and felt really solid and steady in the step I was on. I rushed ahead too quickly, skipped steps and as I got near the top, the landslide hit.


    1. Go at your own pace. Find your rhythm. Stay with your rhythm. Find your own timing. Know when you have completed a step and it will be very clear when you are ready to move to the next step.
    1. Know what your needs are. Clearly state what your needs are. Set clear boundaries. If your needs are not being met, maybe it is time to make a solo journey. Do not force yourself to keep up to other people’s pace. Forcing yourself to go at someone else’s pace is self harming. Remember, this is your personal journey.

    3. Take solitude when you need it. You don’t have to explain yourself, justify yourself or make apologies for yourself. So if you started up the trail with people who say, “we are taking the extreme trail, come on hurry up, we are going run up this mountain.” Steer yourself firmly out of negative self talk and reply: “NO. My body is tired. I want to walk slowly. I’ve got my camera with me, I want to take pictures of the beautiful things along the trail. This is how I like to journey.

    4. Just say NO to Bullies. Reflecting back on the last time I took a business coaching program, I was told to do it the coach’s way in order to get the same success she got. I said ‘I am different than you, this isn’t working for me’. She replied, you are going to fail if you do it your way, you have to do it my way. I learned to say NO to bullies.

    5. FEAR. (I just heard a dog barking on the trail. For most of my life I’ve had an absolute terror of dogs and dog owners. )SO when fear comes up, which it will, you must have practices to deal with it. Start practicing facing small fears, so when you get to the big fears, you’ve got your tools, you are ready and practiced like a martial artist. LOVE EVERYTHING that shows up on your journey, even big black barking dogs.

    6. You don’t need to know everything about the trail ahead. As you move, the abilities, gifts and tools that you need will only be activated when you arrive at that place on your journey. These things are waiting for you, so there is no rush to get there, they will be there for you when you arrive. So travel light. You don’t have to carry a big heavy pack with you. Trust that what you need will be there when you need it on this journey. (ps this is how your magical super powers activate)


    You got the red flags, the danger signs and you chose to ignore them because you are in a rush and you want to get there faster. And guess what happens? Ice breaks, you fall through, and after you get out, you have to go back down the mountain and start all over again. SO when you see these kinds of signs, know that these are markers, placed there by your guides, your higher-future self, so you know what? LISTEN to them!!

    Taking Your Bearings

    When deciding which way to go on your journey: Stop. Take a deep breath. Check your internal bearings first. Ask: How am I feeling inside right now? Deep breath until you feel connected to your own essence. (For me I feel a warm bubble in my heart space. I breath in and expand the bubble of essence all around my body. Relax into my own soul essence. I stay here until I am located within the flow of my own soul essence, alert and relaxed.)

    Set Your Internal Compass and Follow Your Internal GPS

    Where is your compass? Is it inside you heart space? If not, get it inside where it belongs! It is not the destination that is important, it is the experience. So set your internal compass for the experience you are desiring to cocreate on this journey. Once you have set your internal GPS, open your eyes and you know with greater clarity which way to go. (This doesn’t always mean it will be the easiest way!


    Just before I got to the summit was the hardest, challenging part of the trail, the most steep and precarious. When I finally made it to the top I stopped and checked in with myself. I felt emotional. I didn’t think I would make it to the top. When I started out I was tired, thought maybe I’ll only make it part way up and have to go back down without reaching the summit. I didn’t think I would make it all the way up. I felt a lot of doubt lower down on the trail. I didn’t push the doubt away, I just kept walking with it. Maybe it took me a little longer, maybe I wandered around, meandered, didn’t take the most direct route, but I still got to the summit. I am here at the summit. OMG the view is amazing from here! I am taking a picture! Amazing!!


    I am here on the other side of the mountain, going down the other side. It is darker on this side. Not what I expected. I am standing here on a bridge over a beautiful fresh mountain stream. It is time to let go of things I don’t need to carry with me anymore. I carried them up the mountain, across the summit and part way down the other side to this stream crossing. I’m doing a Releasing ceremony of all the things that helped me to get to where I am today with gratitude and letting go here in a sacred offering to the water.


    I passed through a thick cedar grove into a magical narrow path between rocky cliffs covered in icicles, snow, frozen moss, spirit faces in the stone. I can feel the spirits of this mountain and they have given me a gift. I don’t yet know what the gift is. It is like a ZIP file, given here in my heart and it will open in my dreamtimes. I have a Knowingness that parts of this journey are just for me. I must be able to discern between this and what it is I am sharing with others. Some experiences I keep close inside, deep in the dark mysterious unseen. It is from here that I send nourishment to myself in the seen realms, and guide others on their journey.


    Akasha Madron

    Hi Luma,

    This is awesome!  You basically described my childhood, except for I did know where home was.  I am a star child and every night I would call out that I had made a mistake and I didn’t want to be here after all and take me home.  Which of course didn’t happen, because the die was cast.  I eventually settled for being in exile.  When I was a child, I referred to the people around me as “mind blind.”  In that day and age, the 60’s and 70’s people like us were few and far between.  At least where I grew up.  I basically trained my self through trial and error and books.  I did not feel at home here until I was 36 or there abouts.

    I would love to keep in touch to support you in your eCourse.  I would have loved to have that manual growing up.

    I am developing one specifically on boundaries and protection.  Targeted towards people who are sensitives or  psychic sponges, or give their power away and such.  Eventually, I want to create a course for parents to teach their children those basic skills.

    I love reading your posts!  thank you!


    Sharyn Warren

    Luma, I love, love, love what you are doing here. Inspired and inspiring. Keep the going with your flow and the downloads coming. Looks like you are in a fast moving stream. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!


    Luma Malone

    Hello SiStar Akasha!! @mysticsparkling SOunds like we have been on parallel journeys here on the earth plane. So HAPPY we found each other here. And so much gratitude to Bradley, Andy and crew for creating this awesome play platform and sending out the invite to all of us to get out and play.

    I LOVE what you are creating with your ecourse. Much of what i am creating in  my course is geared to the ultra sensitives too. And that you will be making that info available to parents so they can better support the kids incarnating now is super important. I 100% support you in your creations.

    I totally understand learning by trial and error. I found myself in some very dark places as i was seeking and want to help others recover from harsh experiences and enjoy their ultra sensitive abilities too.

    Look forward to connecting more. Would love to bounce ideas around with you.


    Luma Malone

    YAY Sharyn! Thanks :))))

    Since i started on this ecourse journey, the downloads have been streaming in, steadier, faster and 24/7. I have to keep UPgrading to keep up with the increased flow. Seems to be proof that all we need do is create a structure or container, make ourselves totally available, show up everyday and the content just pours on in.



    Wow Luma!!! you’ve been busy since we last spoke!

    I have often wished for just the usermanual you have described, yeah you for bringing it through!

    Excited to have our next meet up on skype, sounds like you’re receiving some amazing guidance and connecting with some serious wisdom! So glad to be buddies on this exciting climb up the mountain, you are amazing.




    Luma Malone

    Here’s my first video share…. Raw, rough, shaky, unedited, unscripted. Just seized the moment as inspirations surged through me today and captured this on my iphone. Just get it done! WonderFull Emergence Experiential Embodiment Experiment Ecourse.  (aka WEEEEE) Giving permission to not know anything and show up 100% for something totally NEW.

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    Lisa R

    HA! @lumasphera I LOVE this!

    Love watching you play. Love you articulating your thought stream. Love the positivity. Love the no-messing-get-this-thing-happening vibe. Love how natural you are, and felt so absorbed by your authenticity.

    So much fun!

    Thank you for sharing. Feeling inspired to get out there and play too.



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Luma, I’ve had this tab open in my browser to keep reading and I’m glad I came back to it just now.

    The “notes to self” really resonated, especially the first three. And enjoyed joining you to play in the forest by the shore — that was great!

    Hope to hear more from your part of the universe as the timing is right for you.

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