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    Akasha Madron

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m wrestling with the angle of what I’m planning in the sense of

    one “Being Psychic Safely or Being Energy Sensitive Safely”  kind of angle

    or one of Finding Home with Yourself kind of angle.

    What I initially called Boundaries and Protection morphed into really learning how to trust yourself and developing a strong core of belief in oneself and being at home with your own personal power. People are way more resilient when they are at home in their own skin.

    My “who” is for people who are psychic sponges or who are highly sensitive energetically to their environment.

    the transformation is:

    point a – being at the mercy of the energy in the room or other people’s energy or intentions so that it affects ones mood or heath


    point b – having more control over what is allowed in and/or be able to deal with what gets in to your energy field.

    I have many deep dive topics that can go under this umbrella:

    Dealing with vampires, Soul healing , bending and shaping with space and time, running energy, perceiving and changing energy, internal backlash, external psychic attacks, Guardians and other beings that keep us safe, among others.

    My other forte is helping people discover what they are as well as human.  A lot of people are part fairy, or elf, or standing stone, or star child, or dragon, or angel or elemental etc.  some are more than one.  Most people try to integrate their other selves into their 3 dimensional body which can cause disease and pain.  I help them discover that part and then anchor it into their etheric body which can handle the non-human vibrations better than the physical body can.  That can relieve a lot of dis-ease for the body.  I’m not sure if this fits in with the psychic self defense stuff or if it should be totally separate from it.


    My first course though will be the basic fundamental skills needed to do the more advanced stuff.

    the working title is Boundary Basics and these are the Milestones:

    Breath Consciousness – breath is the key to everything I teach

    Centering -Recognize when in body or out and how to get back in.

    grounding -Awareness and connection to the world

    create a family of allies to help

    become conscious of internal backlash and how to handle it


    These are the lessons:

    most will be audio mp3 guidance of experiential exercises.  some videos, diagrams, and docs.  I will also be having Q&A calls where people can ask questions as well.

    1. Breath – different ways to use breathing, the inhale, and exhale.   breath and intention go hand in hand.  breath gives life

    2. Centering:  centering is being fully present, different ways to center easily, recognizing when out of body and why one wants to be in body

    3. Grounding:  grounding is connecting to the earth and world around you,  grounding vs centering, past grounding versus now grounding, easy ways to ground,

    4. Microcosm/Macrocosm skill:  the top skill to know to exist as human in this world in my opinion.  In a nutshell it is being able to expand to become as big as the universe and contract to as microscopic as mitochondria.   I will teach the skill, talk about how to use it.  definitely will do a deep dive of how to apply in one’s daily life.  I use this all of the time everyday to navigate.

    5. Guardians/Wards:  talk about how one can create a family or team of guardians to help keep one safe, how to formally invite them in and work with them.

    6.  Internal Backlash:  what it is, how to handle it.  Backlash usually arrises when one does something that pushes their comfort zone, or fights for oneself, or speak one’s truth.  It can be extremely severe like a whiplash. It is important to have some skills that keep’s one safe from one’s self as well.


    I think that is it.  I’m working on theme next.  I really want to find one and make it fun and less solemn.

    Any feedback would be welcome!  Thanks!



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    Sharyn Warren

    Akasha @mysticsparkling – This all sounds fascinating and wonderful. I can tell you have a lot you want to teach, so much to offer. Much like myself, so many ideas and things to share, so many threads to somehow weave all together in a coherent pattern. I will be watch as you sort through what to settle on. Especially as I am STILL wrestling with that particular challenge.

    This statement in particular caught my eye–and imagination.

    “I really want to find one and make it fun and less solemn.”

    YES! It is so exciting to think about sharing all of this information in a way that is delightful rather than deadly serious. Our life here can feel plenty heavy as it is, and to offer all these things you are talking about in a way that both elevates fun and is also elevated by fun–well, that is just wonderful. Go for it!



    Jessica Antonelli

    What a great course! I know so many sensitive souls who could benefit from your course. I feel like the title Boundary Basics is very relatable to your target audience and might be just the thing they are searching for (on google).

    The concept seems solid, and I love the pathway you have already outlined for your students. Keep developing, you are on the right track!



    andrea Bonsey

    It sounds very clear @mysticsparkling … My ecourse is aimed at helping people connect with themselves, and I love your focus on breath, and grounding… and backlash.  Particularly interested in the creating family through the Guardian/Wards piece, and would love to know more.  I work with many people feeling very isolated and alone, and creating a sense of being nurtured, protected and encouraged is lovely.

    And the microcosm/macrocosm is new to me.  Fascinating … and looking forward to finding out more 🙂


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