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    Chris Gilmour

    UPDATE – I have gotten some amazing feedback from friends so far and am planning on refilming the entire video, so anything is changeable at this point. I’d love to know how the video and lessons land with you, general thoughts on theme, and ways to make it more professional and appealing to a larger audience. Thanks again friends!

    Ok Crew, This is a big milestone for me. I have created a draft of the first video in a 5 part series for my free entry course. It is 15min long but it is part of a course ppl are signing up for. My general course theme is around being personally prepared for some of the realities of climate change and a changing world. Survival, emergency preparedness, situational awareness, self-protection, etc.

    Any and all feedback would be GREATLY appreciated

    – Was it engaging? Was it easy to watch the whole thing? or did you start getting bored part way through?

    – If you got bored, what part/topic was not interesting?

    – What did you think of the video quality & editing?

    – Did you like the role playing aspect (ie: news anchor & “expert”)

    – Were you intrigued to actually do the activity at the end?

    – The silly part where Laura & Chad talk about preparing for climate change, is too corny or did it make you laugh? leave it in, or take it out?

    – After watching this video, do you want to watch the next 4?

    – Any other thoughts?

    Thanks SO much!



    Lorraine Watson

    Hey Chris @chrisg, Congratulations on reaching this milestone. You’ve created quite the video! You come across as very comfortable and credible … likely because you are. 🙂  Overall well done and informative.

    Some comments consideration –

    – Courteny’s audio sounded very hollow; yours less so when you were doing the lesson.

    – My sense is there could be a bit more use of pauses or audio white space to help with points sinking in. The pace / tempo is quite fast. Play around with variations in tempo to help with setting the mood or tone.

    – The video was pretty long. I’d be inclined to break this into two or more segments to make each shorter (eg. intro, background / knowledge transfer, then challenge.) That would help hold my attention.

    – I would have liked to see the news theme carry throughout the entire video. I think I expected you to be on location rather than with a textured background. That would allow you to have different backgrounds to match the points that you’re speaking about (eg. a forest for Katniss, a border crossing for Jason Bourne (never saw the movie so don’t know the scene setting), street or buildings when talking about looking up or around the street, etc). Adding audio would be add to the experience of you being on location.

    – I don’t think you need to pick up and hold “Left of Bang” because you have it on the screen.

    – Use jump cuts. They are your BFF when it comes to making transitions for splicing together takes. And they add both variety and motion. That helps to hold the viewer’s attention. Check out Steve Washer’s video on jump cuts. I would add jump cuts before splitting the video into different segments to see if that helps with waning interest.

    – I would like to see a pdf cheatsheet / checklist sort of thing to remind me of the challenge and fill in.


    Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to the series.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    First impression for V1 of this: ALL KINDS OF YES CHRIS!!!!

    I love the theme, the concept. Your presence is super powerful, clear and enjoyable to watch. I appreciate how you keep things moving and you never stumble over yourself.

    What you’re doing here is really really cool. The news broadcast is awesome. I think people are gonna be stoked. (I know I was)

    Now for the feedback on how to make it better…

    1. Like Lorraine, I thought you should be in same location at newsroom OR be on sight at a disaster. The black background didn’t do it for me. If in the newsroom, you could be on the right side of the TV and have the camera cut back and forth from you to the news anchor. Your slides could then show up on the TV screen. I think this would be more powerful.

    If you’re on site at a natural disaster, then you’ll need to add nature sound effects and then you could just have a screen beside you where images, etc pop up for the slides (as though the news team edited it in in post)….

    2. Gotta tighten it up. Basically, only say what is necessary and important, with a few pieces of entertainment. I can’t tell ya what to keep, but I challenge you to cut it in half.

    3. It took a long time to get into the official lesson. You gotta get to the point quicker. (a lesson we learned)

    4. The acting could be improved, but if you keep making videos like this it 100% wil be. I think because the experience is cool and unique, people will forgive that.

    5. I’d love to see more visuals on the screen when you’re talking. I know this is more editing work, but it’s necessary if you want people to lose themselves in the experience.

    6. The sound quality was good enough for now. Could be louder and better in time.

    7. The intro/outro to the news show was cool. Loved that.

    8. Call to action was beautiful, although both YOU and the news anchor gave the CTA. You only need it once (that eats up time, repeating yourself)

    I think that’s it for now.

    This is super awesome man. Peeps are gonna love it.

    I’m already excited to see the next video!!

    I can only imagine how cool these videos will get over the next year or two!!!!





    DavidJ Jurasek



    I agree with Bradley’s points!

    AND I gotta say, I love what you are doing. Taps into the fear of apocalypse and government breakdown I and many friends have but in a very practical and playful way.

    It’s the reason I love martial arts — not because I want violence to visit me and my family — but because I want to play and hone my instincts and knowledge to meet it IF it ever does come and have fun before then.

    Important work you are doing!


    Chris Gilmour

    Feedback has been SO helpful so far. I put it out to 20 friends as well and am getting great thoughts from them as well.

    So far the consistent themes are:

    – People like the content
    – Editing and professionalism need to improve quite a bit
    – Use a different anchorwoman, she was not a natural actor,
    – Get to the main point and lesson a little quicker
    – Have me in the foreground, not on the small screen

    I’m really working hard on finding a video person to join my team right now so I can focus on great content and ideas and not have to spend so much time editing when I don’t really kow what I’m doing.

    Any more thoughts are still much appreciated!

    Thanks Crew!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    All great feedback so far..

    My biggest two are:

    • more natural & engaging acting
    • get to the point MUCH faster (and no need to over-explain things, just take me on a ride. Make every word count. Every. Word.)

    Looking forward to seeing v2 🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sounds like some amazing feedback coming in. Also stoked to see V2!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Lots of great feedback here (I’m learning from it too, so thank you!)!! Just wanted to say AWESOME job! Love the news background. Love the combination of fun and informative. Excited to see more! Great work!!!!

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